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Lanello      October 12, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
October 12, 2008  3:48-4:41 am MDT
Dictated anew with additions at the Wellspring Retreat   8:00-8:21 am
Paradise Valley, Montana

A New and Final Warning from the Brotherhood
A New Surrender to the Divine Impulses Within is Required

Dearest Heartfriends of Old and New Alike,
            I am Lanello. And I come in the presence of the I AM THAT I AM and with the full mantle of my messengership with the shepherd's crook, dressed in the simple white raiment of a prophet of old, namely that which I wore as Noah.¹
            I come this day with a warning and a plea and somewhat with a heavy heart for mine own within the earth. For just as during the time before the great deluge, I see the handwriting in the skies of the Lord God through the events that are being outplayed upon earth. I tell you that the crisis that you see occurring right now is as nothing compared to what is coming and what may be outplayed as mankind's karma in this cycle of the Kali Yuga as the return of mankind's neglect and lack of attention upon the Godhead, the great I AM THAT I AM, as manifest as all manner of abomination of desolation standing in the holy place where it ought not.²
            Yes, I come with a sense of seriousness in this hour though as I speak, I envelop you in the radiance of my magnanimous heart. For, blessed ones, it is truly the heartfires of divine love that will see you through to the ends of your personal and the planetary karma. But a new surrender to the divine impulses within is required if you will see through to the ends of your lifestream the victory that may manifest.
            Some have ignored the signs of the times, preferring instead to live in a certain bubble of expectancy that all things will always remain as they have been. And though we always prefer that you have a positive attitude as in constancy you wait upon the Lord³ in all things, yet there are times when a more than ordinary sacrifice and some specific action is required. And that time, beloved ones, is now.
            The warning bells have been sounded many times. And it is even more obvious in this hour than it was before the sinking of Atlantis where an entire civilization and all that had been builded was destroyed except for the remnant—those who listened to the inner voice, obeyed the word of the Mother and of their own inner conscience and prepared, moving away from the masses to secure themselves in safe havens of light with their families and loved ones and initiates of the Spirit from the coming desolation.
            With a new and final warning from the Brotherhood I come, not crying wolf but simply stating forthrightly to you this day that all must come into order within your life. All must be set and in place for you to endure during what some have called the “Great Tribulation.”4 Those who have availed themselves of the wisdom teaching of the ascended masters and who have applied our words in lives of practical spirituality know the truth, its inner coursings within their lives, and will live through this cycle because of their prudent preparedness, their elevated awareness in God, working toward that which may manifest in the world of form—yes, preparing for every eventuality. Whereas those, who for whatever reason have not taken our messages to heart and acted upon them, may come to regret their lack of discernment and a certain adaptability to meet the needs of the hour.
            We do not mandate or coerce through force, for this is not our way. But we will coax you to listen to your own heart and to move into action when required through that prompting of the Spirit that wells up from within you, stirring you to rise on wings of fire and to take flight. Some of you may be required to leave your homes and the physical locale in which you now live—even in the night if necessary—and take with you that which is essential to maintain your very life. Some have already set forth their action plans and know exactly what must be done come various scenarios. What I say to you this day, blessed ones, is to review Lanto's message from January 6th of this year and to be prepared.
            In community you have strength. In the circle of oneness your long-term survival and the viability of your path may be secured. Although this oneness is always first and foremost—your at-one-ment with God, it may also manifest more completely for many of you within this sacred sangha of light, living in intentional spiritual gatherings and communities that offer you greater protection through the increased numbers of conscious ones who jointly come together, pooling their resources, their talents and their efforts.
            We have suggested unto you establishing five such safe havens of light within 500 miles of the secret ray chakras of America in these United States. Yet, except for some discussions among a few heartfriends, little action has been taken by our disciples. I come today to say to you all, it is time. The winds are shifting. New currents are here. The crumbling of certain institutions is evident. Ways of living of which you have been used to in the past may no longer fully apply in the current world scenario. Yet there are new opportunities arising for greater spirituality [and] self-transcendence that you may embrace and thereby increase in Self-awareness.

·         Place your faith in God and not in mammon.

·         Secure those physical resources immediately of water, food and supplies that will allow you to maintain your life in form.

·         Do not delay any longer.

·         If you live in or near the large cities, consider all consequences and look today at alternatives.

            You see what is occurring within the financial markets, but this is the tip of the iceberg. Realize the urgency of the hour. Focus all of your spiritual strength to secure yourselves in the light—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Find first the safe haven of divinity within and then translate this into the outer world of your life. Live in the moment but carefully plan for your future with a giving attitude for all who are entrusted to your care.
            Although we have spoken in the past through parables and stories and poems, today we speak in simple language as practical masters, blessed ones. On this celebration day of the founding of America by Christopher Columbus, your own Saint Germain, his simple message to each and every one of you is—Be prepared! Be Prepared! Be Prepared!
            Consider this master and what was required in planning the long trip across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to the new world. This is the type of detailed and comprehensive planning and action in which you should engage in now.
            I, Lanello, have spoken, even as I spoke to those as my family and I built the ark. Some would not listen and you know the story. But to those whose hearts and minds are open to the Lord's wise dominion, my words are fully sufficient. Now, blessed ones, act! Act! Act! I thank you.

[David: I pray each will consider these words as real, living words and abide in them and take them to heart. God bless you.]

¹Genesis 6-10; Luke 17:26; 2 Peter 2:5
²Daniel 8-12; Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14
³Isaiah 40:31
4Matthew 24:29

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