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Lanello      May 13, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
May 13, 2008  7:48-8:01 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                Do You Have A Yen for Zen?
                                                 Revel in Loving God as Joy!

            [The Master claps.] Ha, ha, ha! I collapse the past and the future into the Now here. Oh, Oh, Oh! From the point of your heart I expand the magnanimous awareness of God within you. Morya has said that he has a yen for Zen, and methinks I do, too. Do you?
            Many tulkus sit around the Buddha to discern his mind-emanations, his heartstreams. And some pick up on these and know and feel the allness of beingness. Prepare for Wesak or we will sock you into a new awareness. Even as the gnomes come wearing wee socks. Ha, ha, ha! [Audience laughs.]
            Gently they prepare for the chohans at Shasta and thousands are coming to hear the word of Gautama. Would you hear his words, not only on that holy day, but every moment—the vibration of his heart, feeling your connection to that heart and the pulsation of perfect love-wisdom-power where you are?
            Love-wisdom-power you may say quickly to remind yourself of that which is true within you. I am love-wisdom-power now. Balance the threefold flame. This has been your directive since you heard about your divine spark. Have you maintained this balance, the alignment of all within, within that flame? Lanto has shown you the way. Few have followed him fully through the portal of the heart to God-beingness.
            So take Lanto's hand up the mountain, for he will lead you to the summit of being through that balanced fire of love-wisdom-power within you. And spinning and accelerating you will know God if you choose to be God.
            The cadence of the heart is a wonderful concept. It is a joyous rhythm, this 3/4 beat within you. I suggest you visualize that threefold flame waltzing within your heart, dancing. The waltz of the flame, the dance of the hours may always be yours to know.
            We have assembled within this movement many hearts whose inner resonance was such that we could work with you and through you to bring a new dispensation of grace to the Earth—  those who were ready for the new vibrations of Aquarius dawning, who were not stuck on seats of egoism, but who could follow the stream of the Buddha's mind and heart, even as it arises within you in greater wakefulness, presence, stillness.
            As an ascended being, I have surveyed the worlds and come to terms with greater cosmic consciousness available to me through the emanations of the cosmic Buddhas. And I have often queried them of how we may bring to the Earth and to the disciples of the Universal Great White Brotherhood greater clarity of consciousness, greater presence of mind and the ability to maintain harmony, a sense of joy on the path.
            Many of these keys we have given you in our discourses and dictations. And we see a new radiance glowing through you that is moving you far afield from that vibration that you previously carried around as a weight within your aura and electronic belt that held you back from greater presence.
            Today we have shared in the revelry of joy. This is what the Buddhas shared with me that will be the key for you to arise and to emanate greater awareness. 
Joy in God. Love God as joy. For as his mirth covers the Earth, souls will be quickened and awakened as the old ways are sloughed off and the higher way, the Middle Way is embraced. [The master claps again.] Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Ho, ho, ho! Oh, oh, oh! The Alpha and Omega of joy sing within you.
            In the vestments of Bodhidharma I have come, but I now have new eyebrows. [Audience laughs.] See them? Bless you my brothers and sisters. Have a God-victorious solar day of joy.

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