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Portia      July 04, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
July 4, 2008   5:57–617 pm MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother 2008
Big Sky, Montana

Using the Gift of Free Will to Be Intercessors for Mankind

In Seventh-Ray Joy, You May Be Our Hands and Feet in the Earth

My Beloved Angel Hearts,
            We are come on this auspicious day to be with our own, and we bring you into a holy rotunda in the etheric plane in your finer bodies to behold the work of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, dedicated to the freedom of all of mankind.
            We have been deliberating at the Royal Teton Retreat, and we are looking forward to receiving your correspondence shortly. For we perceive welling up from within you a new fiery determination to be the ones that we can count on upon the Earth to expand the light magnanimously within your auras, your Hearts Centers, your communities and your nations.
            Did you know, blessed ones, that the term free will consists of a Tai Chi action of the first and seventh rays—freedom and the will to use that freedom in service to humanity? In the beginning, God vouchsafed within your heart and being that eternal flame and the opportunity to live a life of holy purpose, that being to glorify God in form. And as each of you, as co-creators, use this opportunity of free will to bring forth a more glorious manifestation of light in your plane of being, then the Universal Great White Brotherhood applauds your efforts and appropriately offers dispensations to those who use their resources wisely, who can then be counted on for greater work and the expansion of light in the Earth. 
            We move chelas here and there upon the Earth in order to sustain a spiritual balance of light, counteracting the darkness of delusion and even self-annihilation of souls who, at times, when unwed to God embroil themselves in unreality. On this day of freedom, you celebrate the independence of a holy people who declared that they were free and would use the resources of the Spirit wisely, enshrining those flames of freedom within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in order to bring about a greater union of hearts upon these shores. These documents are testaments of light, statements to the universe that men and women of good will should have that opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness within their lives, unfettered by the bonds of tyranny and oppression.
            So America has moved forward, progressing in many ways. And yet in this hour there is a certain malaise and a darkness that has set in upon this nation as a result of the ill-fated choices of  her leaders, aided and abetted by those who would rather have a life of license and pleasure than one of spiritual liberty and freedom. Enter the sons and daughters of God who know their purpose, who know why they have come to Earth, why their hearts burn with the eternal flame and why they simply must do something about the situation upon this planet that they see all about them, which is not that which they know in their hearts God would have manifest to sustain a glorious planetary home.
            Each of us makes choices day by day. Using the gift of free will you can move into a higher stream of connectivity with your Source, of heart-centeredness within the Divine, and gain a surety that God, vibrating right within your heart, will move you into the sacred space of stillness, where you can hear his voice, be obedient to your inner calling and truly abide ever within that eternal Spirit of oneness.
            A national election is soon upon you and we have heard the musings of your hearts, knowing that many of you are discontented with the leadership that has come to the fore in one or another party of your choice, with their stances on various issues. And so we of the Karmic Board have weighed all in the balance and tell you this evening that the X factor, no matter who wins this election, will be the calls and the word of the sons and daughters of God that ring across the cosmos in mantras and prayers, along with their sacrifice and service to life. For when one of you is one with God in that eternal Spirit, the sparks fly and even an inner anointing of a leader previously not working fully on behalf of the Brotherhood may occur, whereby that one may be sealed in light through your calls, and a greater commitment to right choices may occur by dispensation granted in response to your calls, blessed hearts.
            Therefore, though some have completed their letters to us, we suggest, as a possibility, that you consider adding within your letters, before they are consigned to the flame, a request for greater light to be borne within the leadership of this nation—both in the White House, in the Congress and in the Supreme Court—so that the choices made and the decisions that come forth in the next four years will truly be that which is honorable to God and in alignment with his holy will at all levels, and so that those who are coming to power will see the holy office set before them as one that is given as opportunity to right the wrongs of past ages and to conform to the will of the people and not to their own human creation.
            All does not bode well, blessed hearts, based on the current situation. And you have even heard that the sponsorship of this nation by Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director, the Goddess of Liberty and me is in jeopardy because of the decisions of your leadership as well as the ongoing abortion of souls in the womb, unborn in the flesh. We have mitigated much through your calls, and yet we cannot fully avoid the karmic recompense that is due upon this nation. And so you see outpictured in nature that which has come in direct proportion to the darkness within men's hearts and their misuse of free will in many arenas.
            Enter the flame of mercy through the heart of Kuan Yin and the abiding presence of the Mother Kali in the Earth and her atmosphere. When more of you understand your true nature, using the gift that you have been given in recent months of the ancient practice of cosmic forgiveness and of taking personal responsibility for the action of all souls through Ho'oponopono, then, blessed ones, we can move you into a new field of cosmic presence and greater mitigation may occur as each of you, one with God, rises and ascends to the point of the pyramid to discern how you may be for God the anchor point of mercy's flame.
            In seventh-ray joy, you may truly be our hands and feet in the Earth, intercessors for mankind, mediators betwixt heaven and earth such that greater calamities and the outpicturing of karma may not ensue. It is your right, if you choose by free will, to literally put yourself in the space between the descent of humanity's karma and its outpicturing in the physical octave. This may be new to some of you, but for those who have taken the bodhisattva vow and have a greater understanding of those vows and of how you can be this Christ, this Mother of Mercy, this Buddha, this Krishna for thousands and even millions of souls through your divine connection, that mitigation can and will occur by the grace of God, blessed hearts.
            This does not mean that you personally bear all the sins of the world upon your back, for of course this would be too great of a weight. But the I AM of you is able; the Holy Christ/Buddha Self of you, the cosmic principle of life that is your Solar Source is able to sustain that holy balance. This is what you rely on; this is what you put your faith in; and only from that point of reality of the totality of your God Presence may you sustain this holy office of being an intercessor for mankind.
            Each of us on the Great Karmic Board holds this sacred space and office not only to make decisions about the fate of souls but to truly, within our hearts, hold that perfect space so that many more may be realigned within the cosmic balance scales of life. No matter what line of the clock you serve on or what your astrology speaks of in your natal hour or in its progression—where you are right now in the cycles of your life—within this year you may hold that point of God Presence for many thousands of souls if you desire, blessed ones. This is your choice; this is your opportunity—a sacred one indeed.
            Kali has come and claimed you for her own and taken not only a pound of flesh, but from some of you, literally, a ton. She is my friend, and I am grateful for her sacred work because it has truly made my job much easier, you see.
            Saint Germain stands now raising his hands to bless each and every Keeper of the Lightning, those who have upheld their sacred office to maintain their station as cosmic servitors of light, invoking that violet light and raying it forth across the Earth and even the galaxies. As you utilize this seventh-ray cosmic eraser to consume the darkness of mankind's karma, there is mitigation right within your own soul. And some of you, having worked for years on affecting the planetary body, should attempt to work on deeper and deeper levels of your own Solar being before truly going after the greater darkness that you see manifest in the Earth. For that which is reflected from the outside that is abiding within you must also be dealt with, blessed hearts. And this can be done very simply, very gracefully by accelerating, through the law of forgiveness and mercy, the flame of cosmic justice, one with mercy, dissolving all into the oneness of the eternal light.
            Lest I wear out my welcome and make the Lady Liberty wait too much longer, I bow to the light within each of you, even as my beloved Saint Germain magnifies, by the power of seven, the radiance of mercy, forgiveness and healing light within your aura.
            I AM the Lady Portia. I have proven the law of being throughout the circumference of my entire Solar being. May each of you prove the law of light and abide ever in the eternal joy of seventh-ray freedom. I thank you.

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