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Manjushri      September 08, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 8, 2008   8:08–8:25 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

1.  Every moment of mindfulness in which you engage is reflected upon the screen of the cosmic mind as a point of beingness that continues to vibrate as a golden light, working toward the ultimate enlightenment of all sentient beings.

2.  As a co-creator with the
Divine, you can direct the frequencies of mindfulness into any situation that requires greater illumination and wisdom in order to resolve it in harmony.

3.  Gracing the planet with golden wisdom, every Buddha sets forth, through cosmic intention, wave patterns of beatific light that penetrate all substance with heightened consciousness and picture-perfect presence, the mind stuff of the Creator.

4.  Realizing the potential of your Buddha nature when you rest in
presence, you allow the greater movement and activity of mindfulness to flow through your life.

5.  A mindful approach to every situation allows a stream of awareness from the mind of the One to flow through you and absorb the elements of illusion that cloud the reality you seek.

6.  Divest yourself of the illusion that intellectual human knowledge will suffice to bring you to the point of God Self-realization. Only love-wisdom, through complete faith, acting in balance within you creates the portal to attain direct knowledge and experience in God.

7.  When failing to attain divine bliss through human relationships, rest in the pranic light of presence
in a new relationship with the Divine. Then all human interactions and relationships may begin anew with reverence for the Divine within each one, within all.

8.  Post every notation to your internal ledger with conscious cooperation with the Creator, knowing that your assets and liabilities will be in balance each mindful moment.

9.  Let your experience of and in God be trued by the wisdom of peace in

10.  Spiritual aspirants must turn off the rattling cacophony of the busily reasoning human mind in order to receive and interpret the subtle emanations of Buddhic mindfulness.

11.  Participate in fun, new mind games with the Buddhas. Milarepa is quite adept at these.

12.  Corroborate what you know with who you've become through mindfulness of being.

13.  Ancient wisdom can never fully substitute for current mindfulness, though its lessons may provide a clear historical perspective from which to make right decisions.

14.  Every lesson learned and mastered moves you into a higher spiral of mindfulness.

15.  The school of life provide
s greater educational opportunities than any institution, though mindful teachers and professors may point you in the right direction.

16.  Mindfulness is a grace that comes through silent surrender to the beautiful emanations of the mind of God.

17.  Collapse all thought into mindfulness.

18.  Providential wisdom will always be yours as you
ceaselessly and mindfully give from the effulgent fount of divine love.

19.  To mind God's business, embrace grace.

20.  Maitreya's mindful moments with me are often unspoken bliss trysts in cosmic peace.

Changing the World through Mindfulness

                        The energy that flows through mindfulness can change the world. It is so through one, and it may be so through you. That one, Gautama, through divine mindfulness, connects all the dots through the great heartstream of his being. Will you connect the dots through
that which flows through you? I ask. It may be so through your heart-mind connection with the Buddha, through your own Buddha nature, one with his.

                        Every mindful moment observed, respected and experienced within the greater context of the mind of the One brings great presence and the energy of the creation to bear within your world. And thus this day I bring a thrust of light deep into the domain of your own being. And as you move in presence through mindfulness, the glory of the divine world may be yours this day, this week and for the remainder of your time and space upon this planet.

             Being observant, like the Silent Watchers, may move you into greater mindfulness as a Buddha-in-the-becoming. And thus, as many more of you decide to be the Buddha where you are, then we will have our victory. Then life upon the Earth may be effulgent, free, flowing and full of the cosmic expectancy of divine bliss and happiness that you seek. This is the joy of the Buddhas. This is our purpose, our very life. May it be yours through acceptance, acknowledgment and complete identification, blessed ones.

                        I AM Manjushri. I am here for you. Resonate in light and in the mind of God. I thank you.

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