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Padma Sambhava      July 28, 2008

Beloved Padma Sambhava
David C. Lewis
July 28, 2008  7:00-7:10 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Smiling in the Joy of the Buddha's Laugh All Comes to You
I Embrace Every Student Anew, For I Love You

Train your thought on the star of your divine appearing here.
Travel on the ray of that thought to penetrate the core of being.
Vibrate upon the strings played by the ancient harpist.
Know the inner workings of your soul through spirit-fire
that caresses all the molecules of Selfhood within.
Be understanding of your Buddha Nature,
for in the simplicity of silence, in the stillness of no-thought
and resting in Presence you co-exist with the all-pervading One.
Realize the essence as you travel with me this morn into a
new-blue-you experience of the dawn of Solar living as a conscious one.
Trust fully in the divine embrace that I offer
even as our hearts, entrained as one, beat anew.
In acceptance of the truth of your reality you know beyond knowing,
you see beyond seeing, you hear beyond the ear—even of the Now.
To a fault, many of you have striven for perfection,
yet do not grasp but allow that perfection to be where you are.
Anticipation of the divine experience does not necessarily bring it about.
But smiling in the joy of the Buddha's laugh, all comes to you,
all resonates within as you get the cosmic joke of beingness.
Truly, blessed hearts, your individualization of the God-flame here is beautiful
if you would make it so daily through your presence of love and understanding.
Every grace that you bestow, every childlike acceptance that you would know we offer.
Our emanations are what we have accepted of the Divine that we know.
And we simply extend our hands, our heart, our minds to you, you see.
This inner knowingness is complete during each experience.
This blessedness flows to those who are willing to be God-taught.
Consider the consequences of every thought projection,
of every stirring of feeling within your body.
And know, O soul, in full compliance with the law of Selfhood
you may rise again with us to know love, only love.
I am Padma Sambhava. I embrace every student anew, for I love you.

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