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Manjushri      October 24, 2008

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved Manjushri)
October 24, 2008   5:10–5:55 pm  local time
Rishikesh, India
India Pilgrimage

You Are a God/Goddess in Perfect Manifestation

The Simple Spiritual Practice of Resting in Presence
In the Self-Transformation Process, You Aid Life the Most

           We went from Hindu chants to a Buddhist chant. And on the banks, on the shores of the Mother Ganga,1 she receives all, all people of all faiths. In the East we worship the Mother, for we understand the light of the kundalini and the flow of the sacred light from our base to our crown, nourishing all of our chakras and sustaining us in form.
           The Mother is matter—mater, Stabat Mater,2 starry mother. The Father as Spirit receives the Mother as Matter. The Mother as Matter receives the Father as Spirit. And so, as above, so below, and as below, so above. There is in the nexus of our heart the integration of the principles of the Father and Mother right where we are. And the Mother as the receptacle, as the bowl, as the very substance through which the Spirit has formed gives birth to Shiva and all of the gods and goddesses.
            You are a god or goddess already in perfect manifestation, though you are in the mode of self-realization and of becoming fully the god or goddess who you are already. Acceptance of your holy office is the key to its manifestation fully where you are. And as, one by one by one, each one of us ties into, integrates with and becomes the fullness of the potential, the seed of reality that was offered and given to us as a God-individualized co-creator in the beginning, then we can fully self-realize our highest and transcend all dimensional planes of being and reintegrate with the reality who we are. We know this intellectually. We know this even emotionally, but the rub is to integrate all of that in the here and now, at the point of being, of stillness, of presence, where the Mother nourishes and is the platform for that integration right where we are.
           When we call to any god or goddess, it is not calling to an idol but to an aspect of the Godhead. The Godhead steps down the intense energies from the Great Central Sun, which if we would plug into them in form, would burn us to a crisp. And so we have both in the East and the West icons, not idols made of form that we worship as the end itself, but as a talismanic image that keys us into the divine vibration of that Son or Daughter of God in all of his or her glory, in the fullness of what she brings/he brings unto mankind as an individualization of that aspect of God.
           A question was asked about the people of India and why there are so many poor ones and what evolution of birth they are. And the answer was given to not look in duality at these seemingly poor people as something apart from God or different than us or less than us, for we are all one. And though the outer form may not have the trappings of the riches of the outer material world, yet the inner Spirit enfires that being just as it does within us. Each one has an I AM THAT I AM, a God Presence, a Solar Presence, and we cannot know fully how much of that reality each individual is outpicturing. And it is not for us to judge, but simply to adore, to draw forth and to love and cherish the God light within every co-creative spirit spark of the Divine.
           When we enter into this state of love, compassion and bliss, then we key into the vision of the Mother for all of her beautiful children. We accept all, we revere all, we know all. For the God within that one, each one, knows us and our core as who we truly are. And it is finally time for us, through the reflective manifestation, the mirroring of light and the mirrors of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, to see the reflection of ourselves and all others and the reflection of others within our own eyes.
           When we can hold this field of presence wherever we are, then we key into, we tie into the one Spirit, the Holy Spirit, Shiva, and the sacred cosmic dance, which is continuing every moment throughout the cosmos as Shiva witnesses to God in his particular manifestation as the Destroyer. But as was shared yesterday, Shiva is not just a destroyer of inhumanity or unreality; Shiva holds a certain presence and is potential in manifestation as kinetic energy—flowing, billowing, growing, transforming, changing, transmuting and consuming, and in that consummation there is the sacred consummation of fire and light.
           Look at the sun and see how this transformation is continuing moment by moment as the fires of the sun enfolding itself create and recreate the cosmic gases of hydrogen atoms which unite to become helium atomsthe atomic number one plus one, becoming two. There is the fusion of those particles of Alpha and Omega to create something new as the son consciousness, the daughter awareness. Is this same creative energy in process occurring within you every moment? If not, then tie into, worship the Light behind the light, the Sun behind the sun. And see how you need to grow up into that Son/Daughter consciousness, which is your potential, just as Helios and Vesta in the sun of our system have fully self-realized at the level of Solar beingness; whereby these two great cosmic beings provide the light such that vast evolutions on numbers of planetary homes can exist.
           Think of yourself as a sun and how you can be this selfsame god, as it were, or goddess. When you merge with your twin spirit, your twin flame, in this co-creative process, there is the continuous radiating forth of God-power in all of its glory to bless all life. You can enter into that level of beingness, if you choose, every moment. So every moment is a conscious choice as to just how much of the creative fires of your Solar Presence you will bring to bear to the earth in your meditation practice, in resting in presence, which to me is one of the highest teachings I have heard in this lifetime, shared by a fellow Buddhist disciple and teacher.
