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Thor      May 18, 2008

Beloved Thor
David Christopher Lewis
May 18, 2008   8:00-8:13 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Power of Cosmic Transmutation Through the Wind
Comingled with the Violet Laser Light

            With an air of cosmic delight I greet you this morning. And I am here to release the sacred air into your lungs impelling you higher, blessed ones. You have witnessed the fire in the sky comingled with the love of the sylphs of the air. And this has been positive proof of our existence in your world and dimension whereby the very molecules of selfhood manifest through the gracious elementals may raise your awareness into a new Godhood.
            Many of you have had dreams of flying. Well what is holding you back in soaring in God Consciousness day by day as you ascend in spirit to behold the very beings of the air that are all around you, though you know it not, O mankind? 
I, Thor, come this day to thunder the very voice of God within the elements of your world. As you meditate upon the sun and all that vibrates within the atmosphere of your Earth, you may come to know something more of the very essence of the fire and the air, the water and the earth who you are in form.
            Blessed ones, some wonder how they will ascend. I say that this ascension process occurs day by day as you place your focus upon God within, as you meditate upon the portal of the heart which is the true point of God-realization within whereby all that is true of you may manifest in your world. 
If you do not know your mission in life then look up and see what the sun within the heavens speaks to you of holy purpose. For this is your true nature. This is your God-identity. And the coursing of that solar sphere across the heavens day by day proves again unto you that God is real and that you, too, may soar as Icarus, not toward the day of your descent from your holy station, but fully engaged in and reaching the highest levels of beingness within the sun.
            Blessed ones, it is time for you to fully understand the nature of life and of your God Presence, of the holiness that is available unto you when you enter the very heartstream of the One and know the nature of the All-in-all. This experience may be yours day after day if you put your focus upon what is important. And this you do—those of you who come to these sessions and participate. For the purpose of our speaking unto you is not simply entertainment. If you attach yourself to the very molecule of Godhood who you, every time we come you may be raised in spirit a little higher and maintain that point of reality. And then one day you will simply slip right into the very essence of God, for it is a natural process, blessed hearts.
            When the thunder and the lightning come and you look to the sky to see almost the very terror of the Godhead in the manifestation of the power of the elements, this is not to bring fear unto your hearts. It is to remind you that God is God and that the ascended masters and those of the Great White Brotherhood who have been there for eons in time displaying holy purpose and proving the law of being are there for you as cosmic guides and guardians. And because they have proven the way, you also may walk in that way, the Middle Way, to Buddhic emanation and pure being.
            Maitreya comes to lead you to the Pure Land through your cosmic connection with your Source. And as you emanate compassion in all ways to all life, then the sylphs of the air come blessing you and leading you, even taking you by the hand if you so desire, to ascend on new cosmic currents of the Holy Spirit through greater awareness of the love-wisdom-power of the Divine One.
            As you meditate each day and allow your spirit to soar you can discern the true nature of your own higher beingness within God. Take time, blessed ones, to clear your mind of all burdens, of all senses of limitation, of anything that has kept you bound to the lower spheres and regions of consciousness. Through ingesting the holy breath, whereby the cosmic atmosphere of holy Atmos may be within you, you will know the quintessence and the solar essence that may flow through your lungs, revivifying your blood, bringing you new life and energy to truly know all of God within.
            The ancient yogis have known the science of holy pranayama whereby they have had access to the higher thoughts of God vibrating in the ethers. Why have any sense of limitation of what is possible for you, blessed hearts? Enter into this state of cosmic breath and know fully the ancient wisdom that may be yours as you seed the lesser self with full and powerful presence, the omnipresence of God.
            So breathe deeply now as I breathe into you the very essence of that Spirit this morning. And as you pray and send forth your devotion to God feel the impressions of this holy breath deep within your lungs, your diaphragm and the seat of the sun within you. [Thor outbreathes three long breaths].
            I accept all that is within your lungs and your internal body temple that is impure if you release it now. And by the power of cosmic transmutation through the wind comingled with the violet laser light there is the total and complete dissolution of this into pure light even as I now release it unto you for your ingesting, blessed hearts. [Thor outbreathes three more long breaths].
            So in the cycling of holy respiration, know God within. I am Thor. And I roar with Theos once again. [Thor roars through the messenger while he beasts his chest.] I thank you.

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