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Maha Chohan      November 02, 2008

Beloved Maha Chohan Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
November 2, 2008   12:22-12:30 pm MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Role of Archangel Uzziel and Archeia Azzalea

The Financial Crisis: Focus on Your Preparedness

David:  So we rest in presence and hold a field of intention to receive the Master's words and teaching.

Question:  Before the year 2008 is concluded, I'm hoping to hear some further teaching on the role of the Archangels Uzziel and Azzalea, the eighth ray of integration, which is different than the eighth line of the cosmic clock; the secret-ray chakra just behind the heart and the importance of the central chakra on the path of the ruby ray; and the mastery of the use of the secret rays.

Maha Chohan:  The archangels are the great benefactors to humanity of the grace of God that flows continuously from the central throne of being of the great I AM THAT I AM. They focus the feelings of the Divine that emanate from the Source, the hub of all life, and permeate the entire cosmic web.
            You know of the seven archangels and of their great service to humanity with their archeiai, their blessed complements. Focusing the light of the rainbow rays of God and harmonizing all within those specific frequencies of light, Archangel Uzziel and his twin flame, Azzalea, hold and distribute the energies of the eighth ray of integration, whereby the seven rainbow rays—fully blazing forth, assimilated and mastered—merge into a cosmic stream of ruby light, where love is accentuated and accelerated to the point of a great God-identification [in which] one simply merges into the divine stream of beingness, fully absorbed and subsumed into the Divine.
            You know of the first commandment as the Lord Jesus stated it, to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul and being and to love thy neighbor as thyself.1 In this the law is fulfilled within you. Once that law is fulfilled, then there is an acceleration of that law of love within your being to what you may term a fever pitch of divine adoration, the ultimate compassion of the One, whereby the ruby fires of God's own heart flow forth as an unguent of sanctity and blessing to all life.
            Uzziel and [Azzalea] focalize this level of the heart fires of the one God and distribute [them] to those who are worthy and able to receive these higher frequencies of perfect love. This is an unblemished love, not a human love of emoting through the solar plexus, but of the pure heart fully one and merged with the Divine. And so the ruby fires of love that they bear issue forth through the accelerated heart chakras of those who are conscious participants in the divine plan of this planetary home.
            The Buddhas themselves are the integrated ones and hold this level of God beingness, having mastered not only the seven rays but the five secret rays in their initiatic path. Therefore, in a sense, Uzziel and Azzalea are archangelic Buddhas who focus Buddhic beingness as an overshadowing presence to all those who are moving higher in awareness on their own initiatic path. 
            The ray of integration is necessary for the alignment of being with the One, the All in all. For when one is merged into that divine stream of perfection, he or she has access to the highest levels of the causal radiation of God, the Buddhic bliss of nirvana and the quintessence, as the divine Shekhinah glory, of the Mother's heart—as Above, so below.             Entering into the perfectionment of your heart, you begin to access the great heartstream of God's eternal heart, feeling the pulsations emanating through your own Solar being [as they are] stepped down through your chakras, [being] the great crystalline cosmic harmonic resonators that they are.
            See yourselves as crystal beings. And as you commune with Uzziel and Azzalea, there is the coloration of the crystal of selfhood with the hues, patterns and floral arrangements that Azzalea brings to bear in her feminine beauty as the flowering one that she is. You may desire to have a photograph of azaleas if you cannot have live flowers in your homes or upon your altars, and ask Azzalea to ensoul those flowers or that picture with her light as a remembrance of the great heartstream of God that may manifest through your own awareness in your meditation upon the eighth ray.
            When you are an integer of God and you live and move in a field of integrity, then you become the integrated one, the Buddha, fully outpicturing your Buddha nature and living in that field of perfect beingness.
            What does this look like in your daily life? It means that you are objective in your viewpoint, that you live not in a dualistic, two-eyed world whereby you constantly move back and forth in judgment and analysis of others, of situations, but that you maintain equipoise, balance and harmony.  [You] move neither to the left nor to the right of the centrality of beingness in God's Presence, but focalize, through the path of the Middle Way outlined by Gautama, that which is true, noble and pure, that which is real, that which can be sustained by those whose integrity flows from within and is not simply an outer show of ego, but wells up from within the heart and deep from within the soul as an abiding and brooding presence of holy compassion, holy love.
            The path of the ruby ray is one of intense devotion, concentration and focus on the purity of total love of God. It is for those who are willing to be the saints, who will allow God to breathe through them, to live through them and to fully emerge from within their hearts to be a sustaining point of grace for all life. Those who have understood the path of fiery ruby love have been subsumed into the heart of God, whereby their heart is displaced with a greater heart fire of beingness, truly the heart of their Presence, truly the heart of an archangel, a cosmic master, a Solar being.
            When you surrender all lesser loves in the total love of God, then your life begins to glow with that ruby fire of perfect love. All that you see, all that you know, all that you feel is expressed through a new purity of the acceptance of the very field of beingness that permeates all life, the [very] essence of God.
            This is not an easy path. It is one that takes dedication and the acceptance of your highest calling to be only love. In the words of Kahlil Gibran, [“When you love you [should not] say ['God is in my heart,' but rather, ‘I am] in the heart of God,'”2 ] I the nothing, Thou the All, O God, O heart of purest love.

