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Maha Chohan      May 25, 2008

Blessed Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
May 25, 2008   5:02-5:08 pm PDT
The Chohans of the Rays Come to Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta, California


The Maha Chohan Blesses and Seals the Mount Shasta
Heartfriends Group and Conference

            In the name of all that is true within the hearts of these your servants, O God, I, the Maha Chohan, bless each of these holy sons and daughters of God who have, by their intention and their free will, decided to bond—heart, head and hand—with each other for the creation of a heartfriends group here in Mount Shasta. Let the cosmic cross of white fire be established upon the crown of each one to seal them in the light of God through all the days of their lives, through all of their work and service with each other and for and on behalf of the evolutions in this area. May the Spirit of comfort now flow from my heart to each one to wrap you in an aura of divine love.
            I form a ring-pass-not of light around the environs of this city, and extending out eighty miles, as a permanent focus of fiery love ensconced in violet light from the heart of the Master Saint Germain. I seal this flowfield divine with the impression from above of an aura, an umbrella of protection, and from beneath, O God.
            I seal this area from all cataclysm and darkness, the entanglements of the human ego with the Nephilim gods and the aliens who are not benign, even as I acknowledge those who are here to serve mankind both at inner levels within the Earth and within the higher octaves of light. Those who are not true to the Divine, be gone, be gone, be gone. And let those who are true to holy purpose receive now the initiation of holy love from my heart.
            I extend this blessing now to this entire company of light who have gathered here at Shasta and those of you who are participating on the broadcast, and even those who will listen to or read my words.
            O Comforter divine, O Holy Spirit of all life, of whom I am the representative in this hour, blaze forth, blaze forth, blaze forth and reveal only light, only love, only God within these your servant sons and daughters.
            In the name of the original Comforter, I seal this conference, I seal these hearts. Amen.


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