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Cuzco      September 30, 2008

Beloved Cuzco
David C. Lewis
September 30, 2008   8:06-8:16 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Earth Receives Great Solar Energies for the Stabilization of What is True and Real

            From Viti Levu, I come. And by the power of Surya in a twin-flame action of light, we anchor the blue fire for the stabilization of God-government, first within you and then within those who are ready to step up in vibration into a new manifestation of God-beingness.
            Blessed ones, you see all around you the collapse of the old order. But this is for the purpose of you discerning just how much of God's light you may bear to sustain the divine design that has always been held in the heart and mind of God for you as an individualized monad of perfection. When you see the outer crumbling of that which has not been true to divine purpose, do not fear, O hearts of fire, but rejoice in the sense that truly God is God and in his great wisdom knows exactly what must occur if the hearts of men would then be turned again toward the Divine.
            As molecules of selfhood and atoms of beingness align with the True Blue frequencies of Alpha and Omega stepped down through masters such as Hercules and El Morya, there is a righting of all that has been out of alignment and there is the truing toward holy purpose of that which you may understand in the greater context of your mission, life purpose, dharma.
            You know, blessed ones, that one of the components for you to ascend to the heart of God is the fulfillment of your mission. And this mission is truly one ensconced in the blue fire of that will of God if you choose to accept that mission and make it real in your life.
            Well, I say this day that each and every one of you can have as a part of your divine plan the drawing down of such blue-fire light from your God-Source and from the heart of Sirius that there may be a realignment of the planetary body itself, whereby the spiritual axis is trued to true North, pointing directly to the Great Central Sun.
            When you are in alignment and your four lower bodies begin to sing with a new surety of blessedness, then all comes into focus for you, blessed hearts, and your mission is revealed, day by day, and you know exactly where you must be, what you must do and how God may act through you on behalf of all life.
            Isn't it great to understand the nature of beingness and how, no matter what you do outwardly, when your inner focus is upon the Divine, then all may be joyous in your life and your day goes quickly and your mind is always cogitating upon that which God would think, even through mortal minds? Blessed hearts, you are divine beings and if I could give you one point of advice this day it is simply to know it completely and to realize your potential through an understanding of the blue-fire nature of your own God-reality, moment by moment, taking nothing for granted and yet always working toward the pinnacle, the acme of the summit of being.
            You may recall that by God's grace I was able to deliver the first public dictation¹ through this messenger whereby the course was set toward solar beingness. And if you decide to review my words you will have within the seed pattern released, the key to the entire dispensation of this Hearts Center movement and of how each and every one of you may participate in it in a greater way.
            We now send our legions to surround the major cities of the United States and the capitals of the world in answer to your calls to Archangel Michael and the hosts of the Lord. And by the action of the circle and sword of Astrea, amplified by the light of my guru Surya who comes to Earth in a great chariot of fire, there is drawn down to the Earth great solar energies now for the stabilization of what is true and real and for the continuous dissolution of that which is not of God or working toward the holy purposes of the divine economy and government within the nation.
            You may see, blessed ones, the continuing collapse of that which has been builded upon fantasy even as there does occur greater commendation of those who have seen the vision long ago of a new Atlantis rising, one built upon God-ideals. This is what you should visualize, conceive of and pray for, blessed ones, knowing that as always revealed, the City of God² will come to pass and be built upon the Earth through hands, hearts, and heads aligned with the Master Morya and Saint Germain's vision for America and the world.
            Nothing can deter you when you flow with the currents of divine beingness offered by the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the Spirit. Therefore we come once more to prick that which is no longer reality, and the paper tigers are no more for they have been filled with hot air and it is time that all realize that nothing can be accomplished except it be truly toward the holy purposes of the Divine One if it is to be fired with immortality and permanence.
            Blessed hearts, I speak with a God-determination that you shall win and that you shall realize all that you came to Earth to fulfill. For you see, many of you are not of or from this planetary home in the beginning, and as volunteers come from Sirius or Venus, or wherever, it is your soul's great God-desire to return to the source of your own lifestream in the beginning. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you all to fulfill that mission swiftly. And therefore call to Surya and me, give our prayer 10.006 and sing it and we shall send our legions, day by day, to stabilize that which is real within the economy and the government even as that which is not in alignment continues to dissolve into the very sands of the old order.
            I am Cuzco. I have spoken. And I place a new platform of light as a dais of sacred fire beneath your feet that you may stand upon as a true son or daughter of God declaring who you are to the world, and then moving forward in a victorious sense as a conqueror of light. I thank you for your calls, for your prayers and for your attention this morning. God bless you.

1.  February 6, 2005
2.  City of God is a reference (at the time of the dictation) to the upcoming Meru University course sponsored by Mother Mary wherein the students read the book, The Mystical City of God by the Venerable Mary of Agreda and during which Mother Mary gave her commentary and discoursed and darshaned with the students.

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