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Lanello      December 30, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
December 30, 2008   3:03-3:15 MST
Looking Forward to a New Earth
Dallas, Texas

Lanello Welcomes Friends of Light in Dallas
Allow God to Speak within Your Heart during Our Time Together

Most Gracious and Beloved Hearts,
            Though few in number in the physical, I see within the hearts of those gathered here a new fire of expectancy as the new year draws nigh and as opportunity awaits the soul for new flight.
            At each juncture of a new year many angels come to greet you, and so I go before them to greet you, as an angel of light, here in Dallas. And the preparations that many of you have made for our coming are nearly set; and I am on time, am I not? For I have seen the handwriting on the wall and in the skies of your soul's ascent. And it may begin anew today if you choose, and all that we have prepared as a feast of light for your spiritual growth will begin to blossom and to open within these five days together.
            Look around you now and see the eyes of those who have come as friends of light. Friends of old, ancient souls are ye, though your memory at times is clouded. But if you could see long, long ago into the past, you would see within the auras of those who have gathered here heroism, stalwart, fierce determination to rise in spiritual fire and to know the truth of Godhood at all costs. This is what bonds us together, O blessed ones—the sure knowing that the flame that is alive burns within our hearts and that nothing can take us away from that holy determination to witness the very light of God, come what may.
            There are forces in the earth that would dissuade you from this pathway of purity and wholeness. But you have conquered to the extent that you have made it to Dallas. You have said to God: “I would know thee in the innermost recesses of my being and in my very present awareness, O Holy One. Therefore send to me those who can show me the way home, the blessed masters of wisdom East and West.” And because your heart has made this call, I am here for you personally.
            Jesus said, “I have prepared a place for you.” And so it is true. That place is within his heart, but now it is also within yours. As you go within and see the eternal light blazing within your heart with a new and more profound awareness, let this be your opportunity to have a time of respite, surcease from struggle, from the cares of the world, and simply allow God to speak within your heart during our time together.
            As we meditate upon crystal light, as we hear of the coming golden-crystal age, as we prepare for the coming Lord Gautama, let our song, the song of our souls, rise; let our spirits soar. And even as a cosmic bird in flight that breaks through the outer atmosphere of earth to transcend all planes of being and to know in its ascent the mysteries of higher worlds, let our togetherness be for the holy purpose of glorifying all that is real, all that is of the pure light of the Christ and the Buddha. Let it be for ennoblement of holy purpose here today. Let it be for our soul's spiritual edification. And let mankind, by our awareness of crystalline light, also feel the cosmic impulse that will usher in not only a new year of glory, abundance and grace, but a new way of living. That way Jesus demonstrated through a life of sacrifice and beauty, through words of kindness and acceptance, through a consciousness attuned to the Divine always, through a listening ear that heard the cries of humanity and answered [with] a voice sublime and transcendent.
            Yes, you have come, and I, Lanello, embrace you each one as holy brothers and sisters. Some of you have known me in ancient orders within the Catholic Church and in other climes as we prayed the Psalms, as we knelt and in our hearts accepted something more from the heart of God. O blessed ones, let that something more now arise from deep within your heart and soul this day as we together greet one another with a holy kiss, a handshake, an embrace and divine fellowship, and, as heartfriends, move forward ever into the one eternal light.
            I thank you. I welcome you! I am your brother and friend forever.

  John 14:2, 3.    


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