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Maha Chohan      December 05, 2008

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
December 5, 2008   6:00-6:07 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


You Must Come into Greater Awareness of the Truth of Your Own Being
Be Quickened by the Fire of the Spirit and Be Who You Are!

In the movement of the Spirit, I am come this day to impress upon each and every one of you the need for greater God-consciousness. I have seen your speech patterns. I have witnessed what has proceeded out of the subconscious which is now coming to the fore for final resolution within you. And I say that if you are to ascend in this lifetime, then there must be a greater God Self-realization ensuing from today forward.
            What have you learned of the path that you have applied fully in your life, I ask, to the point where in this moment God is fully blazing within you and upon the altar of your heart? Have you let go of something of the Spirit whereby you have still lapsed into unconsciousness?
           Therefore I come to awaken those who are asleep, not abiding in their Presence. Yes, I am the Maha Chohan! And I would enfire you with a greater God-determination this day to fulfill your reason for being in this life! And I daresay that unless some of you rise to the full estate of who you truly are, then how can you expect this dispensation and the blessings that have come day by day to fully be outpictured in the results that we would see, blessed ones?
            Yes, I am enfired, not with the rage of the unconscious ones but with a God-determination to raise each and every one of you into the fire of your God-being!
            You are entering the season of winter, when the cold winds blow and when there is great change coming forth within the Earth that you know not of yet. And I say that if you would truly be ready for that which we would deliver—not only at our New Year's conference but each and every day of the forthcoming year, which in the power of nine will be, blessed ones, a year of great testing for each and every one of you—then you must come into greater awareness of the truth of your own being and of that which is necessary for you to [do to] conform fully [with] who you are.
            I have deliberated with the chohans of the rays as to what it will take for our chelas in the Earth to come up higher. And therefore they decided that I would come this day to bring a new energy and a new fire into the lives of those upon whom we are relying for the victory in this age.
            Did you think that you are nothing, or that we are not fully relying upon you, O soul, to ascend? Then put aside that which has been the self-pity and a lack of focus in your work, in your life and realize the essential nature of the God-flame within.
            Did you think that somehow we do not see all that transpires within your aura, your life and the moments and the minutes that you wile away in human nonsense? If you could see the value of each microsecond of your life and of the possibilities for you to rise and ascend in consciousness and to fulfill your reason for being, then you would never let go of the coattails of the Divine Mother, and you would have that kundalini light raised fully to the crown, wherein the light is blazing within you as a Star-fire Presence of God.
            Some have been called, and some have ignored the call. Well, this day I say, O mankind, you may no longer ignore the inner calling of God within your soul, within your heart! Be quickened by that fire of the Spirit and be who you are!
            This is my message! This is my wake-up call to those who would sleep the sleep of the ages but whom Gautama and many masters are calling to awaken, awaken, awaken today! I thank you.


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