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Maha Chohan      October 03, 2008

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
October 3, 2008   8:19-8:35 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana            

Focus and Allow the Energies of the Spirit

to Wend Their Way to the Reality That You Seek


Blessed  Hearts of Gold,

            I come this day breathing fire into the domain of your soul, for I perceive that your soul needs an increase in spiritual fire if the impulses of your Higher Self are to fully reach down into your being, make themselves felt within you and allow a greater connectivity with your Source through your conscious awareness in this hour.

            I am the Maha Chohan. And in this cycle of Libra I come to re-empower you each one toward a God-directed life of purpose whereby that which is Real within you may emerge and that which is unreal may fully be let go of permanently. The dynamic of how those embodied in mortal form continue to re-engage in a life lived less than within perfection is interesting for us to note. For although you would rise in awareness within these sessions to embrace more of the light, yet we chuckle when we see how there is the recession of that light when you again enter your life and therefore lose something of the pure essence of that which you have received and invoked and entered into in moments of non-mindfulness.

            Therefore we have had many discussions on how we could bring valuable spiritual tools to you, blessed hearts, that would bring this greater empowerment that you seek whereby you can maintain a greater presence, a greater joy in living that spiritual life that you desire, always. It is difficult to understand from our level how humans can continue to react from that mode. And yet we have compassion, having been embodied recently in former decades or centuries ourselves.

            Therefore I would speak of the violet laser light, for you have recently received keys from various masters of how to develop and to utilize this great gift from the heart of Saint Germain and other cosmic masters. When you engage in the invocation to this accelerated spiritual dynamic there can be by your word, your focus, your God-determination the drawing down of these frequencies into these specific domains and areas of your life and the world at large that are necessary for permanent change, blessed ones.

            The key is to embrace the new level of beingness after the cosmic surgery is performed. This often takes time and takes a certain assimilation of the new energies of the Spirit that can flow through you at the higher level, tier by tier, as you ascend in your spiritual work. But it takes conscious effort to maintain these levels. And therefore after you invoke the violet transmuting flame and the violet laser light, we suggest that you invoke calls to the blue fire to restabilize your life at this new higher level with a higher foundation brought to bear within you, both at the conscious level and even at the subconscious level.

           For you see, blessed ones, you are always building, you are always creating, you are always precipitating through your heart-mind connection a greater focus and connectivity with Reality, not only through the invocation of the Word, but by the planting of the seeds invoked during your sessions deep within your being and within the earth itself to form this new platform and foundation of life that, step by step, you may climb into higher consciousness.

            This is the co-creation of the city of light, the New Jerusalem, even in form for the Aquarian master, for the purposes of the Brotherhood upon Earth and the drawing down of that etheric blueprint into form that is required if Earth is to be fused into heaven and heaven fused into Earth.

            Do you see, blessed ones, how there can be the dissolving of all that is unreal by your leave of duality, leaving off of mindless moments and embracing that unity field whereby heaven is merged into Earth and the etheric, mental, emotional and physical simply dissolve into the perfected grid of a new light-world that is the true spiritual Earth as it exists in the domain in which we abide, which is the ascended master realm?

            Often, because at times you forget who you are there is the lowering of your vibration even after these sessions, almost to new lows. And in a sense there is the gnashing of teeth even within your emotional bodies as you are not able to catch up to the higher frequencies that at times you engage in in your meditations and spiritual activities. This is all for the purpose of you experiencing at times that out-of-alignment state in order to more greatly desire to live in perfect presence at all times, greatly desiring from the spiritual level to know only God, only light, only blessing and peace. For when you sense something other than this blessedness, then you know that you must work and strive with a greater God-determination to maintain that higher level of a spiritual life in order to be subsumed into the cosmic reality of immortality that you know is real.

            The true Israelites are those who desire only God in their life, only light and presence flowing through all that they do, think and feel. Therefore, as a component of your God-mastery of the 9 o'clock line of God-reality, if you engage in the sacred science of beingness through the invocation of the sacred fire such as has been accomplished this day, the entire planetary body may be raised through the focus that you hold within your domain, blessed ones, and there can be a greater stability within the Earth body whereby the reality of today is higher than the reality of yesterday. But the rub, as you know, is for this to be maintained, appreciated and entered into more fully through the flame of joy which is the flame of constancy accelerated by God-happiness and picture-perfect presence.

            The gifts of the Holy Spirit that you seek are for those who have sublimated all human desire to allow God-desire to flow through them in all things, through all things and by the power of that spiritual fire who is God himself. Therefore, if you would have these gifts then look at yourself and see where your energies flow, moment by moment, hour by hour. If your attention is upon God, then that Spirit may empower the focus of your attention and your intention miraculously and gloriously. But if your attention is upon the negative states focused through your emotional body or upon visions of darkness of what may ensue in the world, then that is where the light will flow, blessed hearts.

            Therefore, choose you this day where your focus will be. And even as elements of civilization dissolve and crumble, remember to focus and to allow the energies of the Spirit to wend their way and weave their way through your higher vision to the reality that you seek and the New Jerusalem of light that is vibrating even above and within your world, though you do not always see it clearly.

            Those who focus on the negative aspects of what they see coming do not bring the totality of our message to bear to our disciples of the Spirit. And though we give warnings and we give timetables, yet there must always be, blessed hearts, the greater portion of your life energies and your life frequencies focused on the positivity of the cosmic positronic energies of the Spirit if you would have this new world that you seek manifest completely and fully in your life.

            Therefore I come this day to re-empower you in this new consciousness such that you may rise and perceive with new eyes that which God beholds for you and for the Earth so that you can make it real, as they say, in real time and as I would add, in real space in the domain in which you live.

            Therefore invoke the presence of the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit who I am. And through this day-by-day greater empowerment the cosmic flow will be there for Keepers of the Lightning whose only desire is to be there for God always.

            I bless you with the sign of the heart, the head and the hand which is the sacred signet of the Brotherhood of Light. And in humility I bow to that Great Spirit in which you live and move and have your being, for you have called it forth and it is real where you are, O holy ones. I thank you.


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