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Magda      June 29, 2008

Beloved Lady Master Magda
David C. Lewis
June 29, 2008  8:37-8:55 pm MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

A New Age Revival in the Holy Spirit with Our Lord Jesus!

Blessed Hearts Who Love God,
            Would you like a New Age Revival this night?  [Yes!] Then stand on your feet! [Applause] I have not lost my fire for my beloved Jesus. And therefore, ever since I have ascended I have desired to have a New Age Revival and this is our first experiment to see just what can occur with my beloved friends who you are. [Applause]
            This is your altar call and you see steps here and there. And if you would receive the touch of Jesus through me as I delivered it as Aimee Semple McPherson, then you may have it this night. For blessed ones, what else is there but the fire of the heart of the Lord that we may embrace, that we may have access to, that may infuse us with his radiance in the full complement of the Christ consciousness that each of us is meant to become and fulfill, such that we may go forth as those emissaries, truly as those missionaries of the Spirit to give to mankind the essence of Jesus which is that Christ that we have all become?
            The Holy Spirit is here. And I am here to convey on behalf of The Great Lord that which Jesus would have you each have this night as that spiritual fire and quickening and the awakening to your own higher Christ and Buddha Nature that will give you the impetus to go forth to fulfill your mission as a Christed one in this hour, in this day, blessed hearts. We may need an usher to pick you up off the floor, should the Holy Spirit have his way with you. [Laughter] Therefore I invite my sons Brian and Donald to be your escort on either side. And my son Paul to stand here with me on behalf of the Holy Spirit, should you require assistance. Come forth, my sons.
            The power to change is within that Spirit Most Holy. Therefore, I suggest that you commune with the Spirit, the Comforter, that the Lord Jesus said he would send when he ascended to the heart of the Father; and ask of that Spirit this night what you would have as a portion of the fullness of the gifts, what you as a disciple of the Christ would glean from the very heart of the Blessed Trinity on behalf of those whom you came to serve upon this earth. I will know what is in your heart. The Holy Spirit will know what you have spoken and you will receive, based on the purity of your motive, the truth whom you have become unto this day, specifically that quotient of spiritual fire that is your just due in this hour.
            Whether you receive my touch or simply the fire the Holy Spirit will direct through me, blessed hearts—for he will be here and Jesus on my right side as you come forward—this is of course a free will choice. For not only will you receive the impetus that you suggest to the Lord God on your behalf, but you will also receive a commission that requires that you come up higher day by day from this day forward in your life. Therefore do not take ligthly this initiation. But if I were you, I would, come forward, come what may, blessed hearts. Therefore, let us pray.
            O Lord Jesus, Savior of our souls as the Christ, we adore the eternal light burning within your heart that you most magnificently expressed in your Galilean mission and all the days of your life serving upon earth. Come forth and bestow your light unto these, your servants. O Holy Spirit, great Comforter, we beseech thee. We accept your presence in our midst and the fire as cloven tongues that descend now upon these, your servants. O great Mother of all life, come forth now and bless and protect each and every one of your children who comes to receive something of that holy essence from your heart. O Father of all lights, bestow to each one now the power of self-transformation that has always been there for the righteous and those who call unto you in holy prayer and sacrifice.
            I, Magda, now turn the wheel of this sacred signet and I wrap around these holy ones, currents of Cosmic Christ Consciousness for their victory in this life, by the power of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit now made manifest upon this altar. Of ourselves we can do nothing, O God. But with thee and in thy name, I AM THAT I AM, all power in heaven and earth is released and available to those who bow before thy holy name and altar. And it I so this night by thy word and by thy commission, O God. Send these now unto our hearts. Come forth, O soul, and receive the anointing of that Spirit. [Audience members come to the altar for the touch and blessing of Jesus and the Holy Spirit through Magda through the messenger.]
            There is someone here with a tumor that is now being dissolved by the power of the Spirit! It will not affect your life mission! ... One of you has been struggling. Your struggle will be over permanently because of your constancy. ... No one's falling down yet. [Laughter] That's okay. The greater the slap [the more light may be released] … You get another one for your wife. You have to give her one when she comes back. [Applause]  Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Jesus is here! Jesus is here! Halleluiah! [Altar call ends.]
            Would you know the true Jesus as I know him, my beloved? Then let us kneel now. O my Lord and my beloved, let us build a new foursquare gospel church enfired this night by your fire, your flame. This is a new great commission. And I say that there are more than seventy here, are there not, O my Beloved? Look upon the record of these lifestreams, O Lord. If seventy could begin a new movement 2000 years ago, what will these do now, O my Lord, to raise the earth in sacred fire and to bring about a new revolution of the Spirit?
            Cloven tongues descend upon each and every one of you! Receive the Spirit, receive the Holy Ghost now! For you see, blessed ones, in the Alpha spiral of Pisces my Lord did send them forth. And in the Omega spiral of Aquarius, the Mother flame sends forth her children to fulfill all again. Rise now. When you ascend into the heart of God, you are born anew. You are truly revived in Spirit in that hour. This is the true revival that we, the ascended masters, would be a party to. And you should see our parties! [Laughter]
            So let us joy in the Lord and praise his name and sing and dance and be joyous as heartfriends of the Spirit, my beloved friends. I thank you.

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