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Maha Chohan      October 18, 2008

David Christopher Lewis Discourse  [Inspired by the Blessed Maha Chohan]
October 18, 2008   8:45-9:17 pm local time
Agra, India
India Pilgrimage

You Can Self-Heal through Light and the Holy Breath of God

Look No Further than Now to Accept, to Breathe and to Know
the Holiness of Perfect Presence

Every breath that you breathe may be holy—holy in its inspiration, holy in its expiration. You honor the Holy Spirit through conscious holy breathing. You bring and draw forth greater presence through conscious holy breathing. Where you breathe in holy awareness, there the Maha Chohan is. Where you accept his Presence, there his power is. Every cell of your being may be a receptacle for the power of the holy breath of the Spirit.
            See now through the biology of belief and through the science that you know— having studied biology, cellular structure—the different systems in your body, this perfection of Presence interpenetrating every cell of every system: your circulatory system; your muscular system; your skeletal system; your endocrine system; the energetic wave patterns through the neurons [in] your brain [and] spinal cord; the lymphatic system, [which] brings balance and harmonizes the glands; your digestive system; and the systems of your higher spiritual bodies that interpenetrate your physical, emotional, mental and etheric [bodies].
            As you accept the breath and the pranic emanation of light into every cell, a greater wholeness may be yours. But you must accept it into those cells through a conscious participation at the microcosmic level of your being, where you accept the presence of the holy breath and the Holy Spirit into these minutiae of [your] beingness that are the cells and the building blocks of your being.
            If you have a challenge in a particular organ or system or gland or an area of your body, you can bring greater balance, wholeness and the easing of pain by conscious holy breathing into the cells of that organ, system, gland or part of your body.
            You can self-heal if you choose through light and through the holy breath of God. Often we give away our power to others, even physicians (who should heal themselves often), when we could [welcome and] accept the great physician of our own higher awareness instantly into our being to bring greater wholeness and integration [by] simply tak[ing] the time to meditate, to breathe and to accept the totality of our own wholeness where we are.
            You've heard that it takes not time but attunement, at-one-ment, to bring forth the presence of the master, the light, and [a] greater affinity to oneness. How long will it take for you to reach enlightenment? It is a moment-by-moment choice. En-lighten-ment is the allowance, the letting, the acceptance of that light of enlightenment to be within your being through presence of mind, heart and will in balance. If you're waiting for a future day and time or lifetime to reach enlightenment, then look no further than now to accept, to breathe and to know the holiness of perfect presence as the emanation that has always been yours to claim and to accept as the Presence of God and the Spirit where you are.
            The Buddha accepted the light into every cell of his crown as he meditated under the bo tree, [and] not only the crown but every cell of his entire being. His enlightenment was rich and full and blessed because he understood the divine equation of light and of how this process can begin in the moment and last an eternity within that moment. And in the eternity is the moment-by-moment choice of being in the Now.
            If we continuously put off to a future our enlightenment, then we will miss the boat of the opportunity right now, right here to live in presence. You have known people that emanate light. They live in that moment and they have accepted the blessedness of their Presence where they are. And this is what you feel in their presence, the nurturing aspect of the Spirit that you also desire to feel, to know in totality.
            Each of you has the ability. You are gods and goddesses already. It is simply a matter of reknowing, reexperiencing. And if it takes a certain rehearsal or an entering into a playfulness to remind yourself that you have the capability to manifest this level of awareness, that God within you has the capability, then do what it takes to remind yourself that you can be the healer, the self-healer. God in you has the ability, and you can have your wholeness. And nothing outside of yourself can take that away from you. No person, place, condition or thing really stands in the way of your attainment of enlightenment, of nirvanic bliss, of the divine experience except your freewill choice [not] to have it and to know it.
            [There] is a certain sense of freedom that comes your way when you let go of what has bound you to mortality and accept what will free you unto immortality, which is the holiness of being present now with God, with the true you fulfilling itself through your awareness in every cell, in every atom of your being.
            We often glibly talk. And in our talk—which is in a sense our desire to share our experiences and to emit them or emote them unto others in friendliness or sharing, which is OK—[we] sometimes [miss] the full experience of God moment by moment. [So] we may need to talk less, to be still more and to allow the self-expression of the Spirit to flow within us rather than to always be externally experiencing life.
            Is it a certain sense of agitation that requires you to be noisy, to always [have] the need to speak? Discern with the Spirit this day when you are truly required to be expressive in this way and when, through self-reflection and a certain acceptance of that holy breath and Spirit fully, you can simply be still and breathe and know God in a greater blessedness in your life.
            For those of you who have mastered the art of silence and meditation, you know whereof the Spirit speaks now from deep within your own being. For this voice is only a reflection of that which you know already from within. It is simply here to deliver what we all require and what we all would have of greater awareness this moment here in India.
            As we prepare for the coming of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva—the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer—we must rise to greet them at a higher level of presence if we are to receive the new currents of fire and presence that they would deliver.
            Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva emanate from within our threefold flame. But have we listened, have we discerned, have we truly been present to feel the impulses of that level of the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer right within the secret chamber of our hearts? If the fire is there and you feel it as a burning heat always within your chest, then, yes, these three-in-one, the tripartite light, will speak to you and emanate through you in greater presence. But if you are not listening, if you have not entered into the stillness to even listen and hear the crackling of the flame and the fire of this [tri]partite light, then how can you expect Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to comprehend you, even as you seek to comprehend them?