Question:  Is the financial panic that is now gripping the world a deliberate strategy of economic warfare or a “perfect storm” or falling dominoes, where multiple problems converged to cause the panic? Was this precipitated by a known enemy, such as Al Qaeda, China, Russia or another? Or is it being directed by dark forces working behind the scenes? There have been periodic financial panics in past centuries and eventually the economy has recovered. Is there something fundamentally different about this one that might prevent a recovery? Can you share with us your thoughts on how to transition from the current situation to a golden-age economy?

Maha Chohan:  The convoluted schemes of those who would manipulate the abundance of the people and the sons and daughters of God are widespread and have inveigled themselves into the very fabric of life itself upon Earth, whereby there is not the freedom to be and to live and move in a system that allows the full self-expression of the sacred liberties  that you hold dear, vouchsafed to you in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And although many have risen from poverty to embrace the great riches that many of you in the West experience, yet there is a subtle movement of darkness within the economies of America and the nations whereby the people are taxed and the very weight of this taxation causes them to travail in the lower vibration of a culture that has not fully embraced the Divine.
            The scheming of the Nephilim to horde the abundance and the gold that is rightfully [meant] to be used by the sons and daughters of God has caused an imbalance that must be corrected. It has manifested through the central banks, through the Federal Reserve System and its great manipulation of the economy by the setting of interest rates, based on the upswing and the downswing of the economy.
            The gold standard long ago was abandoned, and paper currencies have no weight of light backing them to support the foundation of a golden-crystal age society and civilization. Therefore you have seen the crumbling of an old order of those who are only interested in short-term profits and have not moved toward a long-term sustainability of life, culture and harmony among the nations and peoples. [They have failed to] advance the cause of freedom of every individual to live a life whereby the basic needs are supplied through the work of their heart, head and hand and there is, in a certain sense, a cosmic divine distribution of wealth—not in a communistic or socialistic sense, but in the great community of light whereby those who have a greater wealth of abundance naturally seek to share with those who have not had that abundance from birth.
            The nations that have basic freedoms as the foundation of their constitutions and governments naturally move into a free-market economy and system whereby through supply and demand, through the natural setting of price points and through the very lifeblood of the people, balance and harmony are sustained. But where there is this manipulation through the futures markets, through those speculators who only seek profit, with no backing or wealth or work of their own to sustain it, those economies must be corrected. For the golden light of Cosmic Christ illumination must be at the center of all. And if there is not wisdom governing the flow and the ebb of life in the distribution of the great wealth of the Spirit, then the ascended masters themselves, through the release of mankind's karma, see to it that that which is not built upon divine standards, but upon human sand, will go down.
            Credit itself is, for many, taken as an opportunistic means to secure wealth that is not backed by the bread of labor and light. It were better for many of you to discard your credit cards and to only use that which you require to sustain you, building your abundance through work. For those who borrow from the future are robbing generations to come of their abundance.
            The national debt is a scourge upon all generations. Balanced budgets must be the norm and the rule and the law. For if there is not balance and there is the printing of money that is not backed by actual value, then the house of cards must come tumbling down in order to bring about that balance and harmony.
       Each and every one of you should self-assess your life—the abundance that is yours, the supply that you have, the resources that you have invested—and seek to meet the needs of your families and communities and then attempt to assist movements and others whose purposes you are in agreement with, whose goals and objectives are a part of your own value system.
            How do we create a golden-crystal age economy of abundance for all, of divine opulence for those who sustain a level of crystal beingness? It is one by one by one that a civilization is built upon a foundation of trust, honor and integrity. [The marking itself of] the coin of your realm [with] “In God We Trust” was a statement by your founding fathers that unless a currency is backed by devotion to the one God, then that economy is not built upon the true foundation of light through which and by which it can be sustained.
            There is more that will be righted within your economy in coming weeks, months and years whereby a full exposure of the shenanigans of the manipulators will occur. But be careful where you place your money, where you place your trust. Trust no man and no government or institution that has left off of its trust in God first and foremost. [There are] spiritual communities of light [that] pool their resources, even at times creating their own wealth institutions for lending and borrowing within their communities. And you can, if you desire, research what it would take to accomplish this and to withdraw certain of your resources and abundance from the house of cards that currently exists in the marketplace.
             In past ages, wealth was considered more [to be] that which one had of the resources that could sustain life and not simply [the] money [one accumulated] as a means of exchange itself. In communities of the Holy Spirit, these resources in coming days, months and years will be more important to you than simply having paper money in your accounts. Consider what it will take to sustain life and develop a new culture of the Spirit. Live, move and have your being within the sacred community, and all shall be well within your life. Withdraw that which is essential to your life and stability from those institutions and those economies which are not backed by the truths that we hold dear. Look plainly at your investments. See where the stream of your money goes. Self-assess and be true to yourself in all things.
            The International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy spoken of through previous messengers is still in existence, and the strain of darkness that has inveigled itself through the interconnectedness of the world economy is such that few can understand it fully, few can penetrate to the causes and cores of where the manipulations truly occur and where the truth lies. Some of you have considered moving your money offshore or to other nations rather than investing it in the dollar. This may be prudent for many of you, although we again state that securing the resources to sustain your life through supplies, food, water, shelter is the most crucial thing that you can do to sustain yourself during the coming years, blessed hearts. Thank you.

