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Lanello      June 03, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
June 3, 2008   7:30-7:46 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Claiming Your Rightful Inheritance

The Necessity of Being Self-Starters to Fulfill the Great Plan of the Brotherhood
Taking the Helm Is the Requirement of the Hour

Beloved Ones,
            There are times when you must lay claim to your rightful inheritance, and this takes a fiery determination, a spirit of oneness, focus toward your goal and a heart of love. Some would come to steal away your victory, even snatching it from you at the eleventh hour just before your victory. This is when you must stand as one heart, determined that nothing shall assail the vision, the mission and the victory of both.
            We of the Great White Brotherhood have studied the attempts of the sinister force to divert the attention, the focus and the fire of the disciples just at that point when they could lay claim to what is rightfully theirs. And yet, because of a lack of understanding or of simply knowing what is at stake, there is not the one-pointedness required to sustain the momentum, to see through to the victory the goals set before you.
            It would be to your advantage to have a session to study this dynamic. Although we would reveal to you this day that there is a collective dweller on the threshold composed of the momentums of darkness of those who stand to lose ground, to lose something of their carnal nature whenever a project such as you have entered into here is brought forth into the physical plane, those who have cause to assail your victory would lose something of the cloud of maya around them that sustains a self-identity outside of God.
            Whenever you are in any way out of alignment with your own noble God Presence, at a certain level of your being you also vibrate in resonance with those who would steal away your victory. And therefore that same cloud of maya may come upon you to divert you into other activities, momentums, projects or simply a lack of focus whereby the victory that could be yours is not and the cycle that must come to fruition is aborted. This has occurred numerous times in the annals, [the] history of the Brotherhood and its various projects. There often is one within the very midst of the disciples sent by the sinister force creating havoc, wreaking great destruction or in some way being a stumbling block to your pathway to the light.
            Although you could analyze, if you wish, from the outer point of view how this diabolical force has worked through various individuals, I suggest that you simply consider your own consciousness as a point of reference, looking not to another or to outer events or circumstances, but seeing how right within the chalice of your own being you have at times let slip the cup just before the quaff could be drunk from your lips.
            There are momentums within your electronic belt that if outplayed fully can result in your destruction. And yet there is a spiral of light descending from your God Presence that if fully employed and utilized leads to your permanent victory in the light. It is always a choice, blessed hearts, which of these spirals you will attach your heart to, your desire, your will. And daily the choice is given to your soul, even at the dawn and before the rising of the sun, how you will set [the] course of your day by intention, whom you will serve—God or mammon within you.
            Is it always necessary for us to call vigils and to cajole you to come in order to sustain this activity or the alchemy of a project that you have seen as possible? Or can you self-sustain the momentum through your own human will, one with the Divine within you; by forging a new link with the Spirit through a fiery determination to see the potential and then make that potential a reality?
            We see the density of the world that at times besets our best disciples and causes a certain sleep, a certain inactivity, inertia. And so we come with our fire to prod you beyond the human level into new higher awareness. But it would be better for you, blessed ones, and greater good-karma making if we were not always required to come to cajole you, but if this [fiery awareness] were sustained by the self-starters within this movement, who could assist all in fulfilling the divine intention of the whole. Each of you may look within to see how that kindling spark may be renewed within you day by day in your holy office as a son, a daughter of God, as an initiate of the sacred fire, as an adept in the becoming, a master in the making. When you take the initiative, then the great good karma of sustaining the momentum required for any project to be accomplished is yours.
            One by one by one, as many attune to the frequencies of Morya, Saint Germain, the masters of wisdom and Mother Mary, the added momentum of their cosmic consciousness will be yours. But if you are always waiting for our word, for our directive, even through the voice of the messenger and dictations and darshans, then how will you truly become the master yourself, fulfilling a lifelong project, a holy mission that you vowed to fulfill before your incarnation?
           Thus I come on this Tuesday to give each and every one of you the understanding of the necessity to be self-starters, to be the engine within the vehicle that moves, that purrs, that hums and that together moves forward our plan to build and to create Hearts Centers and groups throughout the world, [and also your mission] to sustain the tie with the Great White Brotherhood day by day through conscious cooperation with each other, through your holy service and your daily spiritual practices and deep communion with your Solar Source, with your own great God Presence, I AM.
           Looking only to the messenger or the leaders of this movement or the leaders of Heartfriends Groups and Hearts Centers is not the way of the bold disciple of the Spirit. But taking the helm is the requirement of the hour for each one, reminding each other of the steps and stages along the way to fulfill the great plan and then making it happen through action, through concerted effort, through a bold, new movement of the Spirit in the physical.
            We are grateful for all that you have done to raise the funds, and [we] see the great glow of your fiery determination. But now, blessed ones, let us move heaven and earth to make this retreat a reality, clearing the underbrush, building the edifice, laying claim to the land and inhabiting it for God.
            I am Lanello. I am yours to command. You are gods. Make it so through your word. I thank you.

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