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Jasmine      May 08, 2008

Beloved Jasmine
David Christopher Lewis
May 8, 2008   8:09-8:25 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Fragrance of the Mother's Heart
Elemental Life Responds to the Mother Light

Beloved Friends of the Elementals,
            I am Jasmine. And I come this day to bring to you a new fragrance of the Mother's heart through the light of the nature kingdom. Elemental life have responded to the coming of the Master Kuthumi and they have called me to speak to you. Therefore, I appear in your midst nearly on the eve of Mother's Day to urge mankind to learn a greater sensitivity to the beloved elementals throughout the world who serve your Mother Earth.
            The Mother is the chalice for the flow of all of the creative energies of the Father's spiritual fire manifest in form. And without her great brooding presence and willingness to bear his children, you would have no life, no opportunity for spiritual evolution and self-transcendence. Thus, as you support the Mother and live and move and have your being within her very body temple, you also learn her secrets and the desire of her heart to move with the light of the Spirit and merge with the Father's love.
            The fragrance of the Mother's heart is pure. The aroma of her sacred emanation of love for all life is present within all created substance. And elemental life is the great outpicturing of her mindfulness of all things through all of her offspring. And through their work in providing you the platform for your physical existence, they lay down their very life energies to support you to raise the Earth in sacred fire.
            Blessed ones, the Father's plan may be very clear to you. But often you may pass over the concurrent plans and the desires of the Mother to woo you into a greater connectivity with the spiritual fire of his love and light within the natural world. Only when you take time to appreciate all of the beautiful renderings of her rich tapestry of light within nature can you enter into the very heart of the crystal rays that vibrate within the quintessences manifest through nature's gifts.
            So as you come to revere the Mother light within your human mothers this coming Mother's Day, will you also take time to meditate upon the Mother energies that flow in and through nature and the very body of the Earth Mother herself, beloved ones? Elemental life always responds to the call of the Mother. And when it is time to hear her cries to release a greater portion of the burden that mankind has placed upon her through ignorance and through the violence of human thought and feeling that is not sensitive to the divine world, there may be the outpicturing of great storm and flood, of volcanic eruption and fire, of tornado and hail. For this is the Mother's attempt to once again bring balance and harmony to the Earth, deep within her core and then upon the surface of her very body upon which you live.
            In recent days you have seen what some would term the ravages of her fury in this process. And yet, beloved ones, it is only through this inner understanding that you will know why it is that all this occurs. I ask you to have mercy upon the Mother and upon her beloved elementals, dear hearts. You may do this by first resolving all within you that has gone out of the way of love and harmony and then by emanating perfect joy, appreciation and love for that Mother light within the nature kingdom everywhere.
            Take a moment now to connect with the light and beingness of the elementals in some way. This you may do every day by walking upon the earth, through your solar gazing with great devotion to the source of all life, by planting and nurturing the tiny beings through their seeds that will blossom and display their appreciation to you for providing them with the means to fulfill the blueprint of their own destiny to glorify God through their life.
            Within the fragrances of the roses and violets, the lilies and honeysuckles, I move and stream my awareness of divine beingness across the earth, through the air. And many sylphs and fairies carry my aromas of elemental joy to many hearts, offering them a reminder that their lives may be joyous, uplifted in the spirit, fun in childlike joy and that the temporary burdens that come in their lives may be lifted by meditation upon the heart of the Mother within nature.
            As you give your rosaries and your floral gifts to your mothers this Mother's Day, take note of the beauty of each rose or flower, of each tiny elemental that is offering its life to bring appreciation to the one whom you love so much—that one who provided you with your life and physical body many cycles ago.
            Feel the resplendent joy of each blessed little being, whose sacrifice for you is just as special in its own way as the laying down of the life of the master Jesus on Good Friday. Dear hearts, when appreciation for all life, when reverence for each other grows within the body of God's sons and daughters everywhere, when all of creation feels your newfound understanding of the very nature of the Mother and of her great heart of fire, then a golden-crystal age of illumination and freedom is not far off.
            You can make it so in some way each day by your love of the Mother within yourself and within nature. Feel the fragrance of my love. Receive the aroma of my heart. And know always how near you are to the Mother's blessed heart. O, holy ones, I thank you for your attention and for your intention to be heartfriends always of the Mother. God bless you.

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