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Archeiai of the Five Secret Rays      July 03, 2008

Beloved Archeiai of the Five Secret Rays
David C. Lewis
July 3, 2008  8:17-8:30 am MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

Access the Occult Aspects of the Higher Worlds
 Through the Quintessences of the Five Secret Rays

Beloved Devotees of the Higher Worlds,
            We come this day to deliver currents of crystalline radiance for the ennoblement of your spirit and the upliftment of your souls. We are the Archeiai of the five Secret Rays and we are grateful that you have entered into communion with us through the giving of your Rosary of Divine Quintessence. For in invoking our names and attuning to our hearts, you have entered a new world of possibilities in spiritual initiation and in congruency with higher lifewaves of whom hitherto you have rarely dreamed.
            The currents that flow through our beings are born of the Godhead, but released through the hidden, or what some term the night side of life. Yet these are unadulterated divine quintessences born of the Mother light through the womb of the Cosmic Virgin. These are the subtle streams of healing frequencies that you may utilize in delving into the subconscious and extracting certain patterns and energy fields that have lain dormant and divine quintessences unused by your outer consciousness. These intuitive graces are won through a heart-mind connection that goes beyond the norm of the conscious awareness of most sentient beings who have not cognized these occult aspects of the higher worlds and worlds within worlds.
            To access them it requires that you develop a new sensitivity born of presence that we have termed “divine quintessence.” And this quintessence is the concentrated flowing currents of the five secret rays. Some desire to label and to categorize everything within a mental model, constraining that which God releases in formlessness. But, beloved ones, the five secret rays cannot be solidified into a crystallized matrix, because they are ever changing, ever flowing and as some have termed, shapeshifting.
            They are liquid crystal stream energies of Mother love that harmonize all forms from the point of formlessness within the divine solution that is the womb of pure beingness, the birthlessness before birth in form, creativity before creation occurs within the physical domain. You have heard of ascended masters such as Melchizedek who was without father and mother, of Enoch who walked with God and was no longer upon earth, of Elijah who was taken up in a fiery chariot, of Ezekiel who ascended within a divine vehicle of light with many wheels within wheels of spirit consciousness.
            All these divine personages were higher initiates who understood and mastered the use of the five secret rays in their lives, for they moved in that higher stream of God-reality that is beyond the ken of human knowledge and science, for it is the science of the Cosmic Mother. As you prepare for the coming of the Kali Mother and meditate upon her being, some of you may be aghast that she has been portrayed as one who uses her light in what seems to be death and destruction. But, blessed ones, if you could perceive what is really occurring in and through her being you would see the cosmic intent and the intense divine love that is actually the highest form of compassion that instantly dissolves unreality as the light of her being comes into contact with darkness.
            Truly she is not the dark mother, but she utilizes these night frequencies to conquer the limited forms, the human proclivities toward baseness and dense desire, freeing the atoms, electrons and molecules of selfhood to rise into a new solar awareness beyond the forms within which your souls have become trapped. These secret-ray frequencies are not to be trifled with, but to be respected, accessed and used only when you have first established a field of presence through selfless identification with the Mother in humility. But when you are ready and are vibrating within this stream of liquid crystal light, then the Mother comes to wash you with a new spiritual water with superconscious currents born of her devotion to the Father principle through union with the all-powerful One.
            Your blessed Mother Mary mastered these frequencies during her final incarnation through her constant meditation upon the heaven world in communion with many angelic choirs. We came to anoint her time and time again during these holy periods of her silent contemplation. For even as a young girl she was preparing to receive the presence of the Christ within her womb and all of her spiritual pining for God moved her into this higher stream of pure beingness within our realms. It is true that she experienced all of the outer initiations that Jesus eventually underwent on the outer, for she understood within her soul and mastered the energies that would come into play within her son's life, so that she could hold the field of perfect beingness for him throughout his life and mission, both in the East and in the West.
            Mary herself through divine alchemy could have turned the water into wine, healed the lepers or raised the dead, but she sought naught the outer identification or acclamation, for it was her responsibility to work behind the scenes, to be that mother light as a divine polarity of perfect presence so that the greater works of glory could manifest through her son. You have often heard that behind a great man is the hidden and unheralded support of his angel mother or bride.
            So it was in the case of the Christ-man, Jesus, for it was his Mother Mary who was truly great, ministering through her angelic love and support of the divine exemplar and avatar that Jesus would become for the entire Piscean age, instilling within the very ethers, the mastery of the five secret rays through perfecting the fifth ray of emerald healing currents as they poured through her immaculate heart and vision.
            Blessed ones, we speak of the deeper mysteries of God. Often these are not revealed because they are too holy to deliver in the lower vibrations in which human speech patterns are normally expressed. And yet we have attempted to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of the Spirit through aspects of how these secret-ray energies are utilized and brought to bear in your world by the higher initiates and adepts of the love-wisdom teachings.
            It is our great joy to be with you when called upon, for we are relentless in our delivery of spiritual gnosis and the graces that the lord God allows us to bestow when you have breached the veil between the human and the divine worlds and entered into these more refined aspects of Selfhood in God. We are ever here to mother the effortlessness of your striving toward greater sensitivity of your souls as you ascend into the divine and supermundane worlds.
            May you live in perfect peace, ever knowing the simplicity and eternal joy of resting in Presence. We thank you.

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