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Neptune      May 16, 2008

Beloved Neptune
David C. Lewis
May 16, 2008  7:34-7:58 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I  Stir the Waters of Living Light Within You For Our Joint Work Together


            O souls who love the Mother Light manifest within the created form of nature, I, Neptune, come this day and stir the waters of living light within you such that your emotional bodies may more gracefully manifest the divine feelings of the Beloved, of your Higher Self. When you are an open door for the feelings of God to manifest upon Earth through the harmonization of light, both within your solar plexus and within the very water molecules of your sacred bloodstream, the flow, the ceaseless flow of God-energy as light quintessence, washes you clean, purifies all within you in the very beingness of God.
            And so as you, each one, heart by heart, partake of the daily rituals of the cleansing of your physical bodies, I  ask you to consider also seeing the washing clean of your emotions and all that vibrates within your auras. The living crystal-diamond light frequencies of the Sprit flow through your aura. And those of you who are rising into adeptship are beginning to understand the action of the secret rays within your body temple and of  how these cosmic energies may be distributed through the crystal of your being to an entire planet and her people to balance, transform, align and revivify all life upon the sacred sphere that you call Mother Earth.
            The blessed elementals of the water element constantly work in consonance with spiritual devas to transform all that comes within the very environment of the water element. And is not the earth itself, blessed ones, truly a miracle manifestation of this Mother energy as water, seeing that most of your globe is covered by this sacred substance? If mankind only knew the effects of all that they do and think and feel upon the entire Earth body, and especially upon the waters of the deep, they would take time each day to meditate upon the great crystal of their own Higher Self to surmise how they may be a purifying molecule in the great body of the Mother of the Earth itself.
            As you have prayed to us and to the elementals this day, we have flashed forth the very essence of our Godhood into the water element of the Earth and into your own subconscious. For there are there, blessed ones, many thoughtforms, images and manifestations of your shadow self, which as you employ the violet transmuting fire and the violet laser light, you may see the dissolving of ancient patterns, even dating to the days of Lemuria when thoughtforms of great darkness were ensconced deep within your being, even at times trapping you by the action of the black magicians and those who came not to raise the earth in sacred fire but to entrap you and your soul in a diabolical dialectic of materialistic living.
            You would do well to understand the nature of the subconscious, of your dreams and of that which vibrates even within the frequencies of the unconscious during your sleep state. For as you work with the water element and the angels and devas who stream forth their consciousness to assist you in your spiritual work in carving out these ancient patterns and replacing them with divine engrams of light, we will assist you in this washing and cleansing process. Even as you have been given that prayer, "Wash the Earth in Violet Fire" you [may] see the action of the elementals manifest in your world. For there is in the very nature of water itself the action of dissolution. And when the fire element is added and the water is raised back into the heavens through the alchemical process that you know so well, even in the photosynthesis cycle, there is the transformation of a planet day after day and the water then descends again in many forms to wash clean the earth and to bless you and to provide that sacred formula for the sustaining of your body temple, blessed hearts.
            We come this day to encourage you to transmute some of the ancient prophecies even given in the Book of Revelation whereby the Earth is beset by great pollution and darkness. These prophecies of John were given such that you who have the spiritual tools may use them in full accord with us to know what is the possibility during the return of mankind's karma for the outpicturing of that darkness. And then by using the sacred sound of prayer and mantra and the action of the violet fire you may, by the alchemy of your word, dissolve those prophecies and see the Earth truly become the crystal radiant diadem of light that the Elohim have always envisioned and that we, the hierarchs of the elemental kingdom, hold in our mind's eye perfectly.
            You see, blessed ones, all prophecy is a warning. And when mankind takes that warning and then does something about it by conscious co-operation with us, by merging the stream of your intention with ours to transform the Earth, even in the twinkling of an eye the miracle manifestation of light may be yours, first within your world and then within the greater planetary body of the Earth that you call home. Yes, it is true that many of you have come to this planetary home from Venus and from other star systems to assist the evolutions here who had forgotten the way by leaving off of their attention upon, their reverence toward and their worship of the one God, even the I AM THAT I AM of their own Higher Self and of all life.
            And yet, now that you are somewhat embroiled in the karmic scheme of the evolution of your soul here, it is incumbent upon you, the conscious ones, to strive in your communities of light using all of the resources of the Spirit that you have as tools for conscious living through meditation, prayer, through emanation, solar gazing and the sciences of the Spirit, of alchemy to work together everywhere toward the one goal and end of freeing all souls to walk in the light and of bringing harmony and balance back to the sphere of Mother Earth.
            You see, blessed ones, the Mother Earth, or Gaia, as some have termed her, actually consists of four mothers: Diana, Aries, Luara and Virgo. And in holding the perfect balance of the four quadrants of being for the planetary body, these direct the work of the elementals on behalf of the Elohim who created the spheres of the planetary bodies. As you also commune with these four cosmic mothers and with us, their twin flames, we will pour forth our support of that perfect balance within you of the light frequencies of higher consciousness dawning, even as we speak, within your greater awareness of your Source.
            Yes, there is a shift occurring as the Earth within this solar system travels throughout this galaxy and nears the galactic core, as you have heard, returning to that point of the origin of the round of the cyclic nature of God on December 21, 2012 as foreseen by not only the Mayans, but many others. As you near this point, blessed ones, in time and space, understand the cycling of energies within your own being, within your own world and of how all of this is symbolic of your return to your origin, your own Solar core.
            When the Lord God created this planetary home His hand touched the very darkness, called the deep, and brought forth into manifestation the waters. And when there was the separation of the upper waters and the lower waters and there was the densification in form through substance of what you now call the landed areas from the air and the water also upon the sphere of the Earth, our work began and is continuing. And only when the Earth is fully subsumed into the star-fire presence of crystal-light energy through the enlightenment of all Earth's evolutions will our work be complete. Your work with us may be real. Your awareness of the presence of the nature spirits, of your cooperation and your reverence for them, will bring about greater joy, connectivity of the spirit and harmony throughout the four quadrants of being.
            O soul, O water within the souls of mankind, rise. Fulfill the destiny of the energy in motion of God within the Self and know truly the allness of your divine nature and live in the love of your Buddha nature, the sacred emanation of wakefulness in God's Mind.
            I am Neptune. And I attune your being with the very beingness of God as you accept it so this day and every day, until you drink the very living waters of the allness of the One. I thank you.

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