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Maha Chohan      September 07, 2008

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
September 7, 2008   10:15-10:30 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Come into Alignment with Holy Purpose
to Mitigate Greater Destruction in the Earth

Hold a Vigil with Me
We Are Counting on You to Be Focal Points of Light

            I speak on behalf of the chohans, who have come early this year to remind you of what is important. And that which is important is the light that you bear the Earth as a light worker, as a lightbearer, a light sharer, one who cares for humanity.
            Therefore, know that there could be, blessed hearts, even greater destruction—five to ten times more than what you saw in the great tsunami that occurred off the coast of India, so near my retreat in Sri Lanka—if mankind does not embrace the fullness of the light within and move into higher consciousness. That which you see as wind and hurricane, as gale and storm is the very outpicturing of mankind's dis-ease and inner turmoil. And therefore if you would see the mitigation of greater destruction, then come into alignment with holy purpose, the seven rays and the eighth, and be integrated within your own being fully.
            I will be there with those who move upon the subcontinent of India and Southeast Asia, and from my retreat over Sri Lanka I will energize those of you who walk in the Spirit.¹ And from this day until the beginning and then the ending of that pilgrimage, I ask that you hold a vigil with me, the Holy Spirit, to support, uphold and protect this greater mission for the Brotherhood, which is so essential not only for the stabilization of that which is occurring in India and Pakistan and that entire region against the forces of war and darkness, but for the greater inculcation within the souls of mankind of an understanding of the divine principles of beingness in this cycle.
            You are at the threshold of a new age and yet there is the preshadowing of great darkness that comes just before the very possibility of the golden-crystal age. And therefore you must, point/counterpoint, work assiduously and make strong fiats and calls and meditate in great cosmic Buddhic silence on behalf of cosmic beings who are coming to the Earth.
            We of the Great White Brotherhood, [including] those of the Darjeeling and Indian Councils, have been deliberating [on] how we [might] mitigate what we see on the horizon such that mankind [will] not go through the great storm and destruction that may occur in the next seven to twelve years. Therefore we have called upon great cosmic councils, and they have deliberated and answered our call. And therefore great cosmic Buddhas are now surrounding the Earth. And there can still be a saving of souls, more than you know, by each one's determined effort to be an intercessor, a mediator, even with Jesus and Kuthumi, your World Teachers; even with Lord Maitreya, the coming Buddha who is come; even with Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the World.
            Who among you will stand firm in your resolve to sustain the light fully within your being come what may? I ask. If you are willing and able to join me, as the representative of the Holy Spirit, and ask for greater initiation, I will enfire you with a great God-determination to hold a greater balance. For when the Mother goes, it could be that all hell [will] break loose upon the Earth.² And yet she has invested her very beingness in many of you, blessed hearts. And therefore we are counting on each and every one of you to be those focal points of light. But it must be through your acceptance of this initiation, which is the initiation of the Holy Spirit, [whereby] you embrace this level of beingness in order to hold this level of balance.
            Therefore, the vigil that I ask you to participate in for the next five and more weeks is one of understanding the totality of your own being. And I ask the messengers, specifically David, to come up with a plan of action [for] how you may receive, one by one, in greater measure these gifts from my heart through the vigil, [which] you may desire to fulfill by your free will.
            This is my message. Take heart, O souls. Be prepared. Review the messages of the chohans and the inner coil that I have woven even through the teaching I delivered through Elizabeth Clare Prophet in some of her most exemplary discourses on the Holy Spirit. Some of you may wish to review them, to watch them again. For I did release much which has still to this day not been fully embraced and utilized by the devotees of the light.
            Thank you again. And I ask my other messenger to give you a visual of her vision of the Earth and of how you can use this visual in your mind's eye toward fulfilling the new day, blessed ones.³

1.  68 devotees traveled to India October 14-24, 2008 to participate in The Hearts Center's annual spiritual pilgrimage.
2.  "Mother" refers to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, now the Ascended Lady Clare de Lis. Mother passed on on October 15, 2009 in Bozeman, Montana at the age of 70.
3.  Following this HeartStream there is an untranscribed, one-minute sharing of the messengers' vision of the Earth as the Maha Chohan requested.

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