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Lanello      June 28, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
June 28, 2008  6:00-6:10 am MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
2008 World Freedom Summer Conference
Big Sky, Montana

Welcome to This Sacred Conflagration of Freedom!
I Am Holding a Field of Picture-Perfect Presence in Joy for You All!

Blessed Pilgrims,
             In the grand adventure that is life, it is with reverence for your soul and for all evolving upon Earth that I greet you and offer the sign of peace of the Brotherhood in White. This peace comes from my communion with the All-Abiding One, who sustains the cosmic web that is the all-composition of the One. I share this peace now with each and every one of you, who have made the long trek to this mountainside retreat to gather with heartfriends of old, souls whom you have known, those who have decided to simply be God.
            It is quite a decision in one's life to put all aside to dwell in the presence of the One Light. And this you have each done by intention, following the thread of your own beingness to the origin of all being, the First Cause. And as you have sought the divine within the creation and manifest within each heart, young and old, you have arrived at a new point of Self-discovery that is both beautiful [and] daunting.

            It is an opportunity to commune directly with your elders, those of us who have simply accelerated consciousness and now abide just beyond the veil in etheric ascended realms of light. This divine experience may be yours each day. It occurs through acceptance of your Buddha nature and identification with the creative energies of the spirit that flow through this blueprint of the true you.
            Each of you has experienced something of this creative quintessence, else you would not be seated here. Each of you has surrendered most of the lesser you to embrace the divine, and you have come to see just what this mountaintop experience can be vis-a-vis your path home to the heart of God through your continuing grand adventure.
            We, the ascended masters, champion free will, the authenticity of your path and your right to pursue the coursing of light through your awareness in the way that has meaning and purpose to you. For our servitors of the Spirit have been sponsoring and guiding you each step of the way as you have sought higher knowledge, congruence with holy purpose, your inner mission andthe glorious radiance of the heaven world that truly makes life upon Earth meaningful to the spiritual aspirant.
            Although we could say that you already have all of the answers right within your heart, and indeed you do, you must first identify the questions for this evening and this week that will key you into a higher spiral of solar living. And as you commune with your own eternal Presence of cosmic joy, whom we term the I Am That I Am, which is individualized for each and every one of you as your Higher Self, you will have more readily available answers in our presence, because we augment the work and the cosmic HeartStream of your Presence by our oneness with you at this level of solar beingness.
            Therefore, no matter where you have come from or where you see yourself going or evolving to, we will be here to support, uphold and nurture this divine experience by our love, wisdom and power, by all that we can bring in terms of personal and planetary dispensations, the dynamics of the multiplication of the light through your group prayers, meditations, devotions and funbut most importantly through the cosmic connectivity of your hearts through centeredness within the sacred circle of grace that we form together as holy brothers and sisters in your midst and all around you now.
            Be sensitized to the higher frequencies of radiant joy now, O soul of light. Feel the currents of the Spiritcoursing through your chakras and meridians and each solar cell that composes all of your inner bodies as part of the whole of who you are as a God-conscious one. I, Lanello, a servant of the One Light, breathe the breath of life as the peace of the Presence here and open this sacred convocation of freedom on behalf of Saint Germain and the entire hierarchy of light now assembled.
             Purusha! Purusha! Purusha! O Great Spirit, infilleach heart with your love. O holy Buddhas, East and West, meditate with these, your awakening ones, once again. O angels of all of the choirs of heaven, sing of divine intercession and of the glory of the Three-in-One, the eternal spark of God beating within these hearts.
            O radiant Silent Watchers, who guide the course of all civilizations upon Earth and all systems of worlds, come now and illumine these, your sponsored ones, with a new wave of celestial light for the victory of their lives. O great God of all beingness, look upon them now and raise them up to behold the glory of their own souls, ascendingegressingout of the limited domain of human consciousness and into the halls of cosmic purity. O masters of universal wisdom, tutor each of these, your students of higher gnosis, to go within and unlock the keys to their own divinity.
            I am holding a field of picture-perfect presence in joy for you all as you ascend the spiral staircase of light and enter the gates of the Holy City with your true friends of the Spirit here and now. Let us sing this song, blessed ones, to the Holy City as we look to our right and to our left and hold the hands of our holy brothers and sisters and with all beings of light interspersed among us now assembled.

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