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Manjushri      September 12, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 12, 2008   8:07–8:35 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindful Moments

1.  Provide a new context and framework for your daily ascension through mindfulness.

2.  Embrace and envelop every challenge with joyous energy rather than fear and reaction. This allows engrams of mindfulness to dissolve its core of antipathy within you.

3.  Every person in some way may provide a mindfulness mirror of selfhood as an insight into your own being, though few see or penetrate to the reflective lesson.

4. Abiding in a state of mindfulness gives new birth to each moment's grand possibilities for self-transcendence.

5. The gradual erosion of a positive attitude through the angst of dualistic reaction is the work of mindlessness agents who are demons of despair.

6.  What you behold in others also moves that vision into greater reality within you, multiplied by the power of your emotions and concentration. View immaculately.

7.  Recurring dreams may contain symbols meant to help reveal long-suppressed or forgotten opportunities for soul growth. Mindfully study these to uncork the hidden genie's message.

8.  Every meditation on mindfulness may reward you with newfound joy as untapped talent, unexpressed emotion and undiscovered devotion.

9.  God is unrelenting in his quest of Self-discovery within you.

10. Through mindfulness, your creative visualizations may also become co-creative alchemical victories.

11. Strive toward a win-win peaceable solution to every dilemma through a new invocation of mindfulness.

12. Connect your moments of mindfulness into a continuous stream of divine joy.

13. Expect nothing from others, but everything of them.

14. Let there be spaces of mindfulness in your times together and divine connectivity through loving reverence in your times of separation.

15. Don't forever remain a fledgling adept. Fly!

16. Greet the dawn with a mindful bow to beingness reborn within.

17. The Buddhas mindfully prepare your daily lessons of beingness within every flashcard shown to your soul.

18. Enlightenment is a lifelong marathon, won through walking each day's steps in mindfulness.

19. Analysis paralysis defeats mindfulness through the songs of inertia and ennui.

20. Maitreya's song replenishes your spiritual reservoir of mindfulness through its joyous melodic strains and happy rhythms.

David:  Today Manjushri would speak of the mindfulness of messengers and the challenge that they experience in the delivery of the Word.

The Challenges of Messengers

           The dynamic of receiving the Word in purity is one that most humans cannot fully fathom. And the strain on the body and the being at times is as a crucifixion. Few can withstand the dynamic of the intensity of the Word as it is delivered through the very body and being, in flesh, of the messenger. This dynamic is one that all must begin to understand in the greater context of the mission, for if too much expectation is placed upon the instrument, there can be the breaking down of the very molecules of selfhood. There is a reaction to the Word delivered, even within the planetary body, as unconsciousness arises from the deepest levels of suppressed being to snuff out the source as the instrument of that Word.
           Therefore be careful in your expectations. Be mindful of that which you demand. For the messenger may not always be available, be ready or be desirous of fulfilling human demands, but is always ready to receive the Word from the divine realm. If those to whom the mission has been entrusted cannot fully fathom this divine equation and through a respect of the office of the messenger offer assistance where it is required, then there can be, even from the heavenly realm, a withdrawal of a certain aspect of the mission. This does not preclude the striving of the instrument to abide within a field of humility, presence and respect for all to whom the mission is entrusted. And there cannot be a point/counterpoint reaction from either source. But the mindful ones above—who understand this equation, having been messengers in embodiment themselves—would offer a word of caution this day to those who seek power that greater respect and understanding is urged. For the human vessel is only capable of withstanding that which is created around that one as a field of belief, love, respect and encouragement.
           Remember the mirrors of Mother Mary placed around the messenger and the fivefold reflection of that which you behold. Have you forgotten this equation, blessed hearts? No human is perfect, and yet day by day the Word comes forth. The instrument makes himself or herself available, and the backlash, especially to the delivery of planetary clearance, comes as a powerful force that, if you do not act in defense of that energy, could literally wipe away the very being of the one who has surrendered all to be of benefit to humanity. That which you behold within the messenger is amplified, reflected and magnified within you, for the messenger is only a sounding glass, a crystal.
           Breathe deeply and feel the impulses of your own beingness in this hour, for there is welling up within some the ire  of discontent. But this arises from your own unresolved patterns and the misuse of power within selfhood that is then projected upon the one, at times even causing a strain that can outpicture as and precipitate as the very reactive force of your own unresolved equation of light and darkness, which at times comes forth in order that you may see clearly what is acting within.
           Every word flowing through the orifice of this office is meant for assimilation by all, including the messenger himself or herself, who takes to heart every nuance of the Word, every expression, every cadence and the great feeling and flow of fire that issues forth. Yesterday decisions were made, and it would be well to review the conception from which these have arisen. Are they from a point of presence that flows from mindfulness as extended opportunity for grace, mercy, kindness and reverence? Or do they come from a reactive element of unresolved subconscious patterns of a desire to control? This is for you to discern, blessed hearts. For your decision may be key for the future delivery of the Word through this dispensation. Leadership must spring from the great God-desire to serve and not to be served, to follow the divine light rather than to expect others to follow where you have not always led in light.
           We speak in mindfulness. We cajole not by demand but by example. Be careful what you expect. Be sensitive, and surrender to the will of the One within all.
           Blessings of mindfulness I extend to every heart, to every mind who would know the truth that would set them free forever.

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