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Goddess of Liberty      July 04, 2008

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
David C. Lewis
July 4, 2008  6:24-6:38 pm MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

Come what May, the Light that is the Homing Beacon within your Heart,
Will Always Shine and be There

            A happy Fourth of July to each and every one of you, especially the lady over there with the crown. [Laugher.] It's not quite exactly what I look like, but close enough. What is this torch that I bear? Have you considered fully the meaning of that flame blazing from the harbor near New York? Is it simply a welcoming beacon to immigrants? Is it a reference point for ships, for planes? Or is it a beacon in remembrance of the eternality of the spark that is within you, blessed ones, that God ensconced in the beginning and hopefully which has never waned in its warmth and fire, but which we, the ascended hosts, see in potential as being fanned into a cosmic, radiant conflagration that can illumine a world?
            You may bear a torch, each and every one, as you assume greater responsibility to be, not just in token a lightbearer, but a fiery one who knows his or her destiny—one that will rise each morning with a fervor to serve, one that will let nothing slip from the divine plan and the mission to which you were sent to this planet. Many have let slip the cup just before they were ready to quench their thirst through unconsciousness, laxity or a certain density that overcame them by the mists of illusion. But not for these, O God, because they are Keepers of the Lightning—those to whom it has been entrusted to fulfill all within their being.
            Have you been called? I say, yes. Would you fulfill in completeness that which you were called to? This is your choice. And though you have that free will and the liberty to decide, I am here to impress upon you a new fervor, such that you will make right choices, that you will move into a higher stream of cosmic awareness and that as you ascend the mountain step by step that no rock will trip you up, no wind will unseat you from your station, no snowfall or avalanche will wash you away from your resolve to be the one for God with an intensity that is yet gentle, with a firmness that is yet sweet, with a great God-desire burning within your heart that yet is still in silence able to hear the voice of the Divine within.
            All is in the balance in this hour, blessed ones, for truly all is in the balance every moment of your life, though you do not always realize it. And if you would be in balance in body, mind and spirit then fan the fire of that threefold light as my son Paul has done and manifest a greater love and a willingness to be God-taught that will allow the Lords of Light to move you here and there when called upon to be able to seal a soul from darkness, to steal one almost in the clutches of despair and suicide from their malintent, or able to heal a child in the throes of self-delusion.
            Blessed ones, heart by heart by heart through the connectedness of the Spirit within each one we can and will and must have the victory. But it will take a greater God-determination to sublimate at times your own human opinion in order to see the handwriting on the wall of what God desires within your life. This does not mean that you put aside your family in order to decree all day long or that you are imbalanced in ways that demean your office by being aggressive toward those who do not see things as you do.
            But it means that there is a steely determination that is at the core of your being, that come what may the light that is within thee, through that homing beacon that God has placed within your heart, will always shine and be there; that the angels may see that light, winging their way to you in answer to your heart's call for others or for self; and that when the day comes for you to make that final decision at the “Y” to completely surrender the human, that you will say, “O God, take me! I am nothing, thou art all! There is nothing of me that you cannot have, O Lord. I am for you always a servitor, a friend, a beloved in whom you can trust.”
            From this reference point at the “Y”, the victory consciousness will intercede when you have made right decision and then it will be more easy for you to ascend to the heights, blessed ones, because God is where you are in every thought, in every feeling, in every word, in every act.
            So, hold your personal torch high now with me, blessed ones, as I light the wick of your intent, each one with the greater fire from my torch. This will be for you a new opportunity and a new day and a new hour to experience the sanctity of this eternal flame. And now, take this torch unto your heart, ensconce it deep within; see it burning not only as a tiny ember, but as a full-blown fiery cosmic torch. Maintain this level of fieriness and all shall be well. All shall be well, come what may.
            I am the Goddess of Liberty. And I still stand in New York's harbor to welcome all who would know freedom, justice and liberty. I thank you.

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