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Lanello      October 16, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
October 16, 2008   10:00-10:15 am local time
India Pilgrimage
New Delhi, India

Welcome to Mother India
Each of You Is Here for a Holy Purpose

            Dearest and most noble hearts, welcome to Mother India. Today we begin a new sacred journey, and you have arrived safe and secure in the light of your own Mother Presence of preciousness. And each one of you is here for a holy purpose, though that purpose may not be fully known to your outer mind. Yes, you have come in answer to Chananda and Morya's call; but you have [also] come in answer to the call of your own soul and spirit, who this day—though you may be somewhat fatigued in body—desire to replenish and reinvigorate you in the pure white light of the Divine One.     
            Therefore let your entire being be bathed this day in light, in a new essence and fragrance of the holy oil that we have prepared for each of you. It is a spiritual quintessence individualized for each of you in the divine laboratory of your own Higher Self, an “olfactory,” as it were, of light, bringing the radiance of solar fire that you have sought closer to your heart and your soul.
            If you choose, your feeling body may be newly sensitized to the divine impulses that will flow to you and through you during this pilgrimage. And as you take time to be still and to be observant with us of the sights and sounds and aromas of India, we will teach you and inspire you through a new inner wisdom, a new tenderness toward life, a new outlook born of your own inner reference or vantage point—truly this new spiritual paradigm of beingness in the heart of the Mother, Mother India.
            Remember your own mother this day: first your soul, as the pearl of selfhood, the feminine potential of God within you; then your earthly mother and those who have been the representatives of that Mother flame in your life—your guru—truly the Guru Ma, [whom] many of you have known; and any who have been that example of loveliness, but also of the divine shakti light, with her great strength and her great fire of purpose.
            Rest in presence and in the surety that love and light shall prevail and that your mission within India shall be fulfilled both in your outer waking consciousness and also [within by] abiding [in your Presence] and moving through that kundalini fire, which] will raise you up the ladder of light to new cosmic heights as you traverse the cities and wend your way into the Himalayan heights with us.
            We are here to bless you, to protect you and to seal you this day in the Mother's starry fire light, even as she is in travail through the lives of her many children upon earth in this hour. Experience her wisdom through a new reverence toward life, through the peace-commanding presence of joy, and through an attitude of gratitude that you may always have as you meet new friends along life's way, even as you create a new lease on life, [which] we offer to each and every one of you this day.                            
            I am Lanello, and with Chananda to my left and Morya to my right, we three bow to that Mother light within you that you have brought from the West, even as we offer that Mother light to you here in the East. Let our hearts unite; let the spiritual fireworks, as the purpose of this pilgrimage, begin. And now as fiery sparklers of purity in the surety of that glowing, living, liquid energy that is the Mother herself, we say welcome to India, blessed pilgrims of our hearts.
            As we now in consciousness form this circle of oneness here, accept the touch of Ganesha and Shiva—Ganesha before, Shiva behind—even as Brahma vibrates above and Vishnu below. And the sacred shakti of each abides within, sealing you in inviolate light. Breathe in this new spiritual pranic light now eight times, together, and as you exhale, release anything and everything that has up to this day and moment ever burdened you or beset you on your path.
            [Lanello and audience inhale and exhale pranic light for approximately one minute.]
            Let this circle of oneness be strong. Let your togetherness in light be secure. And as we now chant the sacred OM, let rings of blessings and peace flow to all within India, Pakistan, Burma, Tibet and all surrounding countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. See it manifesting now, and it will be so, blessed ones.
            We will chant the OM for three minutes continuously on my cue.
            [Lanello leads audience in chanting the OM for three minutes.]
          So we have come; so you have come. Let the OM continue sounding and resounding day and night during this pilgrimage until every soul is fully liberated in the light and free. I thank you.


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