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Kuthumi      June 29, 2008

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
June 29, 2008  8:08-8:29 am MDT
Spiritual Freedom in the Coming Golden-Crystal Age
Big Sky, Montana

Spiritual Communities—Supporting Souls Becoming the Christ
A Dispensation of Light and a Directive to Formulate
Guidelines and Standards for Community Living

            I would speak of the Holy Order of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe and of our support of the Cosmic Christ. We follow the example set by the Master Jesus of service to humanity through the sacrifice of beingness, the laying down of the lesser self so that the divine may fully appear. And Christ by Christ by Christ, as we hold the office in humility of brother and sister, we support and provide a platform for the reign of the Cosmic Christ who upholds that light on behalf of the entire Earth.
            You see, blessed ones, Jesus came as the divine example of what each and every son and daughter of God could be. And unless and until you individually accept the possibility that you also may walk the earth as a holy one, sustaining the fires and light of Christ Consciousness where you are, then you cannot fully merge into the stream of cosmic connectivity with your Solar Source. But as you accept the Great Commission given unto your soul in the beginning by God to go forth and multiply, then you have access to the fullness of your own Christ-potential, multiplying not only physically but using the talents and graces of the Spirit vouchsafed to you in the beginning to be an exemplar for thousands and millions of souls.
            We came to Earth to serve humanity, to elevate those who had lost the way by leaving off of their devotion to and attention upon God, the great All in all. And to hold this field of awareness of presence in your office is essential for the fulfillment of the greater plan of the Brotherhood, such that this earth may truly become that which it has always meant to be in the eyes and in the heart of God.
            The greater the focalization of the Christ Consciousness that you carry within your aura, within your being, the greater access that all souls evolving here have to the divine principles and precepts of light for their own God Self-realization. Together within a sangha, or a community, such as this which we are forming, building and expanding day by day, a greater field of holy presence may be nourished as Above, so below within the hearts of devotees such as you.
            Every community of light formed by avatars of the past, by Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the Spirit, was for the purpose of bringing something of the heaven world to earth in a most tangible way. This, each of you can do in your families and communities, but we would now link these in a great spiritual web, whereby there is the enfiring and a greater commissioning of your spiritual work together, blessed hearts.
             So I come this day with a dispensation of light on behalf of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe whereby as your Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups sustain a certain discipline in the giving of your daily invocations and prayers and mantras and meditations and as there is the expansion of the holy community of light through conscious application of the law of being and the fulfillment of certain assignments given through the messenger to all heartfriends, that we will support, overshadow and nurture your physical work upon earth by our greater presence, by a greater flow of energy and spiritual fire that may be yours as you harmonize the light within your beings with one another to sustain your joint office with us.
            In consultation with the Darjeeling Council we ask now the leadership of this entire movement to set forth by intention certain guidelines and principles of behavior within your Hearts Centers and communities. These are not so much rules and regulations but simply a clear pathway for those who come to the doors of your sacred centers for understanding of what you are about, of the spiritual pathway before you, certain parameters that they may understand in order to fulfill their own portion of the great plan for this movement of light. You may consider convoking a special weekend seminar specifically to work on this issue, blessed ones, because we have already seen within certain of your centers through a lack of communication and conscious application of that which we have already spoken of, the entering in of individual frequencies through unconscious ones that have been consternating to some of you in knowing exactly what to do and where to go and how to provide a natural impetus for greater evolutionary progress on behalf of the souls who come to you.
            This does not mean that you cloister yourselves away from the earth or set forth unbearable standards to the new student of light but simply that you put forth beautifully the example of the disciplined one on the path who can, through an understanding of the precepts of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe and of the Brothers and Sisters in White ascended, conform to a higher standard of spiritual living. Once this is firmly established, blessed ones, many will naturally be drawn to your communities because at the soul level they know that they must rise in consciousness, they must come up higher in order to fulfill their own life calling. We suggest that these standards be established with positive “I AM” statements rather than focusing on the do's and the don't's of the past.
            The Cosmic Christ Lord Maitreya now seeds within the minds of each and every one of you who desire to participate in this alchemy, Cosmic Christ awareness and understanding of the holy path. And many of you coming to the Round Table to offer and share the inspiration given unto you in this way will allow for a greater and more whole manifestation of these divine principles and precepts that may be offered to the spiritual aspirant.
            When you form your Hearts Center communities and great light is invoked within your sanctuaries, you must safeguard that which we pour forth from our realms, blessed ones, so that the light is not debased within the forcefield of your communities and centers. For light attracts darkness. And some come seeking that light but knowing not quite how to ingest it yet such that it may fully be assimilated within their beings. And thus, some of you must be the ones to gently and graciously lead them to a greater understanding of the spiritual path—never condemning, never judging, winking at times at the imperfections and the temporary goings out of the way but yet offering a hand and a humble heart to provide opportunity for self-transcendence.
            It was so in the establishing of our communities at Assisi and throughout Italy long ago that we thought long and hard on these matters. And the history is there for you to see how when certain principles were compromised then the entire mission could have been aborted through some who wanted to water down fully that which the Lord God gave to me as the standard and the norm at that time. Yes, mankind has evolved and new understanding is here for all, blessed ones. And yet the same pure stream must be there within the context of many lives for souls to follow home to the heart of God.
            The very creation of these divine standards will be an alchemy that will be very meaningful to many of you who have in past incarnations been within communities such as these, some of which were too stern and strict in their requirements and rules. And so cosmic balance is the requirement in this day and reverence for life must be at the very core of the standards that you set forth.
            This is truly a “Sun” day whereby the light of the Source now comes to surround each and every one of you fully as you drink in and accept the solar radiance from your Source. Breathe deeply in these environs, blessed hearts, and take in the essence of all elemental life as you commune in your afternoons among the nature spirits. Let this truly be a time of re-creation, allowing God to remold you in the new image of your Higher Self.
            We will walk and talk with you as you hike and walk among these mountain fastnesses, along the brooks and among the mighty pines and evergreens. And in our communion heart to heart, something of the spiritual life that you came here to experience will be given by me and my holy brothers and sisters.
            Revere the living flame of love within each and every one of those who have come. Appreciate the great light and fire within their hearts and eyes. For it is from this point of God-identification that you will magnetize many to this Hearts Center movement, for they will feel the great fire of your love and be drawn into greater awareness and joy in participating with you in this sacred adventure.
            I am the Master KH. And I bow to the Christ within each and every one of you as the holy one, truly as friend, as brother and sister divine.

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