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Manjushri      September 07, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 7, 2008   7:51–8:11 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

1.  Forcing the issue doesn't bring peace to a situation. Mindfulness in feeling, thought and speech reaps respect and a more harmonious result.

2.  Invoking the violet fire into any difficult problem loosens the hardened karmic substance surrounding it so that a wiser, more mindful answer may appear.

3.  As we rally behind our spiritual teachers, every Buddha begins anew each Solar cycle to radiate greater mindfulnesss through every meditation.

4.  Glorying in the divine embrace each morning, you may mindfully employ something new learned in the etheric retreats during your soul's journey at night.

5.  All music of the spheres has within its inner melody the toning of sidereal worlds through the soundless sounding of the original AUM of the Divine Composer.

6.  Releasing your mindless thoughts to embrace new divine concepts is akin to shedding yesterday's dirty clothes to don freshly laundered clean ones today.

7.  Upon studying the patterning of the movement of the leaves upon the branches of many species of trees, I awakened to understand the deeper mysteries of life.

8.  Know in this moment that resistance to your own divine mindfulness is futile.

9.  Mindfully partnering with the Buddhas may be your best mastermind alliance.

10.  Trusting always that God within you is the doer, you move in true humility beyond the mindlessness of egoic living.

11.  Self-help books do little for you if they aren't assimilated and brought to life through a dose of daily application in mindful, diligent and helpful work.

12.  Realizing your Buddha nature is wonderful; teaching and helping others to realize theirs is even more wonderful.

13.  Every mindful thoughtform is carried by devic ministrants to aid in the co-creation of new and more glorious cities of light in etheric dimensions of being.

14.  Your inner life can be more radiant through complete identification with God in silent meditation upon beauty and grace and through the joy of serving others.

15.  Resplendent feelings coupled with mindful thoughts create a Buddhic heart-mind connection that is both vigorous and glorious to behold.

16.  The valor of saints and sages is the salt and savor of the ages.

17.  Morya's mind quips conjure uproarious laughter during some of the most intense sessions in Darjeeling.

18.  Maya is only a mirror of the unreal within you that must be fully abandoned.

19.  Value the joy of mindfulness through every conceptualization of light.

20.  Maitreya's radiant mindfulness has guided the helmsman of his clipper ship through the most treacherous storms and the most acrimonious waters.

Strengthening Your Tie to Your Divine Self

Blessed Ones,

            Your propensity to lapse into mindlessness must be overcome. What does this look like? How does it manifest? And what are the results of these temporary disconnections with your Buddha nature, your Source? This is a lifetime study for you and one that, through mediation, you may begin to fathom at the deepest core level of being. When you see clearly what is acting in your world that at times results in these synaptic gaps, then you can begin to understand how mindfulness strengthens the stream of awareness and connectivity with your Source whereby you may overcome all in the process of complete self-identification with God.

            These mindful moments together are my attempt to bring a greater strength to the cord that ties you to your Real Self. And as you study the vibration behind the words and feel the current of my own heart-mind connection with my gurus then you may begin to know something more of the power that flows through this current and the tensile strength that may be yours as you wed yourself to your God Reality.

            If you would have greater abundance, if you would have greater vision and all the gifts and graces of the Spirit, then allow God to empower you and enfire you daily as you reconnect, through your time of silent contemplation in beingness, with your Divine Self. No one can take from you that which is real except you surrender it during these momentary lapses. Therefore, blessed hearts, find within yourself that which moves you into this current and reapply, through spiritual investigation, that which will bring you even to the brink of immortality as you surf the higher waves of divine beingness moment by moment.

            I AM Manjushri, and I sail the seas in the West as well as the East in this hour. I ride upon the waves of astral nonsense and that which flows through the feeling world of our disciples, and I bring you to the shores of a higher reality as you can accept these mindfulness meditation moments and receive within your Solar cells a new encouragement, a new virya, the New Blue of Morya and Alpha. For I am prognosticating this day that you will be all that you were meant to fulfill in this lifetime, in this divine Solar season.

            I raise my hands and release the Buddhic fire of beingness unto each and every one who is faithful to the Higher Self. Bless you, each one, in the light of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, in the smile of Maitreya, in the mirth of Morya, in a new alliance with Alpha and in the bliss of divine love in the heart of Kartikeya. Sing the song of your soul and let it resonate in cosmic ripples to the ends of the Cosmic Egg. And on the return current, may you know the essence of God's heart right within yours this day. I thank you.

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