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Suryaji      May 29, 2008

Beloved Suryaji
David C. Lewis
May 29, 2008   6:00-6:22 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Freedom Conference 2008: Be There for the Victory of Your Soul!
Move Heaven and Earth to Be in the Presence of the Blessed Kali Mother!

I am Suryaji whom you have known as Ramakrishna. And I come early this morning at the hour of the Mother with an important message for every heartfriend within this movement. And I call to the souls of all who claim that they love the Mother Light. You have been called to the Freedom Conference 2008 knowing that the Kali Mother is coming. And those of you who know of my life as Ramakrishna and of my great love of the Mother Kali would do well to understand just how important this specific conference is to the victory of your soul, not another's but your soul, blessed ones.
            Some of you have told our representatives that you have more important matters to attend to than to be at the very source of the flow of the Word through the embodied messenger to hear the voice and the vibration and the light of the Kali Mother. And I say unto each and every one of you, if you knew truly, blessed ones, how many thousands of masters and cosmic beings have prepared this very feast of light for you individually, then you would do all in your human power, augmented by the God-power that may flow through you, to be physically present at our Freedom Conference.
            O soul, I speak directly to you in this hour. This is not an attempt simply to bring greater income into this movement, but it is for the victory of your life, your very reason for being upon Terra to be an anchor point for the Maha Kali. Blessed hearts, some have seen the handwriting on the wall of what is coming upon the earth and especially the Mother Kali. And that is why she is coming—to strip from you every last vestige of demon and discarnate and darkness within your electronic belt and your being that must go, that can go because when you come and sit in the very presence of the light of the Mother, she will remove from you that which many of you have sought to divest from yourselves for embodiments, and I say, in some cases hundreds of embodiments, blessed hearts.
            Nothing should stop you from your fiery determination to be at the very feet of the Mother. This messenger has told you of his great desire early in his discipleship to traverse this nation to be at the feet of Jesus the Christ physically. And that is why, in part, he was chosen to be the mouthpiece for you in this hour.
            How many of you would be greater mouthpieces for God in your life? Well, I say, if you would, if you could and if you would have removed from you that which clouds your vision and in some cases your very voice, then consider what it will take to be physically present at our Freedom Conference.
            I suggest that you make a plan today and write down, after researching, exactly what you need in terms of supply to come to this class, being very prudent, pooling your resources with others and in some cases as necessary, pulling out all the stops and selling off what you do not need in this hour of your life to be there. If you make the plan and write it down, make a copy and burn one and dedicate your plan to me, I, Suryaji, will do all that is possible with the aid of the Divine Mother, the Mother Kali, to assist you to be there, blessed hearts.
            And this day I call for a thirty-day vigil within this movement, for all those who in any way can partake of it, for greater abundance for every heartfriend within this movement of light.
            You are nearing the completion of the victory of the down payment for your physical presence here upon this property for Mother Mary, blessed hearts, so long as all other parameters are met by those who are consciously attentive to the details on behalf of the Mother in securing the loans, et cetera. I say that this vigil, if attended by you as you are able and as you strive and sacrifice the lesser self in the process, will bring about not only a greater connectivity of your soul with the heart of the Mother Kali, blessed ones, but will allow heaven to move earth such that you may move your body to be there with the Mother Kali.
            Yes, we see the reality of the limitations of living within your plane. But, blessed ones, do you think that I would ever miss one of the celebrations of the coming of Kali? No!  I was there day and night worshipping her in the temple and within every representative of her that I saw everywhere I walked! So it may be for you. Let your need be known to your fellow heartfriend, and see what you can do this day to make your needs known and to make your plan a reality. 
            See the end from the beginning and then do all that is possible, blessed hearts. Saint Germain desires to see seven hundred at this event! And yet we do not see the upswell of great God-desire even within the heartfriends that have already pledged their troth to the master to be there for him and with him! So how do you expect to magnetize other heartfriends to this event, blessed ones, when you have said, “Sorry, Saint Germain, I desire to go here or there or to another activity. And therefore, I bow to the light in you, but I am off to fulfill that which I must do”?
            Do you think, blessed ones, that we can grow an activity such as this when some of you who have pledged your very heart flame to see the victory of this activity leave off of your desire in this way? Why, there is greater fire in the hearts of some of the newer students and those who came to Shasta then in those of you who have sat in the very presence of our witness day after day or listened over the broadcast, blessed ones.
