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Lakshmi      November 16, 2008

Beloved Lakshmi
David C. Lewis
November 16, 2008  11:41-11:53 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A New Spiritual Impetus for the Full Illumination of Your World

I come to bless and charge and radiate the light of Vishnu as his shakti this day. I am Lakshmi and I raise that Mother Light within you even as you have communed with the heart of Mother India this day. Let your remembrance of this pilgrimage be one of a new spiritual impetus whereby the Light of that Mother may be sustained within the crown of your own being for the full illumination of your world. For only when the golden light is fully flowering within your crown as that Vishnu seed of wisdom-fire, may the dawn of the golden-crystal age appear.
            What you glean of every experience in mater may be translated into a divine experience for it has its reflection within the heaven world "as above, so below." And therefore that which you perceive with your two-eyed vision may be distilled into new divine vision of a new world all about you. Do not despair that that which seems to be base or beneath a certain level of your human appreciation moves within your consciousness; but see all from the realms of light as an outpicturing of the essence of God. For when you can sustain a new level of clarity throughout your being then Lakshmi and my wisdom, my abundance, my awareness may flow through your hearts, blessed ones.
            The purpose of every pilgrimage is for you to understand your own soul's journeying upon the divine pathway and of how you may enter the stillpoint of being to once again fully know God within. That which passes through your outer vision is only a very small percentage from the point of reference through which you experience life of the greatness of the Uni-Verse of beingness.
            When you allow through your awareness a greater inner activity of God's Presence to flow through you, then you will have entered the essence of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva—of Lakshmi, Sarasvati and Durga, and our essence and that Mother Light energy that we bear. When the seed atom of that Mother Light within your base does flow as a fountain of pure white energy, then you may know God, then you may experience the allness of life itself.
            Those who have seen may believe and yet for those who have not seen and yet believe through greater faith, the full appearing may manifest within their awareness. Blessed are those who believe not having seen. And yet for those who can see, blessed is their pure seeing and the awareness that comes through that single-eyed vision.¹
            I behold you as fully flowering ones. See this for one another and behold all life within this creative essence of fulfillment and the cycles of the seed first being planted, sprouting, growing and coming to full fruition—bearing seed again and continuing the eternal cycling of light. Transform your awareness through presence. Be at peace within the Ion of the atom of Self. And know Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva in perfect balance always within your heart.
            Let that Star of India² that you have witnessed this day blaze forth through your third eye. And as we gather again together to share more, let every heartfriend receive something of that spirit shared by the pilgrims as blessing, as boon and as an entering into the sacred brotherhood of light in which you all share.
            I am Lakshmi. And my light is ever within you as you nurture it, as you adore it, as you fully become it—through love. OM Lakshmi. OM Lakshmi. OM Lakshmi.

Messenger's Benediction: May the peace of the Presence keep you blessed. May the peace of the Presence flow through you always and may this week be one of entering into a new spiral of light, of glory, of joy and of victory. 
In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son/Daughter and the Holy Spirit, our service is sealed in the light of God that always prevails. Thank you. Go in peace.

¹ John 20:29
² Beloved Chananda's heartstream during the India pilgrimage began with the words "I Am the Star of India."

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