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Manjushri      August 30, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
August 30, 2008   9:39–4:59 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

1.  Increase the light of Buddhic mindfulness through attenuating consciousness from the center point of your heart, through your mind and then into every cell of your being.

2.  Posit the awareness of crystal beingness into every thoughtform through formless ideations of God-ideals.

3.  We encourage the mindful ones to create and introduce patterns of new thought into industry, commerce and society as a whole.

4.  A simple change in the magnetic flux of your aura, through accepting the posotronic essence of your Buddha nature, will do wonders for your outlook, vitality and soul health.

5.  Release every conceptualization of self and other as less than beautiful, pure and whole.

6.  Those who continually dredge up the past find not the gold we desire in our bands.

7.  Improve your lease on life by accepting co-ownership of the Middle Way path.

8.  The quality of your human relationships is directly proportional to the quality of your divine relationships.

9.  Every Buddha's radiant emanations are uniquely expressive and sublimely impressive.

10.  Joy in mindfulness creates a smile field of beingness that elicits happiness within all.

11.  True freedom is your license to be godly within the all of creation.

12.  Every moment may be a reawakening to your Buddha nature through a new mindfulness.

13.  Finding the jewel within the lotus of each life-form allows the Cosmic Jeweler to also turn and refine you.

14.  Buddhic awareness is about much more than letting your head spin. Let's synchronize and attenuate our hearts.

15. Perfection in the human domain is futile, yet accepting it in my embrace, divinely subtle.

16.  The victory of each mindful moment is your right to experience fully.

17.  Collapse others' mindless thoughtforms of you as ungodly into a single point of divine light, and then ingest this as your homeopathic medicine.

18.  Introduce your own Buddhic beingness to the world through mindful joy.

19.  Few realize how important encouragement is as a Buddha quality.

20.  My conception of you has dissolved fully into God.

The Buddhas Bless Each One's Manifestation of Divine Beingness

            The radiant ones come now in their expressive impressiveness to bless each of you through your own Buddha-nature rendering. For that which you have gained in self-mastery through many rounds of experience in mortal form rises unto the apex of beingness within your own Buddha awareness. And as this merges with presence and the light of every Buddha and bodhisattva of the Spirit, there is a blending of divine beingness as a new tapestry of light is formed in Earth's atmosphere.

                        Every thoughtform of beauty, every divine ideation of conscious awareness now lends itself toward this co-creative process, whereby the new world is formed right within your mind, right within the planetary spherical awareness. Thus this day this new world vibrates in synchronicity with the original vision of God in the beginning. Hold within your mind's eye now the subtlety of the vibrations of cosmic beauty within this realm, even as you egress, through this point of entry, to the divine world through your mind's eye, one with God's.

                        Every Buddha being now accentuates the light through this mind offering to the holy one, the I AM THAT I AM, even as this divine conceptualization is highlighted by Solar beings, worlds without end, accompanied by angelic hosts, devas of the nature kingdom and those who are the builders of form through formless attention upon the One. The mindful ones exonerate that which has transpired within your world in the mayic mists of the past, and these are dissolved as you accept cosmic transmutation of your own past misgivings of beingness. New awareness is born; cosmic consciousness is here for you to accept and become fully.

                        Maitreya's model of the Tree of Life and the fruit thereof, which you may ingest this day—not the knowledge of good and evil; the oneness of nonduality in your Buddha essence—may bring you to the point of self-identification with God, only God within. And in this process, blessed ones, there is the divine processioning of Solar light unto your domain, into your aura as each and every cell receives the impulse of divine fire and light, and you are born anew as a budding Buddha one, right where you are in the lotus of your life.

                        I AM Manjushri. I am one with the all-pervading One, the Spirit Most Holy, known by many names, though one in that Spirit of beingness. Come with me to experience life at a new level of presence and Solar joy this day. And through your awareness, every mindful one will merge with the stream of your God Self-identity as moment by moment you live within the Law of the One. Pure beingness, pure essence of Buddha I am, and you may be this day. I thank you.

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