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Manjushri      July 27, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
July 27, 2008  7:50-8:06 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri Plays His Flute, Wooing You into Eternality

           Your inner wisdom must come forth. Relying only upon outer voices will not sustain you; therefore you must learn to listen intently to the inner voice. Discerning what is the true voice from that which speaks from a point of narcissism is paramount for each one of us. Messengers come only as angels of mercy to provide a clear channel through which you may view your own inner world. And as that radiance from within you expands and your ability to navigate the inner workings of your own solar beingness grows, then you will be able to sustain the highest aspect of your own being without direct aid from another.
            In the reflecting pool of your emotional body there abide the subtle but deep-seated strands of nihilism, which must be uprooted through an intense declaration of being. For that which is true about you will emerge when the serpentine and hidden aspects of the notself are permanently surrendered. Some dream up in their minds scenarios that are fantasies and empower them with the human mind and thought patterns. These live on in the astral sea until the Buddha opens your higher mind and shows you directly how these have influenced your evolution, your station in life, your attitudes toward others and the omnipotence that sometimes comes when one, through pride, attempts in a self-declarative thrust to impose upon another that which is not God's will but which arises from this narcissism.
            Manjushri comes with a sword to first carve away from the bow of your ship the barnacles and that which has attached itself to you at sublevels of being. For though you have been cleaned by Kali, living in this world with its astral soup requires a daily cleansing process. Few desire to get on their knees and scrub the bathtub, but when the sheen appears through a labor of love, then the shower has greater power for you.
            Stilling the mind in the deep reflecting pool of the Mother allows solar consciousness to arise from within. We never coerce by force of will but gently lead by example, though we do warn with a stern eye when the waters that you would enter¾dangerous¾could unseat you from your coursing to our Home. Adding fire to water creates the steam that may remold you with a new look. But the steam must now go deep, deep into the ancient patterns—dissolving, consuming, purging and thereby releasing the subtle quintessences of your inner cells, the sweetness of the divine, the glory of that which has been hidden, which is now being brought to light.
            The paradox of being is that, having seen, you must now fully know. And yet many know but do not fully see all that is before them. We can help you avoid a heap of hurt through presence. And the Buddhas may regulate through the wafting breeze that flows through the spiritual conifers and use the winds of change that come, such that you may fly with us.
            Take your kite in hand and run. And let it soar and move and dive and soar again. Run to know God. Run to your Source. Run into the arms of the Divine One who is before you, fully silhouetted by the Sun, radiating true love and smiling upon you with the eyes of God, so wonderfully, so nobly with great joy. Rise with that kite, even as another on Earth holds the tether for you. For as you embrace the winds and sing with the Sun, you shall know with a surety the inner voice that speaks in silence. Your truth must emerge through activity. Your light must shine through the virya of being.

Manjushri plays his flute, wooing you into eternality. Listen to the tonal movements of his mind and heart and be free, O soul.

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