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Fortuna      June 01, 2008

Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
June 1, 2008   7:53–8:10 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Beloved Fortuna Offers Congratulations on the Fundraising Efforts for the Wellspring Retreat

Using the
Om Joy” Mantra for Precipitation

            Congratulations, sons and daughters of God! You have fulfilled our initial request to precipitate the funds for the office complex of the central Hearts Center by raising, by this day, the amount that we have requested, and for that we are grateful. [applause]

            It is truly amazing, is it not, what heartfriends can do when they put their minds and hearts and vision into action as a collective, as one heart for God. This you have done, and many of you have sacrificed greatly. I, Fortuna feel, acknowledge and recognize that which has streamed forth as your personal commitment of abundance, which I now take within my heart as an offering to the blessed Mother Mary and, on her behalf, hold this amount as the potential for that which may manifest so long as all of the continuing work that must still be fulfilled is brought forth. Notice that I said “our initial request.” For there is much more, blessed ones, that is required to bring forth that vision held within the eye and the heart of the Mother for this property and for this movement.

            Some of you have worked overtime to make it happen, and those of you who have taken to heart our message now receive at inner levels the multiplication, by a factor of five, of that which you have given, by the power of the emerald ray, by the power of my causal body. And it shall be fulfilled within your world, within your life as you accept it, as you maintain harmony, as you continue on in your devotions and your belief in this dispensation and in our words flowing through the orifice, the mouthpiece that has been provided you as an entry point into the divine world for many.

            Blessed hearts, the cornucopia of light is here. It is a portal to higher abundance, the riches of the Spirit, the flow of the Cosmic Mother, whose offering unto you may be sustained through your divine contact through presence, through love and joy, through greater connectivity in mindfulness and through the work of your hands and head and heart.

            The blessed Mother has much in store for you, each one, both those who are living or who will live within these environs and those who will continue to receive the bubbling cosmic energy from the fount of her heart in days to come through the nourishment of the Spirit, which may always be yours in that contact divine. As you hold within your mind's eye a perfect vision of the reality that you seek and energize it through the upholding within your feeling world of the highest virtues and graces, through emoting divine quintessence and then through making practical that vision and feeling through active steps and stages to fulfill that blueprint, then, blessed ones, you are making this path real. You are drawing down the graces of the Spirit through the funnel of light of this cornucopia that I provide for service to sentient beings and for the greater mission of the collective of heartfriends the world around as well as those here.      

            On behalf of the evolutions of this planetary home, I hold a vast vision of the abundance that Jesus saw, which is the birthright of every son and daughter and which he proclaimed in his I AM statements and in his very life, laid down for all. The resurrection flame itself that he bore is an accelerated action of the ray of precipitation, the crystal ray, blessed hearts, at a certain level. And the reason the fifth ray proceeds into the sixth—whereby that emerald frequency merges into the resurrection currents of the sixth ray—is so that you may garner that action of your vision for the possibility of your full flowering in the resurrection currents and then, ultimately, your entering into your eternal freedom in the seventh-ray violet light of cosmic joy.

            Hilarion has come and given you the Om Joy” mantra. This itself is a mantra of precipitation. For where there is joy, there is the crucible of abundance right within the heart. Where there is the possibility of great miracles occurring through that cosmic joy spirit, there we come. We energize, we activate and we fulfill the vision that you have held, blessed hearts.

            So it is time to be about the Father-Mother God's business in very practical ways, in the assignment of duties and responsibilities both here at the Wellspring Retreat complex and in your Hearts Centers. And I suggest that you meet regularly, have action plans, divvy up the work and responsibilities and see to it that everything is laid out such that the work may ensue, the building may occur, the ongoing financial support may manifest and the staff of this movement may be secure because you have laid the foundation and created the sacred formula for ever-increasing abundance to continue to manifest and grow through the fount of supply within the central auric field of this retreat of the blessed Mother.

            The reason the messenger needed the doors open this morning was to hold within his mind's eye the fountain that you have so lovingly created here as a point of beingness for my entry into the equation of light, blessed ones. You may also hold this thoughtform of a continuously bubbling and streaming fountain, which I ask you to see as containing within it emerald, teal and golden-light frequencies. And then as you bring this thoughtform right within the physicality of your own being, as the Mother light does rise within you as the sacred kundalini, there is the nourishing of every cell of your being, the sustaining of an immortal stream of divine joy, the ever-effulgent radiance and blessedness, as grace, of that Mother flow right within your world.

            This is the goal of those who are entering into the sacred science of precipitation: to hold that field and flow of abundance within oneself as a point of contact for the divine frequencies to continue to stream forth to this Earth, blessed ones. As Above, so below, within the microcosm of your life, the macrocosmic energies and currents of holy fire may be yours as you accept and sustain them through your joyful spirit of gratitude.

            Notice, blessed hearts, even in the word congratulations there is the action of gratitude. And so I say again, congratulations for all that you have fulfilled by this day, June 1, 2008. Now we shall see what may come forth, month by month and year by year, as you fill in the “greenprint” for this retreat with greater cosmic harmony and abundance.

            I AM Fortuna. I bless you. I sustain you in the eye of God through my vision held of the glory of your soul, one with your spirit, ever one with God. I thank you.

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