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Aloha      July 03, 2008

Beloved Peace and Aloha
David C. Lewis
July 3, 2008  6:55-7:20 pm MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

Transcend the Lesser Self by Attuning to these
Frequencies of the Spirit

Blessed Aspirants of Christic Peace,
            We come from our retreat above the Hawaiian Islands to radiate a greater understanding of inner peace, such that you may have access to newer frequencies of divine light within your world—those that flow from celestial sources, even [from] the heavenly angels that came to inspire the Lord Christ in his sacred mission upon the earth. You have read the scripture that had the Lord desired, he could have called forth ten thousand legions of angels to come to his aid, and yet he knew that he must go through the initiation of the crucifixion in order that souls may have a record of one was willing to lay down his life for his friends.¹ This day know, O soul, that you are one of those friends who may know peace because of this divine example.
            The Lord said, “My peace I leave with you.”² What is that peace that yet remains even in a world beset by war and conflict? It is the peace that passeth all understanding from the human vantage point, where all is seen from duality.³ It is the peace that may only be accessed from the point of Christ radiance within the heart, one with God.
            As you attune, through surrender, to divine purpose to this reality that, if enough among mankind are willing to be the receptors and the emanators of, Christic peace may enfold the entire planetary body in a new wave of energy and light, then you may begin to see the dawning of a new age of divine reason, where all see each other as brothers, where there is no dissimilation, no conflict between the races or the nations, but where a true brotherhood of the spirit may abide because each one has accepted the responsibility to be that focal point of peace.
            The Aloha spirit in which I enfold the earth, blessed hearts, is ever available to you, not only when you visit our islands and receive the smile of heart friends and the floral leis of welcome, but it may be yours in time of silent meditation upon the very real possibility that in your immediate environment, your home and family life, your community and interactions with others in the business world, there may be that peace that brings about greater compassion, kindness and understanding because you have embodied the principles and precepts of your divine office as a son or daughter of God.
            It was never the intent of the Lord to be the sole voice of divine reason for an entire age. For did he not commission many to walk in the spirit and to become fully that Christ light?4  Have you accepted this commission to be for the Prince of Peace truly a wayshower through your own life, an example of one who is truly for many a point of progress, one who looks to God for guidance and support and who may counsel and offer aid and assistance at any point when it is required?
            Yes, we see some of you truly as great examples of this humility, and for that we are grateful. For from this point of humble obeisance to the Divine One, there flows through your solar plexus, through the point of stillness within, a gentle radiance that washes clean your own aura, and as you mingle with friends, acquaintances and coworkers a holiness that brings about a greater stability within the world body politic itself.
             Many complain about leaders in Washington and yet they do not look within themselves fully to perceive that which is still rumbling and tumbling within their own emotional body that causes, as some would say, a disturbance in the force. Yet if you gain great God-control of that which flows through your consciousness, your mental processes and how you feel about others and emote moment by moment, then the storms of self delusion will be calmed and you can and may maintain that peace which the master so beautifully was the example for, for us all.
            When one such as Jesus or Saint Francis or Mother Teresa or many of the saints East and West who have abided within this selfsame spirit of inner joy teach others the way, it is incumbent upon them to then follow that example all the way into the divine world itself, first in meditation and then in that glorious and notable day of cosmic self transformation, ascending the spiral staircase of light to become one with the Lord God forever in your personal ascension in the light.
            There is a sacred transition point between the human and the divine worlds and this you access through heart centeredness, through stillness, through the conveyances of the spirit world to you in moments when you are one with your conscience and the inner man or women of the heart speaks softly, though at times also goading you here or there. And when in this point of picture perfect presence you know truly who you are as a God-realized one, then you have access to all of the gifts and graces of the Spirit, that which the angels convey through their celestial music, that which other masters may inspire upon you as creativity and inner genius.
            And when you transcend the lesser self by attuning to these higher frequencies of the Spirit then, blessed hearts, truly you are fulfilling the mandate of the master “to go and do likewise” those greater works of which he spoke, that you would accomplish because he went unto the Father to prepare a place for you, those many mansions in the spirit world.5 It is time for you to fulfill your reason for being. We could reason with you all night long about how, where, when and why this may fully manifest in your world, but this is up to you to, blessed hearts discover, to know and to become fully.
            Therefore I raise a spiral of peace now within this sacred sanctuary of light that you have graciously created through your presence. And around your spinal altar, rising to the crown from the base, a new spiral of peace may be with you even in your time of trial, temptation or turmoil. All you need do, blessed ones, is call to us and say,

            “Peace, Aloha come. Enfold me in your spiral of peace so that I may pass my
            tests, so that I might fulfill my purpose this day. Give me, I do pray, O Lord,
            a new vantage point of inner peace. And from that point let me make right
            decision. Let me be true to myself and to God. And let me be joyous in
            expressing your love to all, in all that I do, think, feel and say this day."
            A simple one minute prayer such as this, blessed ones, brings great presence of peace unto you and then your day may be God victorious in every way because you have put God first in your life. This is the way of Peace and Aloha. Walk ye in it and be free, O soul of light. We thank you, most gracious ones, for your respect, your reverence and your presence of peace here.

¹ Matthew 26:53
² John 14:27
³  Philippians 4:7
4  Galatians 5:16
5  John 14:2-12

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