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Luara      May 17, 2008

Beloved Luara
David C. Lewis
May 17, 2008  8:15-8:37 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Waters of Life

Most gracious heartfriends who would understand the mystery of the waters of life,
            I, Luara, come to enfold you in the blessedness of your natal quiescence and return you to that point of origin within the womb of the Cosmic Mother. As you once again feel the pulsation of her heart within this spiritual amniotic fluid in which you may live and move and have your being within the very body of the Mother, you may know surcease from all struggle and simply abide there O, so close to her heart.
            You see, blessed ones, the Mother has never left you, though as her children you have departed in some way from the essence of light that she has wrapped around you. And as, through your meditations, you once again enter the sacred sanctuary that she has provided for you within the flow of her being, then all that is true about you is nourished, all that is real is accentuated, all that is noble and holy is there fully for you to partake of as food for thought, food for the soul, food for your spiritual growth, your greater understanding of your mission, your very life and of why you were born into this world.
            For those of you who are still in some way struggling to find your purpose, return to the cosmic womb of the great Mother Light. For within her being you can know and see fully that original purpose to which your Father-Mother God sent you forth into the veils of time and space. And though, embodiment by embodiment, the veils of forgetfulness descend upon you, yet at your core and in the inner recesses of being, blessed hearts, you have full access to that original ideation of the Father received by the Mother [which] now is you as a soul. Evolving in time and space is not always easy and we, the Hierarchs of the Elements, come to nurture your soul, your very being as you transcend cycles, as you attempt with greater virya and determination to bring about in your world the very presence of joy, love and harmony, peace, understanding and compassion to all life.
            All of the qualities of the Mother's heart are there for you to discern, to feel and to move within in your sacred meditation upon the beingness of her energy. And if at times there occurs in your world great misunderstanding between hearts as to the course that you should follow in resolving all conflict or in coming to terms with that which you and your partner or your heartfriends may fulfill, come back, back, back to the Mother's heart to receive her divine wisdom that flows as a ceaseless stream of consciousness, of holy grace, and accept that which she offers freely from her heart.
            Your scientists of today who study the biology of life evolving upon Terra say that all evolved through the water. And it is true, blessed ones, [for] in a greater sense you have all come through the water element in that time of gestation within the womb. This is a great metaphor for you to understand in the greater context of the evolution of worlds. For one day, having evolved beyond mortal form, you will see how your soul, one with the Spirit, will continue to evolve and move in the great cosmic sea of the Divine Mother that is the cosmos.
            We who work with the blessed tiny elementals, the undines, know so well the movement and the undulation of frequencies, of currents within all bodies of water and all of the various creatures that live in this sacred habitat of life. For those of you who breathe the air above the physical earth, it may be difficult for you to fully understand the totality and the ways of those who breathe within the water element. And yet through various scientists, adventurers and noble discoverers of the past, the present and even the future, you will understand the importance of all life within the sphere of the Earth, of the oceans and lakes, the seas, the streams, all the rivers that flow in the coursing of the very life of the Mother through these waters.
            Caring for elemental life within the oceans is so important that now you know that simply taking the fish and other creatures without honoring their habitats and the processes of life sets back the cycling of life within the four lower bodies of the Earth. And therefore use your understanding of life cycles, of the need to replenish that which is taken, [by] creating opportunities for new birth to manifest everywhere, blessed hearts. For if mankind only takes and does not give back to the Earth, then you will truly see how the Earth itself will take back from mankind that which is not rightfully his to have.
            And you have seen it manifest in what you have called "natural disasters" have you not? Blessed ones, reverence for life, life at all levels of being, life at all frequencies of existence, is so necessary to the evolution of mankind. Understanding the totality of God's creative efforts within all spheres of awareness is paramount such that you aid life, such that your "carbon stamp"[or footprint], as some would call it, does not burden the earth but that you move lightly, graciously and tenderly amidst all of the blessed creatures upon this Earth.
            Yes, there are some [animals] that outpicture the very violent instincts of the lesser self as those who devour one another with a treachery and in anger. And yet, blessed ones, at a certain level, even this is part of the natural cycle of life. For the blessed elementals simply outpicture that which is within the blueprint of their being to manifest. And though in some cases [they] having taken on the darkness that exists in the lower stratas of being of mankind, yet at the core of reality of their essence the nature spirits are true to who they are, living in the very presence of the Mother within nature. The more you understand life, the more you will value everyone, all of God's creatures, blessing them and moving surely and gently within the sphere of life in which you live.
            Neptune has come and washed you clean. And now blessed ones, I take the swaddling garment of the Cosmic Mother to dry you off even as a mother tenderly dries her infant babe after a gentle bath. I wrap around you now a new garment of light, even as you have striven in this vigil to support the elementals and nature spirits. They will come to your aid when you revere them, love them, pray for them and honor all that they do for the Earth and for mankind.
           So, sing of the Spirit most holy that penetrates and moves through all beingness within nature. "Love one another as I have loved you,"1 the master did say. Was he not speaking also of the precious elementals? For he loved them so and they obeyed his command. And it may be so for some of you who fully realize the allness of God's Presence within the earth, air, fire and water.
            I am Luara. And my work having been accomplished, I return to my meditation upon the cosmic sea of the allness of the One. I thank you.

1John 13:34

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