Question:  Can you give us a sense of the timing of the coming turmoil? Recent dictations have given a sense that earth changes and disruptions will be severe. Yet more pilgrimages have been requested. Will it be safe to travel to other continents in this time of increasing danger? Thank you for your warnings and all that you do to assist us.

Maha Chohan:  Only God knows the timetable of the return of mankind's karma. We warn and we give you pause to consider all, and yet we also move forward with our plans for world freedom. As you are prepared and safe in the security of the stronghold of [God Presence] and you lock [into] your own divine connection and in having those resources that can sustain life, then you can move forward to participate in all of the spiritual work, pilgrimages, et cetera. Those of you who have not secured those resources for yourselves and your families would do well to first tend to these before engaging in costly expenses of any kind, including pilgrimages.
            A word to the wise is sufficient. But for those who are secure in their bodies, in their temples of light, we encourage you and we promote this ongoing work to bring greater light to the nations, to anchor that light, to burn up the karma of the mass consciousness through your spiritual work and to assist us in the ongoing work at hand.
            Do not borrow from your future by putting these costs of attending the pilgrimages only on your credit cards, thinking that all will tumble and you will not have to pay off your debt. Your debt is your debt, and your personal debt is a part of the collective debt of this nation. Therefore eliminate your debt by securing your assets in light through work, service and, if necessary, the toil and sweat of your hands and body.
            Those who are foolish in this regard will come to regret their decisions to simply live in a pie-in-the-sky consciousness, [believing] that if they do their spiritual work that everything will be well in their life. Your foundation must be secure in all things. Therefore be practical and do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today in securing your lives, your wealth and then your divine happiness as a result of maintaining this level of balance.
            You have a pilgrimage fund. And those who have greater resources, after having secured the necessary components for their sustainment of life, can give toward these funds, whereby some can attend who may not have the resources but who are the fiery ones whose karma may dictate that they traverse the world and assist the Brotherhood in these endeavors. We have promoted a sharing amongst heartfriends in this way whereby various ones may attend different pilgrimages [at different times] by the pooling of resources. If you communicate in this way, then all can be equalized and the opportunities presented can be partaken [of] by many more.
            We will not send you to nations or continents that are not safe, but remember that your security is only in and of God. And if you were to travel to other nations [and] not maintain your harmony or balance, you [could] fall under the weight of your own karma [in] situations, accidents, et cetera. Therefore be in presence wherever you are, for you may [even] be home but not fully secure if you are not in the right vibration. An accident or a lack of focus or harmony could take you out of embodiment prematurely, even in your own land. There is nowhere safe to those who are out of alignment with their Source, but there is safety everywhere for those who are [in alignment].
            Review the dictations already given, the warnings, to read the timetable of coming events. Pray without ceasing. Study the stars and your own cosmic astrology. You can discern, if you are true to yourself, what must be done and when. Thank you.

Question:  On the India Pilgrimage we were told at the end of the first week that we had accomplished 91 percent of the spiritual work that the masters had intended for us to accomplish. Is there something we can do now to accomplish the remaining 9 percent? 

