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Manjushri      September 01, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 1, 2008   8:08–8:26 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

 1.  Release chords of harmony through heart-centered and mindful communication with the devic realms in song, praise and music.

2.  Legitimate auric and life readings must only be conducted under the sponsorship and direction of ascended beings with the proper permissions and for the purpose of soul nurturing, spiritual education and divine edification.

3.  Scrutinize only your own soul evolution through mindful moments of communion with your holy Presence.

4.  Gaining entrée to the divine world is reserved for those whose motives are pure and whose hearts are wedded to divine will, wisdom and love.

5.  Your resourcefulness is directly proportionate to how you have utilized the gifts and graces of the Spirit previously conveyed through all your lifetimes.

6.  Being mindful and masterful of every thought and feeling that flows through your consciousness is the first step in gaining ground in greater spiritual adeptship.

7.  Trust in the Divine's inner mandates moves you quickly through human melodramas and into the purity of seventh-ray alchemical entertainment.

8.  Glorious are the ways of the Buddhas, for they walk in golden enlightenment.

9.  Each mindful moment of presence builds within the great confluence of being.

10.  If you would have greater joy, accept Joy as your divine muse every moment.

11.  Integrity is a Buddhic quality, for it is the essential ingredient in your recipe of wholeness through complete integration in Self.

12.  Reality checks are conducted nightly by your Buddha overseers, who may inspire you through your dreams, visions and mindful moments of meditation.

13.  The perfect equations are Self equals God, Buddha nature equals being, and you equals divinity.

14.  Divine emanations have always been flowing to and through you. It is time to feel, see, know and accept them fully into your being through awakened Buddhic awareness.

15.  Life with each indefatigable Buddha is dynamic and interesting.

16.  Though you may temporarily glory in new mindfulness, move into pure mind.

17.  Each revelation you receive in meditation must ultimately be surrendered so that a new and more radiant one may ensue.

18.  To communicate with the unseen Buddhas, you must accept the elevation of your vibrations to be in synchronicity with theirs.

19. Mindful and anticipatory beingness, with its expanding light-radiance, allows you to mold consciousness through the formless alchemy of presence in the crystal rays.

20.  Relegate your past to your Presence, consecrate your present to your Presence and commend your future to your Presence.

I Offer a New Stream of Beingness

             The dynamic of an integrated life in God is yours to discover daily. In the silence between movement is the pure bliss of mindfulness. In stillness, within the center point of being, you may access this pure mindstream and, through awareness, one with the Buddhic mind, enter the divine world and know a heightened sensitivity to all Solar frequencies, all beings who have merged with the oneness of complete Selfhood in God. In these mindful moments of blessedness in which holy presence is fully know within, God is where you are, Buddha abides ever around and within you.

             To enter the awakened state you must rise from your bed of unknowing and the sleep that, through a certain density of consciousness, has kept you bound to the domain of humanity. I offer within your meditation a new stream of beingness that may flow through every molecule of selfhood, washing, cleansing, raising and elevating you into the new awareness of Buddhic bliss that you seek. Take this opportunity during this cycle to fully enter your Presence and accept that level of beingness more fully than you ever have before. There will no longer be plurality within unity, only complete harmonization in oneness forevermore, if you would accept it and know it, dear hearts.

            I come to dispense with the inanity of yesterday and animate new mindfulness now. Let light flow. Let Golden Buddha awareness grow within the heart-mind connection of each and every one. Let the saltless ones depart, and may those whose inner worth speaks rise.

            I AM Manjushri. I extract the concentrated essence, the juice, of your core and offer it once more as an elixir of light to the mindful ones who would fully integrate in God. Be the Buddha; see the Buddha. For you are that. Thank you.

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