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Manjushri      September 05, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 5, 2008   8:07–8:28 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments


1.  Frankness and honesty in attitude, speech and deportment are the sign of one who does not put on airs, of one who has mastered the domain of mind, or the air quadrant.

2.  Mindfully realizing your divine potential is all that your Divine Self lovingly suggests.

3.  The glory of beingness in silence may be mindfully attained through practice.

4.  Interpreting the signs of the times through mindful contemplation, you may receive daily keys to your dharma, momentary inspiration toward your greater enlightenment and your permanent soul freedom.

5.  A clear and resplendent vision of your true beingness as your Buddha nature is the greatest gift you can receive each mindful moment.

6.  Valuing children and meeting their eightfold needs is the responsibility of all previous generations.

7.  Once the four sacred freedoms are accepted and fully inculcated into every system of government and culture, the enlightenment of all humanity is not far off.

8.  True planetary progress is dependent on the mindful ones who live every moment.

9.  Realizing your intrinsic worth as a divine Spirit living in a human form, you are then called to support and inspire all other beings, whom you likewise revere.

10.  The end result of you living each mindful moment in peace is planetary harmony.

11.  By firing the not-self, your Real Self may fire you up.

12.  All Buddhas know that their enlightenment was realized during a harmonious stream of millions of mindful moments.

13.  Apportion the hours of each day so as to glorify God continuously in many mindful moments of acceptance, adaptability and affection.

14.  Prove my premise and postulations: you are Buddha every mindful moment.

15.  Finding the jewel in the lotus of Selfhood, give of its light gratefully and graciously to all.

16.  Accept divine light fully within your entire being and let it flow.

17.  Each mindful moment is an opportunity for true spirituality through beingness.

18.  Self-reflect to the One the oneness you now know.

19.  Buddhahood is more about mindful being than doing, more about mindful listening than debating, more about mindful stillness than all outer activity.

20.  Maitreya and I are lovingly, caringly and happily mindful of you every moment.

Bond with the One and Move in the Cosmic Mindstream of the Buddhas

            In the presence of pure joy, we emanate mindfulness in God. And through the awareness of divinity that we hold as a cosmic field of presence as we rest in our Buddha nature, the Earth is sustained and all evolutions have a tie to the Divine One through this presence-string of hierarchy. This chain of beingness that connects all life is the antahkarana of the One. And when you fully accept the firing of your Buddha nature within your own being, then every Self-conscious sentient one may, as a point of light, receive the empowerment, the enlightenment and the loving enrichment of the Source through the divine spark within the secret chamber of the heart. The point of stillness within the secret chamber is where the flame abides and is sustained within you. And as, day by day, you give attention to and magnify this eternal spark of divine beingness within, you have access to greater quotients of the fire of your being as your Buddha nature.

            Imagine with me now Gautama and the great fire of his being sustaining all life and the thread of contact with every being upon this Earth. Imagine the cosmic magnanimity that is required for this great work of the ages, which he sustains night and day in the eternal cycles of beingness as he is aware of his contact with the One. As you move in his stream and receive the nourishment of his light, you are self-sustained as a sentient one, and there may be a greater enfiring of cosmic consciousness even within your domain as you accept the Lord of the World's beingness as an aura of resplendent light around and through you.

            We are all tied together. We are all of the same oneness. We are all of that eternality of the Spirit that is God, that is life itself. Nothing can take you from the light and the life who you are except that which you accept of duality and separateness. Therefore accept this day the complete bonding of your being to the One in this eternal oneness and then move in the swift currents of the cosmic mindstream of the Buddhas, whereby there is the flow of continuous enlightenment, the true quality relationship that you have always sought with the Eternal One, the bliss of beingness, the presence of joy and understanding, and happiness in its fullest sense.

            The Five Dhyani Buddhas offer a path of conscious awareness using the five crystal rays. And those of you who are moving in a greater understanding of these gifts of the Spirit as you practice those exercises outlined in our Vibration Education compendium may receive both the inspiration from your mind essence and also a greater connectivity with your own Higher Self, which flows because you try and you win in the light.

            Dearest hearts, those who would move in the cosmic stream of pure beingness within their Buddha nature have access to the mind stuff of every Buddha who has ever gone before. For they do offer their attainment, their Self-mastery and the gifts and graces of that which they have developed and attained to for your own great God-benefit. And that which you gain in Self-mastery, you may offer to those who come, walking on your heels, stepping upon and walking the path that you also walk. This is the way of the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas. And as you employ that which is of the Selfhood that you have mastered, then every sentient being receives the beneficence, the benevolence, the blessings, the boons that you offer them in selflessness. This is our way. This is that which we emanate unto all mankind as the awakened ones.

            I AM Manjushri, and I am happy with the progress of those whose prayers rise, whose heart fires are seen across the skies through their conscious presence, one with God. Bless you, each one, for the grace that flows through you. For it is of God, only God. and that is what you can claim as your own. I thank you.

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