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Chananda      September 24, 2008

Beloved Chananda
David C. Lewis
September 24, 2008   8:02-8:25 am MDT
Boulder, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Be True to Your Holy Purpose! Be True to the Word Who You Are!
Chananda Sings a Sacred Song to the Sun and to Our Souls 

Gracious Hearts Who Would Understand the Deeper Mysteries of Life,
            I am come this morning with a warning—and that is to prepare for all eventualities that may appear in the world of form that some have seen as glyphs and symbols as potential manifestations in their dreams, in their visions and in an inner knowing that the soul speaks that at times reaches your outer awareness in some way.
            I am Chananda. And I have come to lend my momentum of light unto those of you dedicated to holy purpose who are preparing diligently in body, soul and mind for your sacred journey to India. Blessed hearts, if you could see truly all that we desire to accomplish during this pilgrimage, you would be preparing at the deepest levels of your being to be a clear vessel for the light.
            For many of you, this determination to set your feet upon the soil of this ancient land has been one that you have dreamed of for many thousands of years. And therefore I remind you of the disciplines of the Spirit that you have vowed to perform and to engage in and of how—if you take these remaining three weeks of time to prepare the chalice of your being for a greater inflow of light through your chakras, through your cells—then you may be a greater electrode for the Universal White Brotherhood to utilize during this sacred journey.
            Those who understand the dynamic of a spiritual life dedicated to the one God will know that fasting and prayer as well as a great humility and offering of selfhood toward the holy purposes of the One will bring you to that point of blessedness whereby there can be a great charging forth through the crystal of your being of great solar light energies for the anchoring within the earth itself and throughout the planetary body of these divine spiritual quintessences that many of you are now being witness of and anchor points for 24/7 as you are able to bear them, sustain them and to radiate them forth to a world in need.
            You have seen upon the horizon, and even etched in the sky, the rumblings of a world decaying at the human level in the context of that which mankind has built which is not of the light, even while you see amidst this turmoil a greater glowing of solar fire within your being and within the rarified atmosphere of the earth at spiritual levels. These, juxtaposed against each other, blessed ones, create quite a manifestation that some do not understand. But this is truly the Battle of Armageddon spoken of by John whereby the tares are separated from the wheat; and that which is true, real and divine and glorious in manifestation will come to the fore, even as that which is detrimental to the evolution of mankind also comes forth for resolution.
            Therefore be true to your holy purpose in all things. Set aside that time in your daily life for greater attunement, which is also atonement with the One. And understand, moment by moment, the dynamic of being a vessel of light, true to your own Holy Christ/Buddha Self, your Higher Self, your Solar Source.
            We suggest that each and every one of you within this movement pray with a great determination during these three weeks and during the two weeks of the pilgrimage on behalf of those attending, naming the various places[to which]our sacred ones will travel and going in consciousness, even while you have your prayer vigils in the United States and elsewhere to support this great effort of light.
            Much has been entrusted to those of you who will be coming shortly to my homeland in terms of being these great anchor points not only for the light but for the teaching itself that will be delivered through the dictations to be recorded and later to be released as a great testament to that which holy disciples of the Spirit can be the vessels forour releases to come forth. For you see, blessed ones, it takes many of you holding that field of awareness in order for the highest manifestation of these discourses and dictations to come forth. And if one or another is not in that holy attunement, there can be a certain crack in the release.
            And, therefore, as you have prepared yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to be that vessel of light, take to heart all that has been communicated to you by our representatives, including the messenger, in terms of your physical discipline with the Five Rites and other yogic exercises of pranayamic breathing. Utilize the highest aspects of that which you know of India and of the region to understand the history, the knowledge and what are those challenges, even in this hour within the subcontinent.
            Keep abreast of the news and the interplay of forces between Pakistan and India and the surrounding region to know just what specific calls need to be made and anchored in physical when you come, as well as between now and then in prayer work.
         I ask you to consider dedicating each and every session in some way toward this holy pilgrimage, blessed hearts, giving that call for the India Pilgrimage daily and if necessary three times a day, having that map of India, giving your vajras with you dorjes, and seeing the thunderbolt of light descending from the highest heights of the Himalayas to the deepest depths of the earth beneath the country and creating a great vortex of light through which each and every prayer, each and every meditation, each and every musing on God will create a greater influx of light to sustain the balance throughout this entire region on behalf of the earth and its evolutions.
