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Manjushri      September 10, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 10, 2008   6:20–6:40 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

1.  Violence in thought and feeling curtails mindfulness in one swift and sure stroke.

2.  Quirky dreams often render a way for your subconscious to reach your outer mind to quicken reflection upon an unresolved or problematic soul matter.

3.  Graciousness is mindfulness's etiquette.

4.   Study qigong 
and t'ai chi to understand how mindfulness may be expressed through movement. Ballet, the waltz and Paneurhythmy also add the benefit of music to mindful movement.

5.  Enlightenment as God Self-realization is the end result of your full acceptance and mastery of mindfulness.

6.  Freedom to express selflessness toward all allows mindfulness a pure outlet.

7.  Redact mindfulness today in your personal creative way.

8.  Engender mindfulness as caring authenticity in every situation in which you are prompted to disparage or speak ill of others or of your own life choices.

9.  Ennobling others through appreciation is mindfulness's rainbow way.

10.  I AM mindfulness.

11.  I AM the master of mindfulness.

12.  I AM the full manifestation of mindfulness in this moment.

13.  I AM the expression of mindfulness in every challenging situation.

14.  I AM mindfulness as right speech.

15.  I AM mindfulness as I reflect upon the Divine.

16.  I AM mindfulness as Buddha's pure, radiant emanation of love-wisdom.

17.  I AM musing on mindfulness day and night.

18.  I AM the causative rippling joy of mindfulness from the point of light who I AM throughout the entire Cosmic Egg as I speak and emanate these words.

19.  I AM mindfulness as a heartstreaming action through the Word I AM and the words I offer in each prayer, invocation, mantra, song, decree and fiat of light.

20.  I AM Manjushri in silent action and mindfulness.

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