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Lanello      May 11, 2008

Beloved Lanello¹
David C. Lewis
May 11, 2008   9:00-9:10 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat

I Come to Initiate New Love-Wisdom within My Own
Who Have Heard My Voice through This Dispensation

Each of You May Be a Representative of the Mother
The Importance of Your Daily Devotions and Breathing Light through the Heart

Beloved Friends of the Spirit,
            As a child I prayed for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and during my time of communion with what I perceived as that Spirit, I felt an upsurge of light and of holiness in my soul. Eventually this Spirit would lead me to my greater mission to serve as an amanuensis and messenger for El Morya and for many other ascended masters.
            So it was also for the soul David that he prayed to the Divine Mother in a very personal way at an early age and later received a certain anointing of both the Spirit and the light of the Mother through my own beloved Elizabeth, who came as a representative of that Mother Light.
            Just as the Maha Chohan is the representative of the Holy Spirit to the Earth and its evolutions, so the Mother also has her representatives in the Earth from time to time, bearing a more than ordinary mantle of light of that Mother energy for the sons and daughters of God. The same is also true of the other cardinal frequencies of Father and of the Christ, or what we would now also term the Son/Daughter Light.
           It is fitting that on Mother's Day all understand that the Mother, like the Holy Spirit, has a very personal representative for you, while she also is, on a higher cosmic scale, an impersonal frequency that manifests for many evolutions. Those who commune with the Mother on a daily basis do not go unheard. And so those who continuously call to her receive her ministrations and the action of her protective aura of loving glory and radiance.
            So it came upon this messenger one day the opportunity to be a type of representative of the Mother Light, though embodied in a male body, similar to the initiation that came upon Sri Ramakrishna. And through his devotion to the Mother, then, this son of God received a certain anointing and a calling to continue the mission of the Mother, which another of her devoted friends saw and has now shared with you during your last Freedom Conference.²
            Blessed ones, I bring this to your attention on this Mother's Day because each of you may also be a representative of the Mother and are called this day to do so, just as the Maha Chohan has called all to be representatives with him of the Holy Spirit. And it is fitting and apt that on this day, both Pentecost and Mother's Day, that you understand the divine energies that may flow through your being when you activate certain innate frequencies of the Spirit and of the Mother within you through constancy in your devotions and meditations, all opened through the portal of your heart.
            There is a science to the flow of the Mother Light through your meridians, chakras and aura, and that understanding will come to you as you perfect the art of breathing through the heart in your devotions. It comes through the pressing out of the light through your heart in a concentrated devotional mode and the drinking in of the light through your heart in an Alpha-Omega flow of divine heartstreaming. When the pulsations of devotion through you grow through this sacred means of attuning to the heart of the Mother principle, you will feel the activation of both the Kundalini and of higher Mother energies within.
            Decades ago beloved Mother Mary said in one of her releases that when you reached a certain point in your devotions in giving the New Age Scriptural Rosary that she would come and place a very tangible mantle of light, a veritable garland of spiritual roses upon your crown as a protective aura of Mother Light. And those of you who have now been consistent in your spiritual practice of giving the daily Golden Buddha Rosary and who are sensitive should feel this cosmic veil of purity and radiance upon your crown and all around you.
            This messenger well remembers the day when this first occurred to him in Minneapolis in 1975 while giving the rosary with fellow disciples at the teaching center at five a.m. in the morning before work. And this spiritual mantle has been reinforced and continues to glow and bless him each day as he gives one or another of the various rosaries that you give in your daily spiritual practices. So it was that the Mother determined that many of you could become her representatives in the Earth. And so within the movement of this Hearts Center she established the daily giving of the rosary, and you have all benefited greatly from this practice.
            Thus, blessed hearts, each of you has received a certain anointing of the Spirit through the Mother's heart. And this day I come to tell you of this mystery and this sacred event so that you will never forget how important it is to continue in your daily devotional renderings of light through the giving of your prayers, focusing through the heart and breathing light in and out through this sacred center.
            The angels of the Buddha and of the Mother come to those who understand this science and increase the light within you as you are able to be both a receptor for and an accelerator of their divine love-wisdom energies. As you profess your faith, hope and charity by amplifying the flames of love, wisdom and power within, your threefold flame begins to spin and grow, and the Christ essence of your being shines forth. And this is how you receive a greater mantle of that Christ consciousness daily. And so you draw down the balanced action of Father, Mother, Son/Daughter and Spirit when you call to any of the four cardinal frequencies and principles of Godhood in your devotions and meditations, beloved ones.
            I am Lanello. I come to initiate new love-wisdom within my own who have heard my voice through this dispensation and would move in the higher flow of the Holy Spirit as he comes to activate greater light-energies within you on each Pentecost and as the Mother comes to impress a greater ray of purity through your being, truly augmenting on this holy day the work of that Spirit within you, each one.
            Pray for all the gifts of the Spirit and use each one wisely and ardently in your service to life. Come to know the Maha Chohan personally, even as you have known my own beloved Elizabeth as a representative of the Divine Mother. As an agent of both, I will lead you to the fount of wisdom, love and power within; for within your heart center is the key to unlock this stream of beingness and glory this day and every day. I thank you.

1.  This HeartStream was dictated to the messenger David Christopher Lewis early in the morning on Mother's Day before its oral release through this audio recording at the Wellspring Retreat.
2.  The story shared by an anonymous heartfriend during the 2007 World Freedom Conference in Bozeman, Montana is now published in the booklet, The Vision, available for $3.00 from The Hearts Center online store.

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