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Babaji      October 18, 2008

Beloved Babaji
David C. Lewis
October 18, 2008  9:23-9:29 am India time
Delhi, India

Accept a New Level of Immortality!

I am Babaji! And I come to initiate you if you choose in the holy science of pranayama and of a new yoga that I present. I have seen the waves of light of the Maha Chohan. And I have been drawn here by your stillness and your presence of mind and heart. And I am pleased with this group in this hour.
            Would you be immortal as I am? [Yes!] Then choose each day to blend something of your being with the immortality of your God Presence, and then the flow of light will ensue whereby the immortal stream may be yours by your choice. Long ago I made the choice. Choose this day if you would be where I am and where the I AM THAT I AM abides within you.
            Many have travelled far to be near my presence, but I say that I can be where you are in an instant when you are in the right vibration. And thank God that now you are. For that is why I am here.
            I am, through the fire of my heart, burning out ancient substance of darkness as antithetical to the ruby ray light that you would enter and become fully. It is as a cauterization and a branding with a higher level of fire. But I warn you to live no more as humans if you would accept this level of immortality in your lives, to move in the new stream of light that you have entered here this day.
            Therefore choose to put aside something of your old self permanently. I give you eight seconds to do so. [Eight-second pause.] Aha! It is gone in a puff of smoke as I, Babaji, have added the fire of the laser ray of my being into the equation and dissolved it on your behalf. You see what can be done in a short interval of timelessness. So be it. Meditate on the ruby fire of immortality, even for eight seconds a day, and your life will never be the same. Thank you! And good day!

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