            For you see, what you can receive through the dictations is only that which you have allowed and, in a sense, surrendered [in order] to allow the Divine One to fully be present where you are in awareness. It is a rising of your own awareness to greet the master and not [so much to] require the master to descend to the level of the human. [It is] for you to greet the master in the air and in the ether and in the fire, going beyond human desire and the physicality of this earthly experience to transcend all planes and to be very present for the highest level of being and acceptance that you can know during a dictation.
            Have you had the experience where you have sat in the master's presence and yet remembered nothing of what was said? Now, at times your body may be tired, and that is understandable. But if you would be present and allow the stream of the consciousness of the master to flow and course through your entire being—into the microcosmic level as well as the macrocosmic—then there can be the re-membering of the message as the fire and the etheric substance that flows from the master's Presence is impressed and stamped upon every cell of your being as you receive the word. [Thereby you] allow it to gently nurture and to wash upon your soul with the spiritual fire [that is] the quintessence of the master's awareness.
            I think that each and every one of us can accept greater presence and have this memory of what the masters have said if we are still and if we are in that attunement, tuning our awareness to the Presence of the master and receiving, as an active participant in the dictation, the very being, the very light, the very breath and essence of that master.
            Newer students often may fall asleep because the light emanation from the Presence of the master is so great  [and] they have not created the chalice quite yet to allow that level of Presence and light to penetrate their being. The molecules of selfhood are not quite ready to receive that level. [It] is like the shutting of a valve over the cell because it says, “Oh, too much; I'm not ready,” and it closes down.
            This [does] not [have to remain] so. As you increase in your spiritual practice of meditation and acceptance of greater light day by day, where you see the light charging your being and you feel the presence of light flowing and coursing through you—through your words in the prayers and the decrees and the songs—then your cells are stretched to a new limit of acceptance of light. And you can then be awake and alert and receive the totality of the master's Presence,  not only feeling but [even] seeing and hearing and smelling and experiencing that master's graciousness and emanation through the five senses and the higher senses of your soul.
            Many of you have experienced this level at times. And it may be too much to expect that from the human level we can again and again have this level of presence to accept this heightened state of awareness. And yet the yogis and those who have sublimated their human passions to accept the divine, passionate light of God within them can have this experience each time the master is present and the awareness and the flow of light is there. It is a choice, and you have free will to accept this heightened level.
            Let our words be “yea, yea” and “nay, nay.”1 What does that mean? It means that that which you speak must come from the yea-ness of God or the nay-ness that says, “No, I will not enter this level of human consciousness and mass consciousness.”
            Even as you walk amidst the busy streets and see the beggars and the faces of humanity, there you can emanate more God consciousness, more presence, more holiness, if you choose to simply be present and allow the Spirit to flow through you as you walk.
            Do you feel the flow of the presence of the Spirit now within your body temple? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] It is because you have chosen to allow it. And you may always choose to allow it and to be it.
            When a group of sixty-eight or more come together in blessedness and holiness, the power of that Spirit that may flow through them can change an entire civilization! This is why we have come to India. Yes, there are many holy men and women. They are in the streets. They are in the caves. They are in the mosques, in the churches, in the temples. They are everywhere. But this day you are those holy ones, for everywhere that you walk, you may hallow the space of the ground if you choose.
            There is a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, a time to die, a time to love, a time to rest, a time to work, a time to play.2 But it is always time to allow God and the presence of the Spirit to be where you are. And [there] is always space to allow the fire of the Buddha and the Mother to emanate through you.
            Free will—freedom and will—the seventh and the first ray. They interpenetrate. Without freedom, will could not exist. It would be stifled. And without will, freedom would drift out and simply be an amorphous mist. For will focuses freedom toward purpose, and freedom allows the will to act in time and space, in the flow of awareness and consciousness.
            “Where there is a will, there is a way,” it has been said. For the will moves through the seven rays and is fulfilled in the seventh and then in the eighth ray, even as freedom of expression allows all of the seven rays to have meaning and awareness as they move through us. All become integrated in the One in the eighth ray of integration and in the ruby fires of divine love concentrated within us. It's as if seven fountains flow and all of the droplets of the water from these seven fountains come back to one point in a central fountain or space, as we saw the other night. And in this integration of the seven, there is perfection, there is wholeness, there is perfect being, there is perfect love.
            So let us love one another at a new and higher level than we have ever loved before. So let us love one another at a new and higher level than we have ever loved before. Let this love engulf you, move through you [and] caress [others] as you glance with loving eyes to your brother and your sister, as you accept them for who they are, even at times when you become aware of seeming foibles, which are only tests of [y]our own vision. For each one is perfect already in [his/her] Buddha nature. And through clear seeing, when you see that Buddha nature manifesting through [others], you bring greater opportunity for them to fulfill it in their life.
            Even though the sounds on the streets have been there through this entire discourse, if you have been attentive and in presence, all has been drowned out but the voice of your own Presence and of the Maha Chohan speaking, if you have chosen to listen.
            Let your meditation be upon the voice of God as the holy breath of the Spirit, even for a fortnight. Call to that Holy Spirit; sing to that Holy Spirit; write letters, love letters, to that Holy Spirit and burn them. Allow that Spirit to speak to you at any moment. Have a love tryst, even setting aside during your workday time to enter the holy Presence of [that] one, [whom] you may love with a new love and cherish with a new cherishment.
            Yes, let us love India with a passionate love for life and for her people and bring the greatest part of ourselves into play in all that we are doing in this pilgrimage to be the examples for this holy people of another holy people who we are. Accept your holiness, accept your blessedness, and it will be so. I thank you.

1. “Let your communication be Yea, yea; Nay, nay.” Matthew 5:37.
2.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-4.


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