Maha Chohan:  The cycle of this pilgrimage has ended. That which was accomplished within the timetable is accomplished. The Brotherhood has utilized the great devotions outpoured through your hearts during this pilgrimage to avert major catastrophes, major explosions and possible war in certain regions. There [has been] a softening upon the Earth, as certain karmic patterns within India and Pakistan and that region were consumed through your calls and the focus of light that you bore.
            More may be stated when you review the pilgrimage. But suffice it to say that you should focus on your personal goals at this time, that which we have stated, and not be looking backward to what could have manifested during those two weeks of time together. Focus on your preparedness. Be prudent and work while you have the light toward the goals that individually and collectively you have set before you.

Question:  Do you have any specific advice for us in rebuilding The Hearts Center of Chicago at Stelle toward fulfilling the original plans of the Brotherhood for this place, including an order of priorities?

Maha Chohan:  First, review that which has already been stated. Meet with those who are willing to work toward accomplishing this. Consider inviting the messenger to come at an opportune time to anchor light and to present the teachings in the Chicago area, after which a short stay at Stelle could occur. Communicate with those who plan events in this way. Maintain your vigils and hold a field of perfect presence and of the immaculate concept for each and every heartfriend within that community. Work toward greater sustainability. Continue discoursing and sharing and presenting some aspect of the teachings through presentations, weekend events, et cetera.
            Leave off of all gossip, and begin a series on Wednesday nights of healing services within Stelle for the healing of the schism. These may not be broadcast to the greater Hearts Center community, but may be held locally.
            There are many who hold a field of some aspect of healing within that community. You can have an ongoing series of sharings and presentations on healing methodologies. This can become one thing that Stelle is known for throughout the heartland, besides its focus on sustainability, if you make it so through intention, through planning and through inviting professional presenters to come.
            Each Hearts Center may focus on its mission and purpose and vision in the same way and secure within that community greater presence, greater support and a knowledge that they exist through greater planning. Not all of you are required to broadcast to the world at large, but you must know your purpose and reason for being and work toward fulfilling it within the context of your particular Hearts Center or Heartfriends Group.
            Having your own vision and mission and a clear perspective on what will move you into a greater presence will allow your Hearts Center to flourish and to flower. If you have not fully established your purpose and focus with objectives and goals throughout the year, then it is no wonder that there has been a lack and an inconsistency and problems manifesting in the lives of individuals. Where there is agreement and focus, there can be victory. It takes work, it takes surrender and it takes attunement to bring this about. Make it so through your holy efforts to work together as one.

Question:  Does the Brotherhood still want to use Wellspring/Golden Ratio as their main office?

Maha Chohan:  Have we used it as our main office to date? I think not. It has been the central point of the broadcast of the morning prayer services, yes. But to date there is no central office for The Hearts Center other than individual offices where heartfriends work, including the messenger, the director of operations, the president, various of you who volunteer your time striving to fulfill the masters' requests, and those to whom work has been outsourced.
            Yes, we have envisioned a central Hearts Center facility, and you have seen it in the planning and in the fundraising. As you know, this property has not been secured and therefore it is not prudent to invest greater resources of heartfriends toward the purchase of space which cannot be sustained until and unless the property is secured. Therefore there has been a temporary withdrawal of further discussion on this topic until a greater solution can be forthcoming.
            You are a virtual community so far, and yet many of you have seen the goal of having these communities of the Spirit. We have already stated that the messenger can move between communities and should not be bound only to one.  Where the messenger lives and the environs around that home of light, in one sense, becomes the central office of the work at hand, though, as you know, the work is performed by many in various states and in homes of light.
            So until there is a surety of the safety of a particular property secured in light, we do not advocate establishing what you would call your home, or central, Hearts Center office facility. We, as well as you, have mused long and hard on this subject, and yet because of the circumstances in which you find yourselves, we cannot fully move forward with our plans until there is the security and safety of the property itself. This does not mean that you do not continue to fundraise toward it. For as the pool of your resources grows, the options increase as to how they may be employed and utilized toward this holy end.
            Imagine a master such as El Morya or Saint Germain having a number of focuses across the Earth to which he is invited to attend council meetings and sacred sessions. Many masters traverse to various retreats in their sacred work, although they do have their own retreats. It is similar upon planet Earth, and once you secure one facility, you may work towards securing others.
            As we have stated, we envision five regional centers. The more the light is distributed among these, the greater the connectivity and activity for holding a greater balance within this nation. And it is so of all nations.
            We do not place all of our eggs in one basket, as you know. There is always a backup plan, and yet we have our prime directive and our “A” plan. Since the messenger lives in this area, it would be prudent to have a place prepared for those who can work with [him] on a greater basis, to secure that home office, as it were. Once you have the resources and the space, then much more can be done. In the time being, use what you have. Focus, pray without ceasing, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Thank you.

1. Luke 10:27; Mark 12:29-31.
2. From
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.


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