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Maha Chohan      May 11, 2008

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
May 11, 2008   10:14-10:35 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Living Light of God's Glory Is Available to You Day by Day

Create the New World that You Seek by Your Awareness of Spirit in Form

Blessed Servitors of the Mother Light within All Life,
            I come as the representative of the Holy Spirit and release within your aura the flaming fire of the cosmic dove, which descends upon you as you are able to receive it this day [as] the empowerment of who I am and who you may be, by God's grace.
            Those who came and remained true to the witness of the Lord Jesus in the Upper Room received the presence of the Spirit on Pentecost. And it may be so that you too receive the very physical reality, the Holy Spirit, of any ascended master, whose Presence may be yours to claim and to utilize in your life.
            Yes, I came at the behest of the Son of God Jesus, who sent me as the Comforter to bestow my fire upon those to whom the mission was entrusted. And each and every ascended master, having returned to the heart of God, also sends the comforting presence, the ministering light of beingness from his or her own God Presence to those [through] whom their mission upon Earth continues.
            And so one by one by one, every ascended master moving in the stream of God consciousness may send the comforting light of love, of healing, of teaching, of soul edification to you. And as you tap into the frequencies of these various masters, you also receive the benefit of the Whole-I-Spirit of the one God vibrating through all of cosmos, through all of substance, through all of time and space.
            The very living light of God's glory is available to you day by day. And even in the stillness of the inner voice of conscience you may hear the winds that blow within you of the omnipresence of God. What you take of this cosmic co-creative energy and use day by day in your work and service to life, blessed hearts, is your freewill choice. And if I, the Maha Chohan, in any way can assist you in becoming the fullness of your own God Reality, then I will be there when called upon day after day.
            And as you invoke the nine gifts of the Spirit and more, my Presence may flow through your consciousness. My reality will be there to uphold you and to turn you away from any speck of darkness within your being [that you may] attune to the highest co-creative possibility of Godhood where you are. Nothing should remove you from your pathway of light! And it may be so by the power of God flowing through you. I am at your beck and call, and yet few fully know me, blessed hearts!
            The disciplines of the Spirit come to those who would be enfired by God. Would you know this greater discipline of the Spirit? I ask this day. [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Then take time [each year] [during] the fifty days [of Eastertide] [that time between my] resurrection [and] the point of my appearance in greater measure on the holy day of Pentecost—to commune with me, to call to me and to feel my Presence in your very life, moving as that cosmic stream coursing through your very bloodstream, releasing ampoules of nirvanic fire and the fohatic frequencies of cosmic gnosis through your mind. This is truly a great spiritual spring cleaning of your being if you would have it. And it can afford you, through the intimate relationship that you may have with me, greater connectivity with the very cosmic electronic beingness of the Solar essence of God if you choose.
            The wattage and the amperage of that which is available to you right in your own God Presence is magnificent! But few of you fully realize who you are through this Solar relationship that you may have, blessed hearts. For if you would fully tap into this level of beingness, your life would never be the same! You would never again be despondent. For God would be fully where you are, and you would walk the Earth as God-realized sons and daughters, even as the Christ, even as the Buddha, even as the Mother or the Father principle of God's being.
            The Mother introduces you to the Holy Spirit, and it is fitting this day that you worship that Mother Light coursing through you and rising through your being from the base to the crown.1 For when that Mother Light is fully realized in your crown, then I am there to empower you, to complete the circle of identity [that you may] [have], by the power of Alpha and Omega, by the mastery of the Christ consciousness merged with the Spirit, the full God-realization of the circle of  identity of your own being.
            Blessed ones, I speak with great fervor [so that] you [may] arise into the fullness of who you are! For this is my day. And yet I also come as a gentle comforting presence to be with you in the stillness of silence, in your time of being awakened by the inner voice of the One within your heart.
            And in nature I breathe new life into you. When I inhale the nihilistic frequencies that you release in your outbreath, I transmute these, as a cosmic Shiva manifestation, and return to you through my outbreath and your inbreath the fullness of the Spirit Most Holy where you are.
            So I am there as you breathe in and out Godness, the suchness of Solar beingness, blessed hearts. I am there in the wind, in the omnipresence of nature, in the rippling of the water, in the singing of the birds, in the movement of the trees and the gentleness of God's Presence within your heart. I am all of these. I am everywhere where you move and where God streams his consciousness through you to a universe of glory.
            Paint across the sky now with your own paintbrush something of yourself, stirring the ethers with that Godness that is individualized by you through your heart. Create the new world that you seek by your awareness of Spirit in form. Bless all life with the essence of who you are. And even if you are not fully realized as you know you could be and will be, accept God's realization of who you are as selfhood and express something of this blessedness each day to others as you share the reality of God where you are.
            Yes, how beautiful is the Mother and all of her manifestations in form. She is the outpicturing of all of the love of the Father throughout time and space. And I work with the Mother to release that which she sees within you which is true so that you may first accept and then become that perfect vision through “eye magic.” I am at the eye of the hurricane. I am within the eye of you, the reality of true beingness.
            So go forth, O children of the Sun. Change this world into a world of only light. And through the formlessness of form and the form of formlessness, exude the frequencies of Spirit in Mater, of Mater in Spirit, and allow God to simply be where you are. Allow the Mother and the Father, the Son/Daughter and me to flow and to grow within.
            I AM THAT I AM the Maha Chohan. I serve the chohans even as they serve the Lord God and witness to the truth of the seven rays, which I also witness to. Come to Mount Shasta and receive of the liquid, living essence of their beings. For I will take all that they release, pouring it into the chalice of your being to make you whole once again in the Whole-Eye Spirit.
            I seal each of you with a cosmic speck of reality. Take it, expand it and realize your full potential to be God—only God. I thank you.

1. This HeartStream was delivered on Mother's Day, which was also Pentecost Sunday.

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