           He basically self-realized to the point where all outer rituals, everything that he had learned, the trappings of spirituality gave way to the simple spiritual practice of resting in presence. When you rest in your Presence—the light of your Presence is always accessible, is always there around you—you glow with the sacred energy of the Spirit, and those who come in contact with your aura are nourished and fed and blessed by this radiance of light. It goes on at subtle levels. You do not have to put on a show. You do not have to put on your beads or wear anything special. You simply exist as a conscious participant in the great drama of life that is God and all of God's glorious manifestation. But it takes a certain level of discipline, Self-conscious awareness, with a capital S, to bring that level of happy beingness to a planet and her people.
           This is that same level that spiritual beings such as the Dalai Lama, Sri Anandamayi Ma, Guru Ma, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and many others, Babaji, have manifested, Lord Krishna, Jesus. Each and every one is a different manifestation of God, but each one has had the same aura of saintliness, holiness and presence such that those who have come within the context of their flowfield, their aura, could receive that blessing, that healing, that transformation, that unity field. They have plugged into God, and therefore those who have plugged into them have also plugged into God. They have realized their oneness with the Father, the Mother, and they have proclaimed it, and others have tied into that and received the great benefit of their teaching, their ministry, their light.
           What will your ministry, what will your teaching, what will your light look and be like? That is for you to self-realize, discover and to fully manifest in this life, not putting it off through the wheel of rebirth to some future incarnation,  saying, “Well, I'll wait till that next life before I become enlightened.” Have you all found yourself thinking or saying at some level of your being, “I am procrastinating until I am ready”? Well, when will you ever be ready? Aren't you ready now? You're on this pilgrimage.
           Sometimes I see people walking around unconscious. They'll be talking with someone and they'll bump their luggage cart right into the heel of the person in front of them. Are they in presence at that moment or are they in a dream world, where they're not fully aware of where they are and of the results of their actions?
           Think about it. Think about what you think, you emote, your speech. Is your speech right speech that the Buddha taught about and that Gautama spoke about at our July Freedom conference? He gave us a spiritual teaching and practice whereby we could recall and transmute and transform any words that we had ever spoken in any incarnation whereby we had not blessed life, we had not been conscious. We could pull them back into our heart and transmute the hurtful thoughts and words and see them transmuted and then go out as a blessing to others.
           We've been admonished so many times to watch our speech and our words. And yet very often many of us are talking heads that simply want to continue yapping, yapping, yapping, yapping. And in the yapping, you zap your presence because often you are not in that mode of feeling and knowing and realizing the God who you are. Now, if it is from a point of presence that you are sharing and it's not about ego, then your speech is right speech. And it is for the benefit of beings; it is for spiritual application and a certain sharing of your heart. And you know when you are in that vibration, hopefully, and when you get to the point where you're not quite feeling the totality of your presence because you have sat there and you find yourself twenty minutes later sharing the same story that you've told thirty times to other people. And why do you do this?
           So be self-conscious, even as you are not too self-conscious whereby you are unhappy, you are negative, you are melancholy and in the ego because you're trying to be too spiritual. Right? There is a balance and happiness and joy and living in light and in the Spirit [that] brings about the naturalness whereby you will know when to speak and when to be silent. You will know when to share and when to listen. And for most of us, we're great sharers, but we're not all great listeners. If you listen more, you may tie into the Buddha's meditation that is going on right now as the Lord of the World holds in silent contemplation a cosmic presence to sustain life for the entire planet.
            You can tap into the Buddha's meditation. Have you thought of that? Or the meditation of Maitreya or of Kartikeya or Padma Sambhava or Manjushri, who is sharing this discourse today with you through me. If in silence you can attune to the master of your choice in that moment—the Buddha, the saint, the beloved one—you may receive great God-direction and new opportunities to know God, which even a moment ago, an hour ago you could not have even dreamed possible. There may be a revelation that springs from the eternal and the eternal spring of your own Presence drawing down through your Christ/Buddha Self, through the crystal cord—a new revelation that will give you the key to this incarnation if you take that key and put it in the lock and turn it and open the door to a new level of living.
           How many of us are willing to step out of our mode that we are comfortable with to maybe self-discover something that's a little bit odd or different than what we have allowed for ourself as the usualness of our being? I think that the heroes of the Spirit are those who didn't necessarily reject everything that they saw around them in life as bad, but embraced everything at a certain level and then went into a new reality and saw things from a different aspect and  discovered something from a new angle that no one else had fully realized or seen or become. And then they brought that, through a proficiency and a certain cosmic expectation of fulfillment by discipline, to the world in a new practice, in a new science, in a new energy, in a new uplift, in awareness.
           You as an artist or an artisan, a singer, a creator, whatever you do with your hands, your heart and your head and your eyes in co-creating something new and blessed can bring that belovedness to the world through the creative genius, the spark of identity that God endowed you with in the beginning, which is who you are.
