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Manjushri      September 09, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 9, 2008   8:07–8:28 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

1.  Value every opportunity to commune with the divine world within, even amidst the greatest challenges to your outer freedom to do so.

2.  The mindful application of your spiritual knowledge in practical work leads to the greater self-mastery you seek, which many call enlightenment.

3.  Travel on skeins of light of the mind emanations of the Buddha back to the Sun Source to experience the all-wisdom of God.

4.  Precipitating physical substance involves the mindful accelerated coalescing of light rays around a thoughtform held within consciousness in great concentration by alchemists who have surrendered all human lack unto divine love-wisdom.

5.  Reversing certain effects of aging through mindfulness may be a consequence of joyful Buddhic living.

6.  Reverential prayer in presence leads one directly to the heart of every matter and therefore to the perfect solution to every problem.

7.  All Buddhas are cosmic alchemists.

8.  Bipartisan engagement and cooperation must come through some who are determined to hold a field of unity through their own integrated consciousness.

9.  Mindfulness is all about stillness and focus rather than about forced mental activity.

10.  Following your heart-mind impulses moves you into a higher spiral of integration that leads to holy union with the One.

11.  Let your daily reality check occur within a field of joy, whereby there is never self-deprecation, simply objective viewing of what is, so that you may choose to walk the higher road on the Middle Way.

12.  Interpretation of dreams is a crystal-ray activity jointly involving the gifts of clairvoyance and discernment.

13.  Although the whys and wherefores of the siddhi powers do not need to be fully understood to be experienced and wielded, their range of lawful delivery must be known so as never to be misused.

14.  Experiencing Selfhood wholly in God is the adept's foundational work.

15.  Our proprietary formula for beingness is this: rest in presence by accepting your Buddha nature through joyous love-wisdom.

16.  The envelope of your aura may be strengthened through mindful visualization of concentrated blue-white light-energy within and also surrounding its outer shell.

17.  The trajectory of your soul's ascent is determined by the intensity of your determination and focus times your mastery times the X factor of God's grace.

18.  Caseworkers who strive with the mentally challenged would do well to know a greater inner mindfulness through meditation on golden light before engaging in dialogue or work with their clients.

19.  If this be your final lifetime and round of rebirth, I suggest making it a glorious one and an example for all who will follow.

20.  Maitreya and I see your foibles and say, “So what? Be the Buddha anyway.”


Mindfully and Joyfully Engaging in the Work of the Ages

                        In the stillness of presence you have abided during these moments of mindfulness, blessed hearts. It is time for each and every one of you to rise into a new level of Buddhic mindfulness born of beingness and presence. What this will look like for you is for you to determine, for none other can experience the personal mindfulness of your own attunement with the One.

                        Some of you are practicing the initial science of developing the siddhis through your faculties, through experimentation with the crystal rays in your course work for Meru University. I add a stream of collective Christ consciousness and Buddhic awareness to your work, creating a field of electrostatic joy, into which you may tap in order not to feel bereft of happiness in the simplicity of this work. For I perceive that through a certain straining and an attempt to force the end result of this work, there is created a gap whereby your experiments may not be fully successful. Yet when there is a letting go and letting God work within you in this simple art of presence, then you tap into the reserve and the mindfulness of many Buddhic masters who can assist you in this sacred endeavor.

                        These experiments are a means to an end, and yet even within the means and the methodology there is the end result of beingness and presence manifest within you. Therefore let joy reign within your work and the sciences that you employ, the arts that you create. And within the context of these experiments, I suggest allowing a greater activity of light to be directed toward a singular purpose each time you come together so that something of beauty and grace, holiness and presence may flow through your awareness in your time together.

                        Each session that you have in these morning meetings may be for the holy purpose of establishing a grid of light around the Earth, around a certain of sector of the Earth, or on behalf of a certain evolution of the souls of mankind. If, through intention, you set forth a thoughtform that all of you tap into and concentrate upon with greater focus, then we will wield the energies of the Spirit to augment your work and ray forth, through the light and sound ray that you invoke, a greater action of light to fulfill that which you conceive of.

                        Blessed ones, this is the work of the ages. This is the merging of heaven and earth, as Above, so below, within your domain. For you have the authority to invoke that light by the power of the Word flowing through you. And if you would see greater changes in the Earth, then this science must go forth, must be made known, and greater numbers among mankind must come to terms with that which flows through their own awareness and which also may be augmented by the commonality of your communities of light and your service together.

                        I would speak on behalf of the Blessed Mother to remind you, those at the Wellspring Retreat and in the surrounding area, of her request for twelve to come together on Wednesdays, if not every day. Because not all have heard, listened or responded to her request, you have been stymied in certain work and in the fulfillment of the vision that many of you have held.

                        It takes, blessed ones, a crystalline action surrounding the entire cosmic clock of twelve to focalize enough of the suchness of divine light in order to sustain the pure vision held in the eye and the heart of the Mother. Therefore I announce to you this day that unless this quota of light be established and fulfilled weekly on Wednesdays, there may be the withdrawal of a certain dispensation, as the Blessed Mother has already announced to you. Therefore take heart, take note, be alert, be aware. For the Buddhas are backing the Mother in her work, and yet that which would come forth upon Earth is only a reflection of that which is sustained in heaven. A word to the wise ones is sufficient, and we remind you of her request no more after this day.

                        I, Manjushri, seal each of you who has been true in your resolve to the One Light and the glorious light rays of your Presence, your Buddha nature, and bless you in your sacred work day by day and moment by mindfulness moment. Thank you.

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