            You see, blessed ones, where there is the greatest opportunity for self-transcendence through the highest teachings released through the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas of the Spirit, there also comes, point-counterpoint, those manifestations of darkness through the unconscious ones, those who would create and export war and armaments and the machinations of war and destruction. And therefore there must be a greater sealing action through the light of your chakras, one with the Buddhas, to be those anchor points for the stability and the holding of that balance in the earth itself.
            The Master Omraam, whom many of you now are becoming more familiar with, has been a great advocate and exponent of the mystery teachings of East and West and specifically of his gurus for whom the light from far-off worlds descended through his great Solar Beingness in releasing also the Aquarian Age teachings through his lectures. It would behoove many more of you to consider the formation of an ongoing study group, if you would desire, one night per week whereby you could study these teachings, discuss them and understand all that he brought forth in his nearly half a century of delivery of the teachings from his gurus unto the West in France and elsewhere.
            Dearest hearts, it is essential that many of you understand the deeper mysteries that we have released through sponsored messengers of various activities. And therefore in your Hearts Centers and in your Heartfriends Groups, when you have these compendiums in libraries dedicated as reading rooms and also viewing rooms for DVDsand listening rooms for your CDs and cassettes, newer students can come and receive these teachings. But how many of you have centers of light established, dedicated for this purpose? I say very few. And therefore even at the Wellspring Retreat you have a great opportunity to deliver this to newer students and those who come by. [But] there has not been quite yet the resourcing in this way that you could provide, blessed hearts.
            Many of you have great libraries of books. It would behoove you to categorize [them] and to create libraries of the Spirit with various sections on health, spirituality, Eastern and Western teachings, teachings of the ascended masters and those that you know are sponsored by the Brotherhood and create these opportunities for souls [to study the teachings]. Practicality in this way is necessary, blessed hearts, for we are abuilding from the ground up. But it takes many conscious ones applying the knowledge of the Spirit in practical ways to bring about our plans in the physical.
            I speak from the Himalayan heights even as I deliver this message through the messenger in this hour in Montana. And I am calling now to thousands and even tens of thousands of souls who are ready for this teaching and for a greater influx of light into their beings to arise now. And you are being contacted at the soul level as a result of the ongoing chanting and anchoring of the light of Archangel Gabriel in form in the earth. And there is a calling out unto souls by the Brotherhood. And those who understand their final purpose in this lifetime to come up higher are feeling those impulses of the Spirit even as this light causes the great delivery of the light into the deepest levels of the subconscious of those who have chosen darkness.
            Therefore those who are called higher are spurred onward to the summit of being and those who have long ago determined to destroy the plans of the Brotherhood receive now, in many cases, a final warning to their souls to bend the knee and to turn to the light and to serve that light. Therefore, this is a precursor for some for the final judgment. And the angels of Gabriel and the angels of Uriel and the judgment go forth now to set their seal of light as a blessing upon the third eye of certain who have not come into the physical proximity with the messengers of the Spirit even as the seal is set as a precursor for the judgment upon those whose evil ways have continued for thousands and tens of thousands of years.
            This is even as, blessed hearts, the sealing that occurred at the time of Moses upon the lintels and the doorways of the Israelites. Therefore take heart, O souls of light, and know the truth of your inner being. Know safety in the One. And for those who have not listened or heard the Word of God, receive this warning from the Brotherhood of Light in this hour. Take heed. Read between the lines. Observe the signs and times written in the heavens and know that the time is short. 
            I am Chananda and I have come with Morya and Himalaya at my side. And there is the anchoring from the East to the West and back from the West to the East of the light of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, heart to heart, through the antahkarana that has been builded around the earth. Therefore, blessed ones, I seal you in this hour with the sign of the Brotherhood. And I commend you to your highest calling in this life. Be true, be true, be true to the Word who you are. Be respectful of the orifice of the release of that Word in all ways and of the release of the Word through your own consciousness, your own heartfires and your heart-mind connection.
            With my beloved Najah we place now a sacred garment of light at inner levels as a protection upon all those 71 who will be coming to India. This is a spiritual mantle that you may bear and wear with honor, even as some of you may choose to wear physical garments representing the Indian culture when you come. [For two minutes Chananda sings.]
            In the ancient tongue I have sung a love song to the Sun and the soul of each one, and I seal you in the love-wisdom fires of Indian joy. Bless you, each heart.

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