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Manjushri      August 28, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
August 28, 2008   8:07–8:29 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Manjushri's Mindful Moments


1.  Realizing your Buddha Nature is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly within the sacred space of its chrysalis.

2.  To intensify Buddhic mindfulness, release every human concept of limitation and embrace every divine buoyancy of light.

3.  Interpret the impulses that flow through mindful radiance through greater sensitivity to the divine essence of compassion.

4.  Conceptualize through and in stillness how a mindful approach to every problem creates the field for its perfect solution to naturally arise from within.

5.  The lily is a perfect example of beingness in its purest, joyful essence.

6.  For charged emotions to become mindful feelings, add a long breath of golden silence.

7.  Train your mind to be in rhythm with your heart through an upward flow of appreciation, visualized as a fountain of golden-pink light.

8.  Blessing others through sacred mudras increases the amperage of mindful compassion, intertwined with your personal secret-ray frequencies.

9.  The mind-ful ones never lose theirs.

10. A lifetime of mindful choices leads to a legacy of light through right livelihood.

11. Patterning your meditations upon Buddhic wisdom and principles leads you to the pure land of understanding the path of spiritual agility and resilience.

12. Nonconform to your lower nature.

13. Be an example of happiness through loving service to each one's Buddha Nature.

14. Freeze-frame your highest bliss for a memory meditation during your lowest ebb.

15. The proven path of Sakyamuni's Middle Way is inexorable.

16. Effective religious practices unbind you from your self, even as they offer a thread of contact with your Divine Self.

17. The siddhis should first be experienced in quietude before divulging their appearance or enlisting their power for change for others.

18. Adeptship is all about finally letting go of every compromise with your Real Self.

19. Love-wisdom defines the authenticity, magnitude and reach of power.

20. The Buddhas are the ever-fragrant ones.

The Sacred Process of Self-Identification with Your Buddha Nature

           Interpreting the signs of the times is an initiatic science that those who are moving in the stream of the secret rays should consider mastering. For within the outpicturing of planetary karma, you may begin to understand the unraveling of all that is unreal within the domain of your Oversoul and the planet's aura, even as Above, so below it manifests in your world.
           Look within to the source of Divine Selfhood to know this process and perceive the strains of identity as they are woven through many threads throughout your being. One by one the conscious ones pluck out the outworn threads of nonidentity and weave anew light essences for the strengthening of selfhood within God's being.
           The sacred process of continuous self-identification with your Buddha Nature brings you to the tipping point of perfectionment within the heart of the Compassionate One. The cosmic flow of mindfulness then begins its surging manifestation within your world and nothing is as it was, and yet all is as it always has been.
           Truly the radiance of the new day is here and now if you choose to accept and to live within it. The bhikkhus would worship at the throne of the Buddha, and yet even they are called to task to understand their own higher nature through worshiping that which is within as his essence ensconced within the heart-mind connection. Therefore look not outward for your nourishment, but feel the fountain of light ever self-unfolding and washing clean that who you are, that which you are becoming, and understand the nature of presence as being.
           The Buddhas entertain the divine sciences because this is their joy. And the experience of its daily artistic rendering through mindfulness in meditation allows greater perception, greater cosmic understanding and the penetration of the highest mind essence within the All in all.
           My name, Manjushri, is yours to call upon in moments when the meandering mind would lead you not to the shores of reality but into the mayic mist of samsara. Let your meditation be upon the bliss of beingness within God. Let your mindfulness be for the purpose of radiance within your Source. Be the pistil within the flowering of selfhood, even as the sepal and the petal wrapped around you during nighttime unfold at the touch of the first ray of the sun to expose that which is the holy essence of your being.
           Nurture your Buddha Nature. Nurture each other, blessed hearts. We are one in the garden of the Buddha as his flowers, as he breathes the wind of the Spirit. Feel the impulse of cosmic breath and know perfect peace in presence this day.
            I thank you. I am with you. I am within.


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