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Avalokitashvara      October 25, 2008

Beloved Avalokitesvara (Kuan Yin)
David C. Lewis
October 25, 2008  3:37-3:49 pm local time
On the banks of the Ganges near Rishikesh
2008 India Pilgrimage

Smile!—My Twinkling Love Message to You

            Smile, O blessed ones, for we truly are one. And I have been with you in this meditation and would continue to be with you throughout this retreat on behalf of all life.
           In Buddhic awareness, you have come. In Buddhic peace, you would abide. And in Buddhic bliss of knowing my heart, you may continue your meditation practice whereby great streams of mercy are available to those who require something more than what they have known thus far.
            All souls seek God, though often their search has been covered over for lifetimes through a lack of understanding. You may bring that understanding as you practice the science of mercy through conscious presence whereby your heart, one with mine, may sing the lullaby of mercy to all.
            It is my great joy to be with you always, you see. When you have tea, I may be there. When you are discoursing among yourselves on some aspect of the teaching, my mercy heart may inspire you. When, with a pure heart, you simply seek to abide in the light and in the radiance of mercy's fire, I will provide the uplift, the support and a certain new pressurization of light from within you whereby your heart may expand to encompass more of life.
            You have heard of the Sun of Even Pressure within the Earth that provides stability and the central point around which the entire planetary sphere does turn and whirl in space in a geosynchronous orbit around the sun. Well, I say that you have a center of your being also in which the Sun of Even Pressure of your own higher awareness abides. And when you enter the point of perfect peace through meditation, there is a harmonization and a balance and the same divine orbit around the sun of your higher Presence whereby all is manifest in perfection—body, soul and mind—and the hum of life is heard within you.
            This is the divine, joyful experience of living in the light, by the light, for the light. And that light is mercy's light. When you forgive all life by entering this sacred point of God-identity within and then extending your hand in some aspect of service to bear another's burden or to in some way share that burden, even for a season, I will provide the added impetus of the hum of my own awareness as mercy unto your heart whereby, through your service and the extending of yourself, the impetus of forgiveness' flame may be expanded and brought to bear in the world in a greater way, blessed ones.
            You know that it is never you, the outer man or woman, that is providing this impetus, but it is truly God as the great extender of Self that expands your awareness to drink in more and to then offer the cup of cool water and blessing to another. Provide that cup mercifully, gently, with great care, as you would unto the holiest master whom you would offer obeisance or something of yourself. For when you care for the light within even the humblest of the little ones, the beggars, those who are maimed or do not understand fully the path of light, I also again will be there, extending myself as an overshadowing presence through you. And it is this inner knowingness that the soul of that one who receives your alms and gifts of light will experience and know deep within.
           You can vicariously experience this level of mercy light by a simple prayer and invitation at any moment. And when you need guidance or direction as to when to extend that mercy and when to move on, simply nudge me. For I am very responsive, you know, and I will give you a quick and short answer, speaking directly to your heart, so long as you maintain your harmony and a certain sense of that merciful heart always.
            Some among you truly know me, and the light of mercy shines through your eyes, your visage and rests most beautifully upon your countenance. I offer this to those who at times have had the sorrowful sense or the burdens of life upon their hearts. And therefore smile, and offer that smile to me. And in the offering, I will smile through your smile to all.
           This is my twinkling love message to you, my blessed ones. Now go and be mercy's light to all. I am Avalokitesvara, and I love you.

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