            So I come with a fire! So I come with a cosmic spanking unto you, and I say, if you would receive the light of Kali, I would prepare you, I would strip from you day by day something of the lesser self so that when the great Mother Kali comes and wields her sword, you will not go forth in fear of that which comes to deliver you from your very human creation.
            Therefore consider giving that Dweller Call daily also during this vigil. For if you can release day by day something more of the lesser self, then she can take more from you, blessed hearts, of that which is unreal. And then you can be of greater benefit to this entire planetary body, for she comes not only for you but for the entire planet itself and for all lifestreams upon it!
            Some of you are thinking, “Yes, I have heard it all before. And I do not believe this message because it seems that the messenger is angry.” But I say, blessed hearts, open your heart, open your mind, open your very soul to receive the greater light of the Mother where you are. For you will see that your very Higher Self speaks unto you in this hour. And the voice of the one sent is simply a reminder of that which you already know, that which you have already determined to become and to manifest in your life.
            If you would have greater abundance, if you would have the victory of every project, of every vision, of every alchemy that you engage in, then something must go, even as you are ready to receive the higher light of the Spirit right where you are. Study my life as Ramakrishna. And see, though I was considered a fool by some, yet I stood firm in my resolve to be the very vehicle for that Mother Light, come what may.
            If you would move as a vessel of the Mother in the earth to anchor her light on behalf of thousands and even millions, then you must receive the initiation physically. Many of you sat at the feet of the representative of the Mother in this age for years and even decades, and you have seen her great sacrifice for you, each one. Well I say, are you willing to be that much of a vessel for the light of God to flow into this earth? If you would and if you will, then you will see the victory of this age of the Mother, blessed hearts.
            But if some of you determine that you will simply be comfortable in your homes, doing what you would do, watching the television and not making the sacrifice on behalf of the Mother to be her representative, then I say, then that which you see outpicturing will be the result of the choices of, one by one by one, the disciples of the Mother the earth around.
            I speak not to bring fear unto your heart or soul, but I speak on behalf of your heart and soul. And I am with you in your striving, in your determination. Yes, I speak this morning not on deaf ears, in a sense preaching to the choir of angels who listen day by day. And yet I also speak to those who will hear me and express the very fiery love of Kali—that love so intense that she is willing to be looked upon almost as a demon. But in order to fulfill her sacred service to life, she comes devouring the demons that would devour you, slaying that which is unreal so that you may become the reality of who you are. Is this not the greatest love—that one would lay down her very life for each and every one of you in this way, blessed hearts? As Jesus said, the greatest love comes through the heart of the one willing to lay down his life for his friends.
            Well, Mother Kali is your greatest friend! And I am determined to attach you to her heart and to usher you to the sacred spot, high in the mountains of Montana, that will bring you into the very forcefield and flow of her great light. And all the world, whether conscious or unconscious, will know the presence of this representative of Omega and Vesta—truly the highest representative in this system of worlds of that Mother energy of cosmic radiance and holy fire that will bring you ever higher.
            Some of you follow a path of the raising of the kundalini. I say there is no greater way to raise that Mother Light within than to worship Kali day and night by revering her very fire, by being in the bliss of her presence and by allowing, through holy surrender, the cosmic radiance of her shakti energy to deliver you from evil and to bring you into conformity with total Godness.
            I am Suryaji. I weave a coil of Mother Light around you during this thirty-day vigil as you call to Astrea and Kali and give your vajras, the thunderbolt, to deliver the earth from darkness on behalf of the Buddhas. Call to me. Sing to me. Dance to me and with me, and I will dress you in white, the white light of the Mother Kali, to be prepared for the great feast, truly the wedding of your soul with your spirit that she is daily preparing for you.
            I am grateful to those of you who have entered into a greater connectivity because of your due diligence in being here day by day. Continue on, blessed ones, for you are winning. We will have our victory. We will be there for Saint Germain and the Mother Kali if we lock arms and move together to fulfill all by God's grace.
            I thank you, blessed hearts, for your great love.

[Suryaji asks that this message be transcribed and sent to every heartfriend as a HeartStream with a link to the audio.]

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