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Gabriel      November 07, 2008

Beloved Archangel Gabriel
David C. Lewis
November 7, 2008  7:08-7:17 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

I Bring a Crystal Sword of Hope!
Be Visionaries of the Spirit With Us!
A Sacred Chant For the Flowering of the Divinity of Hope For Mankind


I am Gabriel. And I bring a crystal sword of hope this day. And I deliver to every heartfriend who has been true to the sacred word which is that sword of God, a replica of this sword of hope. And I ask you, blessed ones, when you see anything in the world of form that  does not meet your need of being true to the Divine, to take up this sword of light, of hope and to deliver a ray through the action of this sword into the very nadir of that which is lacking of light and hope.
            There is a new hope in the minds and hearts of some. And yet others are stung with that which they see as having manifest. Whatever perspective you may have in your world, blessed ones, enter the sacredness of the stillness that is within the white ray of perfect balance of all the rays and allow the delivery of a new hope to manifest within your world and within the greater world at large.
            When you hold a focus for the archangels and archeiai of hope, all come forth and can manifest the crystal awareness of their beings on your behalf. And therefore as you pray your rosaries and give your calls to the archangels and to the angels of light in our bands, see the crystalline structure of the New City descending from above. And you may even deliver the alchemy of the touch of hope through wielding this new sword of light on our behalf to crystallize that of the new and holy city, truly the New Jerusalem, the new peace, that can manifest upon earth through the hearts of those whose vision is clear, whose lives are in order, in whom there is a certain balance and equipoise of the spirit flowing continuously.
            And through this new and gracious attitude of being, blessed ones, the foundation of light for a golden-crystal age society may occur right where you are. It takes visionaries of the spirit to manifest the greater vision that we together hold for the new age of enlightenment and freedom that you would see fully outpicturing. And therefore, do not enter into states of despair, despondency. For these are antithetical to the flame of hope that many more among mankind must bear in order to sustain that which the Buddhas and bodhisattvas would deliver unto you.
            When you hold hands with holy brothers and sisters of light to form this crystal grid of fire and see it daily manifesting in your world, then it cannot help but be sustained and manifest in greater clarity in your world. But if there is a certain despondency, a disparity and a leaving off of entering and holding this field of perfection through your crystal vision, then, blessed ones, do not expect the totality of the reality that you would know fully in form to manifest. Therefore, take time, even a minute or two each day to be reminded of that which you hold dear of all that has been spoken from our realms. And be those visionaries of the spirit on our behalf.

            [Archangel Gabriel tones in angelic tongues for seventy seconds.]

            From deep within the center of the earth, I have called forth a new spirit of divine radiance that now permeates and crystallizes in the world of form a flowering of the divinity of hope for mankind. See a fountain as a flower of hope before you, even during your meditation, during which the kundalini fire does rise within you. And as you add this blessedness and radiance of the spirit unto the creation that you hold through the thoughtforms and the crystal grids and the geometric patterns of perfection, then all will be fulfilled, blessed hearts, by your intent, by the sacred word that you speak whereby the ethers are stirred and mindfulness is manifest in form.
            I am Gabriel. And I will continue to sound the sound of hope everywhere. And I thank you.


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