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Lady Kristine      September 20, 2008

Beloved Lady Kristine
David C. Lewis
September 20, 2008  3:33-4:15 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat 8:00-8:10 am MDT

Rekindling the Living Flame of Divine Love

Gracious Hearts Who Would Ever Sing of Divine Love,
            I come early at a propitious hour carrying a white songbird of love and also wearing a new garment of grace that I have been crocheting in light of late, beloved ones. And on the occasion of the celebration of my ascension day, which just so happens to be the day that your messenger is to be wed to his beloved, I increase the living flame of divine love within your hearts for the completion of your holy mission upon Earth.
            After my ascension I have learned that truly there is no time or space, but that the eternal flame of divine love lives on in its pristine beauty and glory throughout the ages as the one and only thing that truly matters, for it is the aspect of true divinity within that keeps you alive and connected with the Source of all, your Higher Self or Buddha Nature. And within this living flame is the very essence of all that God is in the centrality and unity of pure beingness as divine love, that which permeates the entire creation and which maintains the balance and harmony of all.
            My beloved twin flame who was embodied as Saint John of the Cross delivered a holy testament to the living flame of love when I was his friend and spiritual confidant, Theresa of Avila. And this day I add the word divine to his words, for this flame that burns within the hearts of those who are dedicated to holy purpose is a pristine, godly flame—not of this world but truly of God, the Creator, formless and composed of the pure energy of the highest, impassioned love.
            When this living flame of divine love takes hold of you, you live no more as a human creature but as a divine co-creator with God. You exist no more to experience or serve the needs of the flesh in a sympathetic tie to the ego, but you enter a new world of beingness within to serve only that eternal essence of suchness within all life that is Spirit, light, divine love.
            For those who have caught fire in this way, nothing else will suffice except for the divine experience of living each day within God's Presence. Nothing will substitute for the sure knowing as spiritual gnosis through your own direct experience that this living flame is what life is all about and is the only thing that gives it meaning and purpose.
            The day that you truly catch fire is the day of the transcendent shift that many are now speaking of. And whether this occurs during a flash of satori, enlightenment or Samadhi or whether it comes through a gradual increase in divine light welling up from within, once you enter that flame, nothing is the same as before. Many of you, like me, have been embodied as saints East or West in one or more embodiments. And during these lifetimes you had the reconnection with God in this divine way, knowing a personal relationship with Jesus or Mary, Gautama or Maitreya, Lao Tse or Confucius. And yet you find yourself embodied once again to somehow complete your mission, entering yet again into the stream of higher consciousness to know this eternal essence of living love.
            Through the various dispensations provided the lightbearers to know God's Presence as a tangible reality through one or more divinely sponsored gurus, messengers or spiritual teachers, you may have the rekindling, the re-sparking of this living flame of divine love. And once you have entered into the glowing bonfire of God's heart fires, it becomes your responsibility and mission to also transfer the sparks and coals and embers of this radiant energy of compassion and felicity to all whom you meet.
            Something of God-goodness must emanate from you each day through heart, head and hand—else you are not truly alive, blessed ones. This is the eternal equation whereby God knows whether you are still equating with him, abiding within his heart. For if you are in this correspondent relationship through identification with the living flame of divine love, then God may move through your being and actually live on in his eternality within your consciousness, within your breath and that which beats your heart.
            However you are re-infired and enlivened each day is for you to discover and then maintain through your various spiritual practices. Through meditation and quiet time, through holy prayer and the invocation of light, through simply resting in Presence through a heart-centered and mindful attitude and approach to all you do, you keep the living flame of divine love burning and alive within you. And the Holy Spirit in all of his eternal essence may be added to the equation of light a little more each day such that this flame is fanned, grows and becomes a conflagration of such power and glory that you enter your own burning bush to commune with your Source directly.
            Every ascended master is here for you to know, to commune with and to aid you in this process of Self-discovery. And yet, we always point back to your own divine connection through the living flame of eternal love within your heart. We simply cannot urge you enough to go back to the basics of the spiritual path to feel and know with clarity what is that obvious foundation, what are those eternal principles and what is the essence of the equation that will mean the difference for you so that you may live a victorious and joyous life, a happy and God-fulfilled life.
            This is the message that I would convey to every heartfriend on this holy occasion. For as you celebrate the coming of a new love experience in your life, I pray that it will supernally manifest within this highest aspect of love through respect and in honor of this living flame within you, each one, and within all life.
            I am Lady Kristine. I am waltzing and singing and praising God this day through the eternality of the Spirit that flows through this love-flame reignited again within these, your disciples and students, O Divine Master! Fan the fires of the Spirit within them until all shall feel and know it in a profound new way this day. I thank you.

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