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Serapis Bey      June 20, 2008

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
June 20, 2008   8:04-8:21 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Take the Opportunity of Summer Solstice to Glorify God within Your Being
by Nurturing That Mother Light

Look to the Sun and Allow the Full Radiance of the Abundant Flow
of God-Energies to Be Yours Always

Beloved Trainees in Godhood,
            The energy of transformation may be yours when you bow to the light of God that always prevails and know with a surety that the Divine One is the only power that can act in your world. And it is especially true this day, summer solstice, when the Earth and the star of this system are aligned such that those in the Northern Hemisphere of your planet receive the most intense and direct rays of light from the Sun Presence of Helios and Vesta than during any other time of the year.
            So, beloved ones, take this opportunity to glorify God right within the chalice of your being and heart by nurturing that Mother Light that it may flow and stream more fully throughout your being. Receive the ministration of the nurturing energy of Spirit within matter as the divine seedings of God-harmony, supply and abundance, which may be yours as you tap into the divine resources through conscious application of all that you know, living fully within God's eternal Presence of joy, of love, of wisdom and of power now.
            I am Serapis Bey, and I come in this cycle to infuse you, each one, with a greater clarity of purpose. For some have lost a certain sense of their inner purpose through identification with lack and a temporary downturn in their personal finances, which they feel is somehow related to their consciousness. Well, it is so, blessed ones. And I say that you all, as God-realized ones, must outpicture in your life greater abundance in the physical plane. Through the focus of your attention upon the highest stream of spiritual energy, who is your Higher Self, you may direct God's light into matter form such that you may have all that you require to fulfill all.
            In every solar cycle there is a turning of the sphere of God's being within the sun and the revolving around that perfected example of divine glory by all of God's children as they turn toward that light and worship that magnificent God Presence as their own. Each one may capture the celestial rays of light emanating from the one Source when their attention is there rather than on the shadow side of life. Therefore look to the sun! See your Source, and allow the full radiance of the abundant flow of pure, radiant God-energies to be yours ever and always. From this point of reference, all that you require may be and is and has always been yours, blessed ones.
            Some have called me a disciplinarian, and it may be so. For the purpose of my specific way of working with students of the light is to bring them once again to an understanding of true Solar joy, which comes when you fully identify with God rather than with the lesser self. And if it takes a certain temporary uncomfortability, where the light of God highlights the unreal for a time so that you can see it for what it is, so that its effects no longer grip you in its rays of darkness, then so be it. For we are about the divine business of becoming God. And if you would be becoming to God, then you must divest yourselves of all that is un-God, you see.
            And what better day and time and hour and moment to do this than today and now, when the sun overhead is pulsating out to you its effulgent currents of pure God-radiance in such glory and splendor that you too may become with me a Solar being and say:

       I am, with Serapis Solei1, living fully within the cosmic stream of God-harmony this day. I am  identifying only with my God Presence. In full joy I am radiating out the Solar light of my Higher Self to all life from this day forward, for all eternity because this is all I know. This is all I AM. And by God's grace I will make my ascension because it is the only way out and off this planet. And I will take that way that God has provided me and walk in it fully. And I will have my victory and live in this higher spiral of being forevermore, so help me God. Amen.

            Beloved ones, I come to spin your chakras. I come to give you a push on the merry-go-round of the divine life that you may live this day and every day where there is a spinning off from you of the unreal elements of selfhood outside of God and a new infusion of light and an inculcation within you of the highest elements of Divine Selfhood inside of God.
            Therefore as you whirl and swirl and twirl in the New Blue frequencies of El Morya and the Lord Alpha himself, through the summer solstice season the light of Omega is also come, and I anchor it to push you back up the spiral of the cosmic clock through the second half of this year until you are fully God-Self-realized in this divine cycle.
            Those of you who have studied your astrological signs, the relationship of the planets within your personal chart and even the cyclings of cosmic energies to the Earth and the evolutions thereof, know what is laid before you as opportunity for self-mastery. And you must use your knowledge to be truly wise in all ways in this hour and accept, through the victory consciousness, the higher ways of celestial light that are coming to the Earth. And as you identify with these cosmic currents and receive your daily infusion of light and the initiations that come with them, together we will boost this spaceship Earth higher in its divine orbit around the Solar hub until every man, woman and child also fully identifies with God and becomes real in God.
            It may be so if you believe it! And now I charge each and every one of you to achieve it. So the cycles turn within the lives of our disciples, and those who would be initiated by the great Kali Mother have made their plans—but not all. The stage is almost set. When she begins her cosmic dance with Shiva, you will see a new turning of worlds; and when she performs her alchemical work, you will never be the same again, beloved ones! And it will be so because you have accepted our call and this opportunity presented to be in her presence and to allow her to fully strip you of the darkness of the lesser self.
            Whoa! If you thought that I was a fiery one, you should see the Mother Kali and see her blazing aura of white light! Some of you will see her, blessed ones, and feel her fire. For I will be there to be a witness of her fiery Presence and to be a distributor, an accelerator of her intense Mother-God energies for the turning of worlds within our holy ones.
            God bless you on your path home. I am raying forth now the currents of the ascension flame for those who would win all the way. I am Serapis Soleil, and I live within the Sun of God's Presence always. I thank you.


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