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Manjushri      September 03, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 3, 2008   8:08–8:28 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

1.  Moment by moment you may meld your mind with Manjushri if you choose.

2.  I have created a template for your spiritual attainment of mindfulness through my connectivity and resonance with your Buddha nature.

3.  Self-realization appears differently for each mindful one, yet a similar glow of beingness is the signet that the full flowering and awakening of the soul has occurred.

4.   Understanding the truth of your higher identity allows a new flow of divine ideations, as mindful inspirations, to manifest through your consciousness.

5.  Flashes of joy, as playful conceptualizations of union with the Godhead, are akin to the discharge of vast quantities of pranic force through nature's lightning storms. These are energetic massages to your lifestream, which provide cosmic frequencies of beingness.

6.  Intuiting each new moment's opportunity for self-transcendence provides the mind of the Buddhas a fertile field of life within you.

7.  The gracious ones always give glory to the higher world's muses and devic blessers as their source of mindful inspiration and joy.

8.  Inner joy as a consequence and fruit of mindfulness is and should always be your natural state of being as you rest in presence, your true Buddha nature.

9.  The greater your surrender to each moment's holiness, the greater the grace available for your employment of cosmic intelligence and mindful blessings to life.

10.  Every Buddha, male and female, has gained the higher ground of beingness by moving out of the sea of samsara to the heights of God Self-realization through complete identification with divine light.

11.  In the confluent stream of being, I live and move in mindful joy with my true disciples.

12.  Maitreya provides a sacred formula for complete acceptance of every divine virtue and grace through his indestructible attitude of victory.

13.  Travel with me now to Mt. Kailas to receive Maitreya Buddha's mindfulness from his precious, happy heart-mind emanation.

14.  When you fully deem every soul as precious, you will have attained the second step in mindfulness.

15.  Every Buddha casts an overshadowing corona of golden-pink light from the center point of being in all dimensional planes to enfold the disciplined ones in his radiant joy.

16.   There is no compelling argument for your need to attain mindfulness; only surrender to acceptance of its possibility and then its complete fulfillment.

17.   Trouble the waters of samsara with the heat of sacred joy through your every heartstream.

18.   Impressive in his magnanimity, Gautama sits in mindful meditation continuously offering himself, through bodhisattva beingness, to every lifestream until all realize their God-potential.

19.  Each illusory fatality creates the space for the rebirth of your enlightenment.

20.  Replete with joy, I sing to the sun of your attainment of mindfulness each moment.

                        The gift of divine mindfulness is wrapped in a ribbon of light from the heart of the Buddhas. This is our offering to the soul who would be fully wed to the One. If there is anything less than the bliss of union—any separateness through the success of the ego in its secession from unity—then there cannot be complete mindfulness in the mind of the One. Yet if, through presence awareness, you enter the field of being in which all that is true of you, as you, and in you vibrates in synchronicity with your Selfhood, then the emanations of your own Buddha nature may be complete and replete with joy.

             Each day's opportunity for selflessness in Selfhood, when taken and utilized by the striving ones—who do not struggle, yet serve in a framework of sacrifice offered through the sangha—may move them into greater mindfulness. This is The Hearts Center Community, for each one is called to greater connectivity, heart to heart, mind to mind, heart-mind to heart-mind, and beyond into a unity field of beingness in God.

                        Transcendence may be yours as you egress, like a butterfly, out of the chrysalis of past mortification and illusion. And the radiance of joy that may be yours in the light of the new day may shine forth through your being as a budding one, one with all life. Does the flower always show its glory through the night or only through the day? In the divine worlds, there is only the Sun-day—the brightness of beingness—and therefore the flowering is maintained forever, as you wish.

                        The crystalline patterns of the thoughtform for this year, as the flowing fountain of light through your threefold flame, magnified and one with Gautama, should be understood in the greater context of that which he desires for all of humanity. For if each one does not succumb to selfish pride, to the ego nature of human identification, then there may be the impressing of the radiance of his magnanimous heart upon yours in mindful moments of divine understanding, of the conveyance of truth and of the glory of the heart, with its cosmic pulsations. For even Gautama entrains his heart with Alpha's. And thus, can you do less, O soul, than hitch your heart to his? This is his request through me, that you remember the connection with your Source, that you abide in the flow of his Presence and that you live always within his sacred heartstream, oh so gentle, oh so pure, oh so benevolent to all beings.

                        I AM Manjushri, and I offer my own heart as a way station on your sacred journey to the heart of the Lord of the World. Bless you, O bhikkhus. Abide in the bliss of joy. I thank you.

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