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Kali      July 04, 2008

Beloved Kali
David C. Lewis
July 4, 2008  1:16-1:45 pm MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

My Sacred Meal is Composed of the Darkness
Which I Assimilate and Return to You Now as Light
A Sacred Ritual to Beloved Kali and Lord Shiva in the West

            The time has come to light these letters that you have offered unto Shiva and me. And therefore that which is within them that you have released is now set fire, never more to be a part of you. And in his sacred dance, my Beloved, by the power of the Spirit consumes this substance of maya. Dance! Shiva, dance! Dance! Shiva, dance! Dance! Shiva, dance!
            By your intention and by your leave, I am here. And I wield my sword and slay, by the power of your own God-reality, that which is unreal within you. For it is only by your free will that I have access to the universal light of the Mother, for I am that Mother. And I whirl and whirl cosmic seas now around this place and around this planet. And Earth is raised a notch in vibration, and all who do not come to terms with their own God-reality will feel the wrath of Kali from within, moving them into a new field of experience. But it may not be that which they humanly desire, but that which Shiva and Kali would sire within them.
            Demons, be gone! Demons, I consume, bind and remove you from this Earth in this hour by the power of Brahma, Vishnu and my own Shiva! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! [Kali first inhales darkness and then exhales light with a thrust three times.] My sacred meal is composed of the darkness which I assimilate and return to you now as light.
            Forevermore, beloved, you may be Kali in the Earth. You may be Shiva where you stand, where you dance, where you emanate fire. I am the desire of Brahma here. And I receive a new seed of light for your rebirth, each one, in solar joy, in cosmic presence for the turning of worlds within and without.
            So be it. By the fire of Nataraja you are free! You are free! You are free on this Fourth of July! Do you accept it? [Audience responds, Yes!] Then it is so by your word! Amen. [Kali rings the bell on the altar four times, signifying the anchoring of the light released in this sacred ritual within the four lower bodies of those present.]

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