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Queen of Light      August 08, 2008

Beloved Queen of Light
David C. Lewis
August 8, 2008
A New Spiral of Freedom for Scandinavia
Bollnäs, Sweden

The Opening of the Retreat of the Queen of Light
A Sacred Procession through a New Etheric Retreat above Sweden

Most Blessed and Beloved Ones,
            It is my great pleasure to be with you this day here in Sweden and to offer a token of my appreciation to the two and to the many who have come to witness the opening of my retreat. Thousands of angels and masterful beings have processioned here, each carrying a candelabra of light and other ornaments and focuses that are now being placed by attending angels on the various altars and within the sanctuaries of light within this retreat. Gently they are positioned. Graciously they are offered and received. And you, each one, as a witness can also see this great event occurring on inner levels as the doors of the retreat are now opened and each of you peeks in to see just what this new city of light looks like.
            I take you in your finer bodies to procession with us now, as we observe all that the angels under my direction have accomplished in these 18 months and more of the creation of this haven of light. See how one room is dedicated to the nurturing of the youth in the flame of purity and light, how another is dedicated to the cleansing of past records of past lifetimes, with the replica of the great screen upon which devotees may view these lives under the direction of the recording angels and their sponsoring master to determine just how they may dissolve the past and move on to future glory.
            See how other rooms are dedicated to the study of the psychology of the spirit and of new methodologies to bring about greater awareness, greater understanding of the mind, of the mind of God and how we may ascertain the highest outcomes for souls through inspiration—through their conscience to their outer minds—of that which will move them into higher fields and levels of awareness. See how various rooms are also dedicated to assisting the soul to develop—even as a pearl is developed—a greater sense of worthiness, as that one is God-taught the values, the precepts and the principles of heaven—that if lived in a life dedicated to holy service moves that one into an understanding of the way of light, the path of Luz.
            Each and every abode of the Spirit has its purpose and you may discover in coming days and weeks, as you call to be taken to the retreat, how you may participate in the sacred offerings that we provide, gaining greater connection between your soul and your spirit whereby there may be the full integration of light within you at all levels—body, mind and soul; heart and spirit.
            Blessed ones, as I have inspired the messenger to give you an inkling of the purpose of your coming together and of the opening of this retreat, you have felt the great joy of my heart and that of many angels and ascended beings and of why you were called, each one, to participate in this alchemy of light. It is truly a marriage of the spirit within you that occurs day by day. Is this not beautiful to understand and behold, blessed ones, to know how much God loves you, of how you are valued and appreciated? This, in and of itself, for many souls is the key to their rising out of mortality into an understanding of what is important in life; that being the joy of experiencing God within. Truly, blessed ones, each time you muse on the divine world, the divine world, brings you unto its heart. Each time you think on God, God as Spirit comes to you, winding a new spiral of light all about you in great joy, so that you can understand your inner purpose, even as it may be expressed in your outer life.
            The teachings of Eckhart Tolle have brought to the world a greater understanding of this purpose and so, I take this opportunity to recommend to each and every one of you this book The New Earth. For you see this is the vision of the ascended hosts: that day by day and heart by heart together we are weaving and creating this new world awareness, through the frequencies of the Spirit that flow through each devotee who is quickened and awakened unto the eternal possibilities of divine Providence working within the chalice of Selfhood.
            Yes, you are valued O so much more than you know by heaven. And if you could daily feel in your core essence this highest valuing of your God-identity, nothing could ever remove you from the pathway of Light or dissuade you from fully accepting the totality of your beingness in God. See yourselves now as the pearl of great price, blessed ones. You are that pearl of which the master spoke in his parable. You are the purity of God that the divine one holds within the apple of his eye within that perfect vision.
            And as you accept the radiance of the light emanating from your own pearl consciousness all life feels and understands the beauty of who you are as a God-realized one, in the process of being polished a little bit more each day, of shining a little more brightly each hour. This is your divine calling. This is your holy office—to be God-taught, to be God wrought. And through the emanation of light pouring through you as a crystalline being, you may share the essence of your personal expression of Godhood to all life here below.
            Truly, blessed ones, the alchemy of our love together is great and the synergy and the strength of the union of many pearls within the greater necklace of light worn by the angels, creates that bond of brotherhood and sisterhood that is secure, that is truly the outpicturing of the hierarchical chain of our oneness, pearl by peal by pearl, that extends across the cosmos.
            I now wear this pearl necklace, composed of the light essence of each one of you. And in my meditation in the heaven world and as I give my prayers to purity and to light and as the pearls pass though my hands and fingers, I will feel the essence of who you are, blessed ones, as this pearl of great price—doting on you, seeing you and feeling the very vibration of the key of your divine personality, as even for a moment your light passes through me and my light passes through you.
            My angels now also provide you with a replica of this pearl necklace. And whether you are a man or a woman it is yours to wear at the soul level because the soul is the feminine potential of God. And so, as you enter my retreat in your finer body, don't forget to take that pearl necklace out of your pocket, or from your wardrobe drawer and place it over your head, with a sacred clasp of gold and wear it in honor, in glory as you come to receive more of the light of purity; the light of Luz, blessed hearts.
            I ask now that we commune in listening to the song Alchemy of Love. For in the weaving of the strains of Venus, in Venusian love ensconced within this melody, there will be a greater bonding of our hearts together. There will be the creation of a greater spiritual tryst of our souls toward the holy purpose of fulfilling the ancient dream of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, whereby all life upon Earth is raised and all fulfill their divine purpose in living here.
            Yes, let this alchemy of our heart's fire move mountains of pride into molehills of humility. Let it move mountains of doubt into molehills of faith. Let it accomplish its perfect work in all ways within our lives, such that God be glorified in all that we think, feel, hear, say and do; that all will move within this cosmic stream of light—truly a river eternal abiding here and flowing and nourishing ye all.
            You are invited as a permanent guest in my retreat, to commune with me and my angel spirits 24/7 if you choose. Simply by a simple prayer, a gentle thought the angels will receive you to once again walk through the doors of our retreat. And for some of you who have grown up in the Catholic faith, there is a fount of holy light-water to the right and to the left that you may dip your hands in [and] sprinkle it upon your third eye or upon your body as a reminder of how that holy fount of light may be yours at any time, blessed ones.
            So let us listen to this music and take the hand of the one to your right and to your left in this hour, and feel the pulsation of the alchemy of love flowing through you unto all life in Scandinavia, unto all your holy brothers and sisters not yet quickened and awakened to know of this sacred activity of The Hearts Center. But now, through your presence of mind and heart, and through the sendings and offerings of love through your hearts, they may feel and receive the impulses of this light today.
            [The song is played.]

            In the peace and joy and light of the Presence, you are sealed in the pearl of love and in the light of the Queen of Light. I love you, blessed hearts, and bid you good day.

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