           In this self-realization process, we first self-discover, and then once we know who we are through integration, we can assist others in self-discovering and self-realizing who they are. Don't try to become a guru overnight in this process. Don't try to always be correcting others, seeing that their speech is off or something is not right with their hairstyle or the clothes they're wearing or whatever. If you're always in a mode of trying to correct others or improve upon others, look to the mote in your own being, your own eye, and see how when that little thing—which may really be a big thing—is cast out, is consumed or is let go of, you can simply rest in presence. And in the self-transformation process, that is how you aid life the most. It's not about trying to do something for or to another, but about living in beingness. And when you are in presence, that is the self-transforming energy of Spirit that blesses and nourishes all, no matter what you do outwardly.
           That is what Jesus and others did, whereby they could perform the outer miracles. He had worked on himself enough to fully realize his union with the All of God. And because he had become a Sun Presence of such transformative love, kindness, mercy and forgiveness, even the harlot came and was received by the heart of the blessed Master. And those who put their trust only in the law, in manmade laws, were humbled by the Son of God, who said that this one was worthy and that the darkness in them was not worthy to be received by the Son.
           As we drink in the light of Manjushri and hear the sounds and feel the light of the Mother Ganges—even the humidity of her heartbeat, the sacred flow that is a cosmic mist that flows down the river, that is outside of the banks, that engulfs all who come to her shores and her waters—let us be transformed in her great light, her great acceptance of each and every one. The river, as the Mother, is accepting of all. It does not discriminate as to whether the body that enters her sacred waters is a Jain, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Muslim or nothing. Does she? She simply accepts that the one stepping within her being is God, is worthy, is worthy of love, cherishment and all that she has to offer as a sacredness of the transforming power of her waters. For water and fire, as we know, are the two most incredible transformative energy-substance fields that we can see in mortal form; although there are in the etheric and higher planes the selfsame substances and energy fields vibrating at higher levels in spiritual energy fields that make the water and the fire on this earth pale in significance to their transformative powers.
           Listen to the child within you, even as you listen to the laughter of the children. [Children could be heard laughing in the background.] Has the child within you been squelched? Or have you allowed the Krishna-like, dainty little aspects of your inner child to emerge? For in our childlike nature, God is. And only when we become as humble as these can we enter the kingdom, the Master said.3 And it were better for those who abuse the child that they had either never lived or that they were cast into the sea with a millstone around their neck.4 
What was he speaking of? Yes, he was speaking of those who abuse children or would in ensuing decades and centuries. And it is unfortunately still occurring now. But was he also speaking of how we abase the very childlike nature of our own God essence when we try to be too adultlike in our path and abuse the childlike nature of God within us?
           There is always the outer teaching and the inner, or esoteric, teaching of the Master. And when you study scripture, any scripture, or even listen to or read the transcripts of the messages of the masters, you can always go deeper. You can always see the teaching behind the teaching, read between the lines and surmise by the Spirit and by the secret-ray energies of your own higher crystal awareness new inroads into divine beingness as you penetrate the true teachings and enter into new and cosmic levels of understanding because you simply allow God to speak to you; you let the Spirit be where you are.
           So in every spiritual practice, every song that you sing, everything that you do, enter into it in a new and fresh spirit each time. Do not become rote in your spiritual practices. This is the sin against the Holy Spirit! If you do not bring a new spirit of love and joy and divine friendship into all that you do and make every spiritual practice blessed by your heart fires and the love that you bring into it, if you are simply by rote giving your mantras or singing your songs, you're losing the connectivity with your Source that could be yours through this devotion and praise, thanksgiving and joy.
           And if you make a fool of yourself at times and have to get up and dance around when others are sitting still, so be it. Who cares? The Spirit has moved you, and you are free! You are alive! You are no longer just a marionette like Pinocchio that Geppetto manipulates, but you've got life and you're a boy—you're real! When I feel people leading prayers where there's no heart fire, it's almost as if it were better if they didn't do it all. But when I feel the joy, feel the fire, feel the Sprit moving, then I say, “Aha! That one is keyed into the reality of the Word, has become that Word at that level and can then send that Word, the OM, out to all life and within, to the microcosm within.
           Do you think that all that we do is simply to be of benefit to others and that we have to change the world and that we, the spiritual ones, have to do this stuff to change India or the world? No. The real message of this pilgrimage is, it's all for you. And the light that you evoke and invoke is for the self-transformation of the India within you, the Mother light within you.
           So that which you thought you were coming to do may not be fully part of the divine equation. The other half of the equation is a certain enlightened self-interest of entering into the blessedness of presence within, self-transforming, self-realizing—and then you will know God fully. Thank you.

1.  The River Ganges is also referred to as Ganga, the name of the Hindu goddess who is believed to be embodied in the river.
2.  Stabat Mater is a thirteenth-century Latin hymn, whose title is an abbreviation of the first line, Stabat mater dolorosa, meaning “The sorrowful mother stood."
3.  Matthew 18:3.
4.  Matthew 18:6.  “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea...”

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