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Manjushri      September 04, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 4, 2008   7:27–7:43 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

1.  Transitioning from mindlessness to mindfulness may be as simple as filling your own cup of being with presence and joy.

2.  Investigative reporting has often degenerated into a mindless preparation of a visual narrative with canned sound bites for a hurried audience that has little time for serious in-depth research and study.

3.  Reflective meditation
upon stillness results in greater mindfulness of life in experiencing the quiescence of light and in penetrating the nature of being.

4.  Buddhic beingness may be your goal, so long as you also discover and accentuate the Mother
light within all spiritual beings.

5.  Regarding all others as already perfect through absolute
bodhicitta allows the universe to reflect back to you the more sublime qualities of your own inner space of peace and joy.

6.  The knowledge of valence physics is helpful in understanding the ever-changing radiation of the outer auric ring
s of the Buddha.

7.  The power of forgiveness through mindful thought may transmute and recreate the past and provide a new platform for personal, planetary and
Solar evolution.

8.  In the higher world
s, engineering sciences have everything to do with the emanation of and experimentation with the great Solar, or Buddhic, light.

9.  The proper application of all mindful spiritual science brings the soul to its ultimate destiny of union with the

10.  Graciousness in communication comes through mindful consideration of each word offered to each soul with whom you speak.

11.  Listening mindfully to the intent, motive and vibration
behind what you hear from others will allow you to respond from a heart-centered approach of respect and with the integrity of your true spiritual essence.

12.  Each moment should be mindfully consecrated to the light and its purposes.

13.  Your use of time, space and resources is as much depend
ent on your mindful approach as it is on the thrust of will and the compassion you offer them.

14.  Every person you meet deserves a hearty and mindful welcome with conscious eye contact.

15.  Heart-mindfully appropriating your gifts, talents and free will to the highest good is what your life is all about.

16.  Don't be a renegade from your own Buddha nature.

17.  Notice that flow always appears within your flowering.

18.  Sacred space is everywhere you heart-mindfully consecrate it.

19.  Your Higher Self is beautiful to behold and much more magnificent than you can imagine.

20.  Join the mindful ones in prayer and meditation daily and you shall know the truth.

Fulfill Your Destiny This Day

                        Peace, be still, and know the I AM THAT I AM light within the center of being. O soul, wherefore art thou now in awareness and consciousness within your Presence? Rise to the highest level of mindfulness in God if you would contain the allness that must be employed in this lifetime for your victory. It is time, and the space is now, for the mindful ones to rise and to deliver to this planet the fullness of their being for the victory of our mission as Buddhas, as bodhisattvas in the Earth.

                        Every mindful approach that you take in your work allows you to deliver the totality of your being within that holy offering of your service to life. Do not despair, O soul, in knowing that your mission may be completed; attest and be true to who you are here and now. And understand the greater context of your mission amongst the holy brothers and sisters of our sacred order in the Universal Great White Brotherhood.

                        Those who have deliberated with us are determined that the light shall prevail. And this day I carve a new pathway of light deep into the core of the Earth by the vibration of mindfulness. And many Buddhas offer their beingness to you this day. O mankind, if you would have a shift in the interplay of that which you must know if you are to move into higher consciousness. Yes, Morya comes; yes, Maitreya comes; yes, the Maha Chohan comes, and we enfire you this day with a thrust for a purpose to deliver great beingness moment by moment through your heart fires. For it must be so! And the light must go forth, and the teaching must be delivered, and the books must come forth, and those who have vowed their vows of service must rise this day to fully employ that which they have been given by the Lord God Almighty, by the I AM THAT I AM in the beginning.

                        When, O soul, will you fulfill your destiny. Let it be this day! Let it be this hour! Let it be this moment! For there is no other moment than now. Therefore I, Manjushri, am with you in your words spoken in prayer and decrees, in the sacred OM and in the sounding of the soundless sound through the vibration of your heart. Let it be so, and let the light flow this day. So be it. I thank you.

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